Behind Enemy Lines: Baltimore Ravens

Aaron Wilson, publisher of Ravens Insider and Ravens beat writer for the Carroll County Times, answers your questions about Baltimore's football team. Get some insight from ground zero as the Browns and Ravens prepare for their clash this Sunday.

Scout63: What are the odds that Billick is fired at season's end........and if so, what do you see happening with some of the older veterans? (i.e., Ray Lewis, Ogden, Rolle, etc.)

Aaron Wilson, Ravens Insider: I would say it's 60-40 that Brian stays. It's a huge buyout. As far as vets, Ray Lewis is coming back at a $6.5 million base salary in the final year of his deal. Jonathan Ogden is bound to retire as well as Mike Flynn. Cornerback Samari Rolle could be done due to an undisclosed illness that is essentially a non life-threatening seizure disorder.

SigCleve: What is their fans' perspective on the Raven's team chemistry?

Aaron Wilson, Ravens Insider: They worry about it constantly, especially with Ray Lewis second-guessing Brian Billick's play-calling and saying it will never change on his weekly radio show. Inmates running the asylum? Not quite, but a superstar who does what he wants and says what he likes? Yep.

TheUnsinkableClevelandBrown: In regards to McNair's reported injury, is it legitimate, or "wink-wink?"

Aaron Wilson, Ravens Insider: It was actually legitimate, but he was going to be benched anyway. This just gave them a convenient way out.

Yipicya: With your line as bad as it is, is Grubbs a bust?

Aaron Wilson, Ravens Insider: No, Ben Grubbs is the opposite of a bust. He's a legitimate starter who will be playing this game for a long time at a high level. Good pure guard, good draft pick.

DawgEDue: Kyle Boller. How bad is he really? Is he Rex Grossman bad or is he Cade McNown bad? Is it Billick that is screwing him up, or does he just not have it? What can he do well, what can't he do well, and do you think he's ever going to get it?

Aaron Wilson, Ravens Insider: Kyle Boller isn't as bad as those two guys. He throws a decent ball and has nice mobility. Mechanics are bad, but nowhere near as bad as they used to be. He has trouble checking down his reads and reacting to blitz pressure up the middle.

BrownNoser: Does Billick bring in an OC next year? If so, who?

Aaron Wilson, Ravens Insider: Well, he could dump the play-calling duty and give it to Rick Neuheisel. I think they should look outside for someone, but I'm not sure what they'll do at this juncture. It's early for offseason speculation.

Vandalfan11: Besides depth at CB, are your fans worried about who runs behind McGahee? (who seems to be injured at the end of every game, and eventually those hits will catch up with him)

Aaron Wilson, Ravens Insider: Musa Smith isn't bad as far as backups go. I think Willis McGahee's stamina would improve if he enjoyed the nightlife less, but a lot of Miami guys are like that as you all well know. He has been solid overall, but has lost two fumbles the past two weeks.

DawgPoundr: Being a Browns fan has made me an expert in recognizing when a team is a light breeze away from total collapse. I think I see an awful lot of this happening with the Ravens this year. Do you get the impression that the Ravens players are at odds with the coaching staff, or is not as bad as the media portrays? Experience with our team has shown that when there are this many stories of dissent in the locker room, the team may just stop showing up on Sundays. See Davis, Butch.

Aaron Wilson, Ravens Insider: The offense stinks. The defense is well above average, especially the front seven. They still play hard, but the line is in disarray, the receivers have similar skill sets, Todd Heap is rarely healthy and is out this week with a strained hamstring and the quarterbacking has been extremely substandard.

Cambu17: What are the chances the chances Terelle Suggs ends up in Cleveland?

Aaron Wilson, Ravens Insider: Oh, pretty low. They've been working on a contract extension since April. I expect them to re-sign him or franchise him. He just turned 25 and has over 40 career sacks in four and a half seasons.

Linus74: Has Ray Lewis and his tired act, begun to wear on the city and team?

Aaron Wilson, Ravens Insider: He's a polarizing figure. For every fan and reporter who's tired of his arrogance and egocentric ways, there's someone else ready to gulp down Ray Ray's Koolaid. Thanks for the questions, guys, even the crazy ones I didn't answer for obvious reasons. Enjoy the football game and remember it's a game, not life and death.

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