Fan View: A Sweet Day

Jeff Biletnikoff revels in a day where the Browns won and the rest of the AFC North was winless...

Usually I try to give you a balanced view of what went right and wrong in the Browns game but just for this Sunday I'm going to suspend that approach.

I'll warn you now that this article is nothing but a fan-centric, homer, piece of fluff and I don't care.

I'm so happy that Cleveland was the only one to win in the AFC North today, I don't think I'll stop smiling until Tuesday.

Pittsburgh lost to a (ha ha ha ha ha) 1-8 team. Go JETS-JETS-JETS.

I'm not sure if you got to see the game or not but seeing the Steelers go down in OT was sweet. I only wish I could have encountered some of the fans from last week that were screaming in my ear during the Browns loss.

I really don't think they were pounding the bar singing at the top of their "Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go To The Super Bowl" today.

Welcome to the TOILET BOWL Pittsburgh (at least for one week).

The Ravens got beat at THEIR house by the Browns who swept them this season.

Take that Ray-Ray. Complain some more in the press about how your coaches are idiots and enjoy the view of looking at the Browns 2 games ahead of you.

And Cincinnati lost to Arizona to officially cement their position as AFC North Bottom Feeders.

Amazingly I didn't know the Browns hadn't lost 2 in a row all season. Quite a testament to how resilient the 2007 squad is.

Great win by Cleveland today. After an emotionally-charged close loss against a division rival on the road last week they had to get right back on the road again and have yet another emotionally-charged close game against another division rival.

Don't forget these weeks came on the heels of the dogfight they found themselves in against Seattle at home a couple weeks ago.

I guarantee that the 1999-2006 versions of the team lose all three of the games that were just played. Ok, maybe 2002's squad might have had a glimmer of hope but I don't see it. We haven't had an offense like this since the 1980's and it's all been a super effort on offense that's allowed the Browns to do what they've done.

The Browns now head into a part of their schedule where all games are winnable and they've got a legitimate shot at the playoffs because they went 2-1 in a stretch of games that included the Steelers and Ravens on the road and the Seahawks at home.

6-4 heading into the last 6 games gives Cleveland a more than reasonable assumption that they're in the mix for a wildcard berth in the AFC.

Thanks to SUPER GUTSY performances by Derek Anderson, Joe Jurevicius, Braylon Edwards, Jamal Lewis, Kellen Winslow, the Cleveland defense, the Browns offensive line and ESPECIALLY Josh Cribbs, the Browns didn't fold on the road like they would have in so many years past.

I'm savoring the feeling now of knowing that the Cleveland Browns are going to be playing meaningful games deep into December.

It's good not to be looking ahead to the next college draft by this time of year, don't you think?

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