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We watch for a little while, and then we write. We write, we write, write write write. Writewritewrite! And then we're spent. If I smoked, I would need a cigarette.

As evidenced by the nearly 100 stories linked on yesterday's newswire (RSS), the Browns-Steelers game attracted a bit of attention. The mind reels at the sheer torrent of verbiage which would drown us if the Browns ever made the Super Bowl.

On Tuesday morning, though, there isn't as much to write about. RAC gave the team Monday off, so all you'll get are recaps of Monday's press conference and picking at the bones of Sunday's game. The team has today off as well, so don't expect a lot tomorrow morning, either.

Here's what's new and perhaps worthwhile this morning, categorized for easy consumption:

Time Management Fun
The snafu with under three minutes left still required some explanation, as the OBR reported yesterday. Here are some more notes.
OBR  Chron-Tel  Morning-Journal  Plain Dealer  ABJ 

Ratbirds Up Next
The Browns look to see if they can fit into the same stadium with Brian Billick and Ray Lewis' egos.
Chron-Tel  Plain Dealer 

QB Chaos in Crackmore
The Ravens are trying to figure out whether to go with a has-been or a never-was at quarterback this weekend. Meanwhile, Derek Anderson whistles a happy little tune and shines up his orange helmet.
Baltimore Sun  Washington Post  Sun (*snicker*)  Seattle P-I (*chortle*)

Problems with Officiating
It seems the Browns were a little taken aback by how the Steelers were allowed to get away with holding on some of their drives, and the Browns were zapped hard by a holding call on the final punt return of the day. By "zapped hard", we mean "taken out of the game". The Browns aren't all that happy.
Canton Rep  ABJ 


** Voting for Gameballs and Goats will stay open through this afternoon.

** The NFL Network replays the Browns-Steelers game in abbreviated form at 8PM tonight. I'm one of the guys who doesn't get the network because of the NFL and Time Warner's continuing Greed-Off '07, so some of us will have to rely on Tivo to relive the pain.

** Post questions for Ravens expert Aaron Wilson here in the Watercooler.

** That MSNBC poll about "Greatest NFL Quarterback of All Time" is still open, and Otto Graham is doing pretty well, but is behind Joe Montana, Brett Favre, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, John Elway, Dan Marino, and Terry Bradshaw (seriously). Apparently two Super Bowls count more eleven championship appearances and eight victories.  Click here to straighten out the history-impaired.

** I do enjoy the occasional beer. It's true.

** This is a great example of a Pure Football thread. PF is a unique forum for hard-core analysis of Browns football.

** I guess I've diverged from "upcoming events" to "random yammering". That happens, when you have the attention span of a ADD-afflicted gnat.


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