Browns-Steelers: Gameballs and Goats

Josh Cribbs is an unquestioned hero following his performance against the Steelers Sunday. Romeo Crennel and Derek Anderson, though, seem a little less popular than before.

The Week's Results: A tough loss in Pittsburgh left folks with no shortage of goathorns to distribute, but also with one unquestioned hero: Josh Cribbs. Making a serious threat to break the Browns Pro Bowl drought, Cribbs was a nearly unanimous choice of the voters. Derek Anderson and Romeo Crennel shared the blame for the loss, as head coaches and quarterbacks often do...

Player Gameballs
Joshua Cribbs 256
Offensive Line 79
Eric Wright 44
Kellen Winslow 32
Braylon Edwards 26
Derek Anderson 25

GAMEBALL WRITE-INS: Ben Rottenburger, Divets, Me, for not getting in a fight at the bar with the d-bag steelers fan, Braylon Edwards Toenails, All of the Veterans on Veterans' day, Romeo's Challenge, The hot sauce at Bootlegger's, Turkey Jones, Mel Tucker, NO ONE, For the fans that actually believed we could win, The entire first half team, The Browns Nation


Player Goathorns
Derek Anderson 108
Romeo Crennel 108
Jamal Lewis 95
Todd Grantham 70
Entire Defense 43
Darnell Dinkins 41

GOATHORN WRITE-INS: Melty fans in the Watercooler, Bill Cowher, Stooler fans, Steeler Trolls, Cowards for coaches and choking players, D-bag steeler fan at the bar, Everyone associated with the defense, steelers still suck, Rob Chudzinski, O$U and thier lack of sportsmanship, Art Modell,
disgusting double timeout Crennel, DA 2nd half, Official who missed the BLATENT hold on Antwan Peek when big fat Ben scrambled for the 30 yard TD, Jamal Lewis, the disturbing Big Ben to Hines Ward connection, whoever held on that last return!, Second Half Offense, Bruce Arians, Jamal Lewis's Game Changing Fumble


