OBR News-o-Rama: 11/18 AM

The best of a weak newswire, selected and lovingly covered with glucose. And other stuff.

It's gameday, so things will be crazy here at the OBR throughout the day. We have our official forum game thread, of course, and the chat room will be hopping during the game.

I'll be pounding out minute-by-minute updates on the OBR Live Feed, our complete and utter abuse of Twitter to create a constant stream of updates. Follow us and we'll follow you... look for live reaction from fans in a new view of the Live Feed soon!

After the game, we'll have the usual wrap-up, reactions, and photos, etc.

This morning's newswire was a pretty disappointing affair, but we've linked what's out there. Tomorrow there will be dozens and dozens of articles to wolf down.


It's sort of standard issue to have a game preview sort of article providing an overview for folks on Sunday mornings. Even the mighty OBR is not immune. We're really, really not immune. More of a carrier, in fact.

In any event, here are this morning's game preview things from the OBR and the various dead tree new sources:

The OBR  C-Bus Dispatch  Canton Rep  Official Site Official Game Preview (Official)

This game preview at the Plain Dealer just rules. Best ever.


Did you know that Derek Anderson was once with the Ravens? No, really. I'm not sure if it's been mentioned yet. Maybe someone will bring it up on the Newswire.

Browns hope to adjust better this week - Morning Journal
Man, they had better.

Ravens-Browns is its own soap opera - Canton Repository
LOL: "Who needed Unitas vs. Namath? The quarterbacking duel was Couch vs. Stoney Case"

Anderson reminds Ravens of one promising QB that got away - Capitol Online
That Aaron Wilson, he's a pretty good writer.

Small move shapes Browns in a big way - Akron Beacon-Journal

Browns Have What the Ravens Want - Mansfield News Journal
This is an AP article, but I'm linking the News-Journal because they actually acknowledge the existence of the OBR in articles sometimes. Gonzo journalism.

Ravens D Still Grades an A - Plain Dealer
"D" and "A" are both letters. That's what makes it clever, see? One means defense and another is a letter grade. It's the old switcheroo! You can't pay the Plain Dealer's editors enough, in my opinion.



Didn't we hear recently from modern philosopher James Farrior that it's only a rivalry if it's competitive? Just sayin'. Deal with it, OSU haters.




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