OBR News-o-Rama: 11/17 AM

Shaun Smith is hurting. This is not a good thing. The usual injury updates, links, blogs, chatter. And more stuff.

The news-o-rama update I started last night got delayed until this morning because I got pulled into a church function that would up running all night. Sometimes that annoying "life" intervenes with hanging out on the web and talking football. Harrumph. So this update will be longer than most. I'll update again this evening if there's enough going on, which usually isn't the case on Saturdays.


From Berea: We uploaded the injury report into the Muni Lot if you want to look at it directly, but here's the short version: All the Browns banged-up players (Leigh Bodden, D'Qwell Jackson, Willie McGinest, Antwan Peek and Shaun Smith) participated in practice, at least on a limited basis. Of those Jackson and Smith are listed as Questionable (50-50) and Bodden, McGinest, and Peek are probable. Lawrence Vickers actually got on the "probable" list with a dental problem.

Shaun Smith is a new addition to the list, and of all of these Smith worries me the most. He hurt his knee Thursday during practice. Simon Fraser would fill in, but losing Smith would really hurt us in the run game.

For the Ratbirds, Steve McNair, Samari Rolle, Gerome Sapp, Demetrius Williams and Daniel Wilcox are all "out". Todd Heap and Chris McAlister are Questionable. Heap has been a Browns-killer in the past.


Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap, Shaun Smith might be (oh crap) hurt. Oh crap.
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Miscellaneous interesting stuff
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DOWNLOAD: We've uploaded Friday's injury report (PDF format) to the Muni Lot files area. Click here.


Josh Cribbs was a huge winner in the OBR's Gameballs and Goats, getting more than three times as many gameballs as the second-place offensive line. RAC and Derek Anderson get the goathorns in a virtual tie between the two.

In FoxSports.com's Matchups to Exploit article, three of the four items are in favor of the Ravens. Just in case you're getting over-confident. I don't mind saying that I have some nervousness about this game.

The Middle Tennessee Browns Backers are having a Food Drive for the Second Harvest Food Bank. Check out the details on their Myspace blog.

Kevin Shaffer will be the guest speaker on Monday at the Akron Browns Backer group meeting.


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  • My favorite show is finally coming back. If you don't care, you can bite my shiny metal ass.
  • Here's hoping Tony Rizzo gets better soon.
  • Look! Free cheeseburgers! (Brian Tarcy being insane again) I should tell Brian that those are actually double cheeseburgers. I'm a guy who knows the difference.
  • Football ratings are falling sharply on Sunday and Monday nights. Maybe because ESPN's coverage sucks.
  • Comcast has been throttling bittorrent downloads in sort of a sneaky way (allegedly). They're getting sued.
  • Speaking ESPN, they're your best buddy, the sports enthusiast with a sense of humor and interesting conversations, unless they have something they don't want you to see. Ah, the difference between how a corporation portrays itself and the reality. It's big, as always, for everyone. That's the second time this week that ESPN has scurried to hide something.


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