Fan Comments
vick They still did a great job
naxos K2 started strong while Josh Cribbs was the big guy for us in the second half. Wish we could have put a complete game togther.
nprdawg Cribbs gets a gameball as without him this would have been another blowout by the Stillers. Ben Rottenburger for his two rushes that killed the Browns' chance for a win.
manoafats both feet made them and both were good
houndfromhell D line got some pressure, maybe the problem with poor tackling and up till this game poor pressure was the linebackers fault and not the lines.
cav50 cribbs for president!
photocitydawg Braylon didn't do a lot, but that touchdown was AMAZING.
chas dawg Josh Cribbs tried to be Eric Metcalf, but this defense is just to crappy to overcome.
tomahawkdawg Josh - The AFC's pro bowl KR/PR.
OL - Another game with no sacks.
Peek - Good pressure on Ben today. Caused the sacks he didn't get and he got one too.
May God Bless ALL of our Veterans!
rutger Cribbs for the obvious reasons, Edwards for just that catch alone, Jones and Eric Wright who both played a pretty good game and the OL
shrooney Cribbs and the Special Teams were very solid today. Punting unit as well. I almost want to write in Edwards for that sick TD catch, but he disappeared the rest of the game.
usmcbuck10 Cribbs continues to be one of the biggest reasons we are in games and winning games along with the o-line. He puts us in great field position almost every time the ball is kicked to him. Our o-line is also a major reason. Last year to this year our offensive line is like night and day. They didn't allow one sack the entire game.
flounderou Oline deserved better - did a GREAT job in protecting anderson - wasnt there fault he couldnt complete a 5 yard pass
redright Cribbs is a difference maker and Anderson played well, better than expected against the #1 pass defense in the league. How about that OL?
repol Cribbs should be playing more as the 3rd receiver due to his great play making ability. Daisher has kept the ST playing at a high level all year.
losangelesdawg NO SACKS again...Tucker stepped in without a noticeable drop-off. Have to give a ball to the O-Line and Special Teams along with our primary offensive weapon Josh Cribs....
vadawglb The man is a STUD and definitely should go to the Pro-Bowl as the Special Teamer
livedoctor Good game plan by Romeo. Defense was pretty solid other than the overrated Mel Tucker's secondary...
jmiller40 Joshua Cribbs had a "WOW" day. Romeo made a great challenge that was offset by a DOUBLE timeout. The O line kept Derek upright. He had more time than he "thought" he did.
kennethvasek Retire the trophy- has anyone in the Brown's organization ever shown Josh those great Eric Metcalf highlights? If not, someone should!
browndawgsteve Oline - Faced a wonderful defense and were great against the pass rush and pretty good against the run considering the fromts the faced.
Joshua Cribbs - Amazing how he hits the hole so hard. Very exciting player
R. Chudzinski - Best pick-up the browns ever got. Truely amazing his play calling and I love the way he never figures 3rd and long is to long.
T Grantham - Starting to get his players moving. Finally starting to blitz and really starting to slow down the run game.
iupuiguy82 Awesome special teams play...
brownsbacker Derek Anderson looked good in the first half.
fishman Cribbs and the special teams made this a game. Without them we ould have been behind by halftime.
anthonyd The line still held up nice.
phelix17 Cribbs is unreal.
1greatscott Cribbs was the Browns Player of the Game... Winslow - Great Catches on the opening Drive (why did they go away from him the rest of the way?
dirtydave98 I find it hard to praise the team when they lose. I will say though that compared to week 1 this team has made great strides. If they can keep improving through the rest of the season we have a shot at playing in January.
mdawg If it wasn't for Joshua Cribbs the Browns would not of even been in this game.
iwillpierceyou I can't give anyone a game ball, because not one player played 60 full minutes. They all get half of a gameball.
tpostdawg I gave Todd a game ball even giving up 31 points, felt the "D" game plan was  a good one with the players available to him.
griz13 Joshua Cribbs, if you don't make the Pro Bowl, it will be a travesty. Way to suck it up, Steinbach. All you guys were great yesterday.
dawgonit0207 Josh Cribbs.. what a stud. Also, Joe J. "Mr Clutch". TG for Wimbley
gbeachy50310 Normally, I give no gameballs in a loss. However, this week two performances are noteworthy. O-LINE again excelled this week with no sacks on DA against a top-notch defense bent on destruction. Even with the loss of McKinney, the line did great work. Gameball #2 to JOSHUA CRIBBS for doing everything in his power to keep the team in the game. 220 yards of kick and punt returns kept this game close and would have been critical in the win. And an honorable mention/small fraction of a gameball to the ENTIRE DEFENSE for at least keeping it close this week and sacking Toothlessburger four times -- close enough for special teams and the offense to win it. But then again, it is offset by a fractional goathorn for not being able to keep the Steelers in check in the 2nd half.
dawgpoundr This is the first time I've actually enjoyed being with Steelers fans at a bar. Most of them snuck away from the bar and into the dark corner booths by halftime. Even though the Steelers came back, the fans stayed hidden. I think they can sense the impending storm.
clevelandcraig a few bone-headed plays away
arkdawg21 Special teams were amazing today, and the oline gave DA time all day, to bad he felt pressure that didn't exist the whole second half. Hats off to these two units for continually making plays week in and week out.
snoopdawgydawg Josh Cribbs was nothing short of spectacular--on returns and on coverage. The offensive line held off the Steelers blitz and did open up holes for the running game. And despite the defense giving up big plays, the play of Eric Wright should not be overlooked. He deflected a pass in the endzone, he is a sure tackler defending the run, and he sacked Rothlesberger by tackling him the way a defender should--wrapping up his legs.
phelix17 Cribbs kicks butt.
bigdaddy78 Josh was awesome.
dixiedawg Thought the o-line and Vickers played well, nullifying the Squeeler blitz for the most part. Watching KWII, JJ and BE play this game is a lot of fun. Watching our defense is like having a root canal. On acid.
dawghowl Joshua Cribbs, what can I say the kid is a playmaker. He really came up huge in this game with two big kickoff returns that accounted for half of our points. He needs to touch the ball more often. Joe Thomas, once again Joe Thomas was tested against a great pass rushing team and he passed the test with flying colors. Not only did he not give up a sack but he completely dominated his man all game long. I think JT proved he is more than deserving of a pro bowl.

Brodney Pool, for the first time this season I actually saw Pool making plays and being active. He came up with a nice interception and really played well throughout the game. Perhaps the light is starting to come on for Pool.
buckeyetexan Cribbs is the obvious choice but Eric Wright had a very nice game as well.
akrowdyzip Joshua Cribbs is amazing
fairwayseeker Josh Cribbs - his performances week in & week out says it all! Wish we could find more ways to get him involved!
Ryan Tucker - stepped up & showed why we should never consider trading away any of our lineman just because they are not starting, we need quality depth!
Kellen Winslow - A true warrior, every game. If he had slightly better throws coming his way, he'd have at least 15-20 more catches right now!
jerseybrownfan Can't give Anderson a game ball for this game. Although he did well in the first half the offense died soon after. Josh Cribbs was the only bright spot on the team last Sunday.


