OBR News-o-Rama: 11/17 PM

Shaun Smith is out, Ace Davis provides an alert, links, events, the usual....

SHAUN SMITH OUT: My worst fears from this morning have proven true, as DT Shaun Smith has been downgraded to "out" for tomorrow's game against the Ravens.

For what it's worth, Tim Carter is now listed as questionable. <sarcasm> Watch for line changes from Vegas as they find out about that. </sarcasm>

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BENTLEY DEAL RE-DONE: Fantastic article by Ace Davis in the Muni Lot. Ace, thanks to adogbtown in the Watercooler, spies that LeCharles Bentley's deal has been re-done, which will have impacts on the team's off-season and on their salary cap. Click here to check it out.

I was actually coherent enough after the Buckeyes pounding Michigan to set up a podcast player on the OBR Myspace page. Only the latest radio show actually plays well at the current time because I need to re-sample older ones at the right bitrate for the feed player. So those older ones sound like chipmunks still. But if you want to get a sense of the radio show, drop by and listen in to last week's show.

We're live each Thursday from 7-9PM and the show has been going for several years now. This is a little different from most podcasts - it features Jeff Schudel, Fred Greetham, and Lane Adkins, experienced Browns analysts with decades of covering this team. It's provides a combination of knowledge and accessibility that we think makes it unique. It's a lot of fun to do, and we hope you join us. No show this Thursday because of Thanksgiving, but we'll be back on the air November 29th.

Our old friends at Shula's 2 in Independence, along with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation are presenting KICK OFF TO A CURE: TAILGATE 2007 tomorrow afternoon. Go check out the game and support a good cause. Here's more info!


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There's not a lot happening today as teams fly to their games and rest up for tomorrow's battles. One thing that should worry us is how NFL economics may force the Bills to move according to Fox Sports. I still remember how Bills owner Ralph Wilson voted against Art Modell back in 1995 and how they had a day for Browns fans there during the hiatus.

Bills fans have stuck it out during good times and bad, and don't whine about the cold and snow in the dead of winter. They've had to endure being in the same division as the Patriots, and some bad draft picks over the year. And they gave us chicken wings, dang it.

Plus, Willis McGahee couldn't wait to leave, to it's got to be a good place

Here's hoping this never happens.



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