Instant Analysis: Oklahoma-Texas Tech

In the season that just refuses to provide any sanity to anyone at any time, a new level of lunacy invaded Lubbock, Tex., on a night when a (Mike) Leach sucked the blood out of a school that wears Crimson.

The simple reality of Texas Tech's BCS-breaking, Big XII-busting defeat of Oklahoma is just too stunning for words. Less than 48 hours after one team saw its quarterback and its BCS hopes perish on the road in a Southwestern college town, darned if the same exact thing didn't happen again.

Tucson, meet Lubbock. Lubbock, meet Tucson.

Dennis Dixon, meet Sam Bradford on the bench. Sam Bradford, meet Dennis Dixon.

OU backup Joey Halzle, meet Oregon backup Brady Leaf. Leaf, meet Halzle.

No. 2, meet No. 4 on the list of teams eliminated in the race for New Orleans on Jan. 7, 2008. No. 4, meet No. 2.

If you think this game--particularly its quarterback-centered drama--needs to be explained beyond these terms, just consider one simple fact: if you discount Oklahoma's very late tack-on touchdown (in the final 40 seconds with the Sooners having no timeouts left), the Sooners scored exactly one offensive touchdown against Tech's matador defense, a unit that hasn't just been mediocre, but absolutely horrible, throughout 2007. When Sam Bradford went down, so did the Sooners' BCS hopes. Texas Tech deserved this victory by playing with the requisite intensity needed to get the job done, but one shouldn't pretend that one very significant injury didn't wind up determining the outcome of this game and, along with it, the trajectory of "The Season That Sanity Forgot."

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