Fan Comments
naxos Derek played about the worst half of football I have ever seen. RAC didn't make it any easier by blowing 2 timeouts. The defense while doing almost enough didn't stop the 3rd down conversions when it mattered most.
rabiddawg Crennel is an idiot that blew 2 timeouts in the 4th quarter of a close game. D.A. choked in the second half and the Browns coaching staff didn't have the guts to put in a relief pitcher (Quinn) who would have hit the open receivers!!!
nprdawg The Entire D gets a Goat for the inept way they cannot stop anybody - even slow motion Rottenburger! Todd Grantham for the vanilla, prevent defense on 3rd and longs! Romeo Crennel for the piss poor clock management at the end of the game! Anderson for turning to crap the 2nd half!
manoafats Wish you had the time out now!!!!!!!!!!
houndfromhell I guess Chud forgot that there is 60 minutes in a game, not 30 and play like a grade school team. He's been exposed and so has no throw Anderson in this second half. Bring on Brady and look for an entire coaching staff. Get coaches like the chin that are not such COWARDS.
cav50 horrible coaching!
zdog53 Better draft a kicker. Dawson short-legs too many KOs and FGs.
photocitydawg McGinest is too old and too slow. Derek was "good Derek" in the first half and "bad bad Derek in the 2nd half. And how do you lose TWO timeouts in one play????
chas dawg How the hell can you put Phil Dawson out there to attempt the longest field goal in Heinz field history after every kickoff barely reached the 20 yard line?
tomahawkdawg Romeo - the 2 wasted timeouts on one play killed us. Todd - Again; what are you thinking? WTF??!! Defense - You worked with your coordinator to lose this game, despite sacking Ben 4 times and picking him off. Phil. Your leg isn't enough anymore.
rutger Romeo got one for that TO and then challaenge call?? What the hell was that all about?? Plus Todd Grantham because he takes so few chances at opportune times.
fladawg1 Jamal lewis started the cave in. He has to realize this club can't afford to give the ball away. This is what started the collapse. The DBs need to cover better, the DL added some pressure though not much, but the Pukes WRs were so wide open, even a retired Greisy (sp) could have made completions.
clvebrownslady argh!
strinj Stupid mistake by Coach Crennel. Stupid, stupid, stupid challenging he TD at the end and losing 2 timeouts.
shrooney Rob for going conservative...Defense needs to stop the 3rd and long, and Romeo...god lord what was going through your head on that challenge in a close game.
usmcbuck10 Derek Anderson for collapsing in the second half. If you want to be a good quarterback you have to play like one every single quarter. Everyone associated with the defense. How the heck do you allow Worthlessberger to run for a 30 yard touchdown. Absolutely Pathetic. Crennel, what the heck where you thinking calling a timeout and then challenging a play? Those two timeouts you lost us screwed us big time at the end of the game.
flounderou Romeo isn't very smart. Grantham's defense is not well coached. Anderson was horrible from the 2nd quarter on - even with time to throw.
redright Lewis gave the game stupid mistake. McGinest...hey, if he makes one of the two spy guy tackles he was supposed to make, we win. How old is this guy anyhow? When you can't catch a QB, you have earned two goat horns.
souljabender So much for veteran play at linebacker.
grouse with just a high school effort this defensive line should play better. Get rid of all of 'em
repol Crennel for burning 2 time outs on Pittsburgh's last TD. Chudzinski for setting on the 21 points. The officiating crew for calling holding on the last punt return by the browns and not calling the hold (tackle) by Pittsburg on the 3rd and 18 play that gave Pittsburg a first down.
losangelesdawg Anderson for only playing a 1/2, Lewis for lack of a burst at the line and the fumble, and Dawson. Sorry Phil, but it might be time to look elsewhere for a new placekicker...we now have 2 losses from makeable Field Goals...also his kick offs suck!
vadawglb Needs to sit until either healthy or until he decides to run like the big power back he is suppose to be!! What happened to the play calling on both sides of the ball in the second half?
livedoctor Where was the speed in this weeks lineup? No formations with Carter, Harrison or Cribbs, to at least keep the Steelers off balance
jmiller40 Derek was pathetic in the second half. He couldn't have hit a receiver with a hand off! Jamal is not producing. He should be used in the manner the Bus was used. He is no longer the feature guy. Entire D was terrible in the 3rd quarter. Willie McG is way to SLOOOOOW!
kennethvasek I bet the ref who overturned the initial ruling on Braylon Edwards catch thought he would be sliced into Ref Jerky in the parking lot after the game!
