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The Browns add a lineman, injury reports, news and links from around the cyberverse, lovingly coated with snark...

As reported by Fred Greetham earlier this afternoon, the Browns have signed offensive lineman Greg Eslinger, a Minnesota alum who received a slew of awards for his play in college, but who hasn't been part of the action in Denver. The Browns swiped him off the Broncos practice squad, so Eslinger needs to be on the active roster. He fills the roster hole left by moving Seth McKinney to the Injured Reserve.

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Also from Berea, Romeo Crennel spoke at length about the wonders of Josh Cribbs, who, as we've documented in this blog, "rocks", and other topics.

Finally, RAC is still hearing about the replay problems. Well, he might not be hearing about them, but folks are still writing about them.

Jeremy Green calls Leigh Bodden one of five "under-the-radar" defensive players in an ESPN Insider article. Those "insider" things annoy me. Like we're gonna... wait.. forget that. Anyhow, I think Green is a couple of years behind. In 2005, Bodden would definitely fit that description. Now, it's almost fashionable for folks to laud his play, which isn't as good, in my opinion, as two years ago.

The great Ian Eagle is back as the play-by-play guy for the Browns this weekend. Thank goodness. Maybe now he'll start blogging again, and share his insight with us.


D'Qwell Jackson, Antwan Peek, and Willie McGinest didn't practice for the Browns, as Fred reported earlier. Leigh Bodden was limited.

For the Ravens, Steve McNair, Samari Rolle, and Demetrius Williams are listed as "out". Todd Heap, Gerome Sapp, and Daniel Wilcons did not participate in practice. Yamon Figurs, Chris McAlister, and Gary Stills were limited in practice.

We've uploaded the full injury report for both teams into the OBR's Muni Lot download area here. It's a PDF file.


We've also uploaded the media notes for this week's upcoming Ravens game to our Muni Lot download area. It's 40+ pages of notes that the team distributes to the media each week, and it's got a lot of good info if you want to check it out. Download here (Adobe PDF)

Transcripts from Romeo Crennel's talk with the Browns press corps is available in our Insiders forum, and we also have transcript from the conference call with Brian Billick and various remarks from Browns players. Previous days transcripts can also be found there, courtesy of Scout's Adam Caplan.


Remember those exciting times leading up to the draft in 1999? The Browns brain trust wasn't sure about whether to pick future Hall of Famers Tim Couch, Akili Smith, or Cade McNown. Donovan McNabb? Heh. Not on radar. At least we didn't pick this guy.

If what happened on the Vikings sideline during their 34-0 butt-kicking by Green Bay happened in Cleveland, heads would roll. No one would be talking about anything else.

Remember when Browns GM Phil Savage made a play for Joey Harrington during the 2006 draft? Ah, memories. Harrington didn't last as the Falcons QB, either.

As a long-time NFL watcher, it's been interesting watching the NFL's strategy for growth. Exhausting what they could get by demanding exorbitant stadia out of local communities, and stymied in their attempt to grow internationally, the NFL now is aggressively moving their monopoly horizontally into other businesses. Often, it is smaller entrepreneurs who innovate the new markets, like video games, web-based sports coverage, audio/video streaming and fantasy games. Then leagues like the NFL either march in and take the businesses with lawyers, start charging huge licensing fees to push all but one or two others out of the market, or create restrictions making it difficult to compete with in-house offerings. Even the big TV networks aren't immune, as the NFL Network starts pulling in more games. None of this actually helps fans, and some of it hurts them. But, until there's some sort of public backlash, it will keep happening. It stopped being my fight years ago.


We've been linking him every week on the Newswire, but it's worth pointing out that our old pal Brian Tarcy has been continuing to crank away with his unerringly accurate predictions of NFL futures at WhatzGonnaHappen.com.

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There are many things in life that I understand. There are more things that are complete mysteries. The appeal of Fried Chicken and Waffles as a food combination is high on the latter list. And I'm a guy who likes things that are very bad for him. But. I. Can't. Understand. This. Please explain.

Oh, and Eric Wedge has been named the AL's top manager in 2007. Props to him. We can all begin the official countdown to Red Sox fans complaining about it. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5...


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