OBR News-o-Rama: 11/13 PM

A recap of Tuesday's news, links, blogs, forum posts, and other bits of yellow journalism...

The Browns have the day off, so there isn't much news (of the positive) sort in the world of the Browns. Here's what's going on...

LEIGH BODDEN DREAM DATE: Leigh Bodden got to spend his day off in Cleveland Municipal Court asking for a jury trial.

Bodden is accused of being a pain in the tuckus with his humongous luxury SUV resisting arrest and failure to comply at Hopkins Airport back on September 6th.

This wasn't hard to predict, but in the blustery showdown of power between Elite Professional Athlete and Airport Police, it's still a shutout for the home team. At least Bodden didn't get Tasered.

Bodden's trial is set for February 4th, after the Browns inevitable Super Bowl win over the Cowboys.

The AP Story is linked above. Of course, you just know Tabloid-19 Action Death News is all over this one. Unfortunately, there's no word on whether Bodden is planning to market a bobblehead with lead-based paint.

If you check out Channel 19's coverage, they've got themselves a whole logo for tracking this story.

Here's my logo for tracking channel 19:


Channel Nineteen's vendetta against the Browns really kicked off after Randy Lerner yanked "official local Giant Eagle pimper and broadcast television partner of the Cleveland Browns" privileges following a vomit-inducing decision by the station to broadcast a 911 call by a Lerner relative.


Here are a couple of players who might be flying just under radar for next year's draft. It's never too early to start tracking: 

William Hayes - DE/LB Winston-Salem State. He's too small for a DE for the Browns 3-4 system (Melila Purcell's selection notwithstanding), but he's played a bit at outside linebacker, a position where the Browns will need replacements for McGinest and Stewart if they don't come back next year. Click here for an an article that was sent to me about him (thanks Jon).

Ray Rice - RB, Rutgers. Might be smallish for the downhill runner the Browns are going to need to replace Lewis, but is an interest player if he declares for the draft. Click here for an article.


The NFL loves pulling people onto their hugely profitable web sites vote on their (Giant Corporate Sponsor) (Position) of the (Week/Month/Year) awards.

Browns players, when nominated, tend to crush their opponents in these, for the simple reason that Browns fans love their team and simply, well, rock harder than other team's fans. If you hang on the OBR, of course, you already know this.

Wright had a solid game against Pittsburgh, and his competition is pretty weak: Leon Hall (Bengals... come on), Chris Houston (Falcons), Marshawn Lynch (Bills). As someone who has Lynch on his fantasy team, I can vouch that he merits the  "You're No Adrian Peterson" award. "Rookie of the Week"? Not so much.

This one's sponsored by Diet Pepsi, who encourages the NFL to engage in this sort of sleazy page/ad view prostitution with these awards. I know the NFL wouldn't do this sort of thing if it weren't for bad influences.

So, if they they disappoint me and give it to one of those other guys, I'm switching to Diet Mr. Pibb. I mean it. It's all basically just recycled battery acid anyhow. Yummy, delicious, recycled battery acid.

Click here to vote, and click here to talk about it.


I have received this message and am passing it along to all of you. There is no charge for this service.

"On Tuesday 11/13 at 11:30pm PT (11/14 at 2:30am ET), Scout will be performing database maintenance on Scout's Forums. There will be a site outage and/or reduced performance for up to 2 hours during the maintenance."

Translation: We're trying to make the boards run better, so drunken middle-of-the-night posting will be slower. This might not be a bad thing, for some of us.


Rich Passan's plea to give Derek Anderson a contract extension brought a decidedly mixed response in the OBR forums.

On the topic of the Tribe, CC Sabathia gets his props. You can find some discussion of Sabathia's future in the C-Town Sports Forum.


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