browndawgsteve Dawson - Not talking about his miss at the end, that was acceptable, but the kickoffs are not. We continue to give the opposing team great field position because he has no depth on his kickoffs. D Backs - Safeties more than anyone but we continue to let teams pass up and down the field and for once the Dline got a little pressure and it still didn't help D. Anderson - He has a great line and they gave him plenty of time. The happy feet are unacceptable. More than once he should have just run it like Ben if no one was open. and all the missed passes the second half. come on!!! LBers - Not getting off their blocks and allowing Ben to pick up 1st down after first down.
scoobsdog Is terrible on challenges. Appears dazed during the game, like someone from another country watching his first game. Has no clue. That delayed challenge was utterly stupid. You're probably not going to win the challenge but if you must, throw the flag and don't call the timeout. That last timeout would have enabled us to perhaps get in better situation for the tying FG.
keith322 Romeo Crennel using 2 timeouts to challenge the Steelers touchdown is something I've never seen before and I'm sure I'll never see again.
iupuiguy82 Where was the running game?
brownsbacker Derek Anderson looked bad most of the second half.
manoafats Why can't they stop 3rd and long ?
rochdawg There was not enough evidence to warrant challenging the Steelers last touchdown. To lose two timeouts in a close game to do that is inexcusable. The defense does not seem to be on the same page. Too many players are out of position. While it was nice that our team made it close this was tough to take because we should have won.
toddpa92 I'm so freaking tired of losing to those A-holes!!!!
fishman 3rd and 18 and then 3rd and 9 and we blitzed no one on back to back 3rd down conversions.. Grantham has got to go!!!
anthonyd Why do they (the DB's)back up off the line of scrimmage 20 yards. It is giving them a first down every time. The play calling in the second have seemed like they were playing not to loose instead of trying to when. Leave peak in. McGinest is so slow it's painful. We did not lose because of Anderson. When you put up that many points, you should when.
phelix17 Coaches came out in the second half without the attack offense that got them the lead. They gave momentum away. Romeo's waste of time outs at the end of the game is inexcusable.
hangonsloopy McGinest is a joke. He should be cut.
retallica disgusting double timeout Crennel
rmfatboy f u dinkins... even after the second half debacle, we still were in a position to tie or win... until you made the dumbest play of the game!!!
confuseddog those were timeouts not buffet tickets
1greatscott Dinkins for the holding penalty on the punt return. Jamal Lewis for 2 fumbles (the second being the key momentum starter for the Steelers comeback). Defense - for breaking in the 2nd half
dirtydave98 it's time for RAC to step in and take over the D. TG hs had 2 1/2 seasons now and this D still ranks at the bottom of the rankings. It just p*sses me off how we give up big leads to the steelers the past 2 seasons. In the words of Vince L "What the hell is going on out there". Come on RAC you were Cleve's DC in 2000 and had a better ranking with less talented players....WTF
sickem What's with the REFS??!!!. I know the defense wore out, being on the field the entire second half, and we would have won if our offense could have made a stinkin' first down. But, how do you flag a guy with one good hand for holding, that never crossed the P'burgh 45, and spot the ball on our 33 for a 10(?) yard penalty!!!. I know it can't be explained, but I'd like to hear SOMEBODY admit they screwed up.
mdawg Derek Anderson showed with this game that the last three where fluks and that Bad Derek is still alive and well.
iwillpierceyou No goathorns, but middle fingers. To everyone. The Browns, The Steelers, The Coaches and the f-ing TV Announcers. Middle fingers all around. F*** this weekend, f*** football and f*** the Steelers.
bendal This game was lost courtesy of the entire defense. Some players had good games, but overall the defense was putrid.
tpostdawg I gave Derek the "goat" because of the poorly thrown passes in the face of second half pressure.
griz13 Grantham has a real problem on his hands. Something needs fixed, like yesterday. Romeo gets a goat for clock management. And I HATE when people whine about the refs, but they stuck it to us a little bit yesterday. I'm not sure people even realize what an impact they had. Oh yeah... Jamal! How about NOT fumbling? You have big-ass arms. Protect the football. You don't fumble, we don't lose. I really believe that. A team loss though. It's on everyone.
dawgonit0207 Someone needs to remind the coaches that there are 4 qtrs. Way to play not to lose. WE LOST!
gbeachy50310 As much as we love him, 'DA' gets a goathorn for succumbing to the ghosts who weren't there. He easily had more time to make better reads and better throws -- the O-line made sure of it. And the 46% completion rate was appalling. Simply a game of a young inexperienced QB rattled by a good team in an intimidating environment. And two goathorns for JAMAL LEWIS for his inability to hold on to the rock. Two fumbles? Against the Steelers? Inexcusable. Even though only one was lost for a turnover, it was two too many.
dawgpoundr It was almost worth the loss to see Big Ben show Hines Ward how he got his prison nickname on national television at the end of the game
weijusdawg Really was dumb to challenge the miller touchdown...
swalidawg Romeo's plan is to try to sit on the lead in the 2nd half and then waste not one, but two timeouts challenging a play?
mexdawg77 Romeo for the timeout fiasco. Grantham for the 3rd down scheme. And Chud for the conservative mindset to start the 2nd half.
idrthrbncleve How is it possible to be so right and then so wrong? What happened. The defense came out and did well until they wore down, the offense did nothing.
arkdawg21 Anderson has a rocket Arm, but he can not make all the throws. Anything 15 yards and under coming across the field, he needs to work on badly. Touch is not his forte.
snoopdawgydawg WHERE'S WIMBLEY?! He certainly wasn't on the field on Sunday. I'll check my Cinnamon Life box.
phelix17 McGinest is an embarrassment. Romeo looks foolish when it comes to game management. The players play too hard to have coaches go conservative in the second half, then call idiotic time outs when time outs are desperately needed.
bigdaddy78 Romeo the retard rears its fat head. Questionable calls. Darnell needs to check himself, getting your name called in this manner is not gonna ever make you a star.
7throundpick This was easily Willie's worst game of the year. He looked like a wheezing overweight fat kid who forgot how to tackle. Usually he makes up for it by playing smart, but not this time.
dixiedawg McGinest needs to retire and Jamal needs finish the season as our 3rd string RB. Oh, and I hate Bruce Arians more than life itself.
dawghowl Derek Anderson in the second half looked very jittery and out of sync. He missed several open receivers badly and was just very inaccurate throughout the second half. He did well in the first half, but he has got to be able to put together 4 quarters of good football when going up against the top teams in the league. Jamal Lewis fumble was IMO the turning point in the game. We were up 21 to 9 late in the 3rd and had the ball with the momentum. Then Lewis coughs it up and from that point forward the steelers had new life and their O moved the ball on our D at will. Lewis also dropped a couple of passes, he really just didnt seem like the back we need him to be. Romeo Crennel... I like what he has done so far this season. But calling a TO and then challenging a play that really didn't have a chance to be overturned was just idiotic. Romeo has got to know how important timeouts are in a tight game, we could of moved the ball closer and got more inside Dawson's range at the end. It really came back to haunt us on the last drive.
ethanhuntmi007 No matter how many times the Browns made a good play, the comments always centered on how good the Steelers were and how quickly they could come back.
buckeyetexan Anderson quit playing his game in the second half. Absolutely no authority on his passes in the second half. He played scared.
akrowdyzip Our Defense made Worthlessburger look like Michael Vick when running and Tom Brady when passing. I hope Phil Savage can correct this for next season.
fairwayseeker Derek Anderson - we are starting to get a few more glimpses of the "Bad" Derek, which is inaccurate & losing some of that confidence! Todd G - he is gonna have to step up his scheming & teaching or Romeo will be forced to take over the D, rather than making more & more suggestions! Refs - Those non-calls were bigger than the many poor ones made. After reviewing film, those were huge gaffes going against us in the 2nd half!
jerseybrownfan The offense did well in the first half but then died. Everyone who wasn't blind saw that Jamal Lewis was having a problem running. Chud, why not try Jerome Harrison on a couple of series then? He ran well the last time he played. What about Jason Wright? You know a little chance of pace could go a long way. Might of worked since they were keying on Jamal. Might of woke our team up in the 2nd half. What was it with Anderson? He couldn't throw the ball in the 2nd half he missed his mark so much. Todd G., Where was the defense that they let Roethlisberger run into the end zone? Lastly Romeo you helped us lose the game with your stupid call especially near the end of the game with over 3 minutes. We could of really used those 2 time outs you lost for us. For all that happened anyone could see why the Browns lost the game. I guess the Steelers just have our number. There was no reason for a lost on Sunday. I was so disgusted that I just turned the TV off after Phil missed the kick and haven't watch anymore football since including Monday nights game. I even told my wife that I was not going to buy the NFL Package next year from DTV. You know what she told me. (Yea right!)

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