OBR News-o-Rama: 11/18 PM

The usual shenanigans: post-game reaction from around the web...


You can, as always, vote for Gameballs and Goats following Sunday's game. Pick three Browns players, coaches, or units to give either gameballs or goathorns. You just need to have a free registered account on the OBR to participate.

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The night after a Browns game isn't as crazy for news articles and links as a jump into Google news might suggest. There are only really four local sources that pump out same day Browns news. They are the Associated Press, Plain Dealer, Official Team Site, and the OBR.

If you keep an eye on the dozens of articles hitting the web about the Browns on a game day, you'll find that the vast majority of them are just slightly modified versions of the same AP story with different titles or minor editing by whichever unit is running them.

So, while it may look like there are fifty reports on the Browns win over Baltimore, about 95% of them are just the same thing, so we'll just link one on the newswire (rss). There. Done.

Here's the rest, with a guest early appearance by a story on the Canton Repository, which is gradually getting into the same-day news game.


AP: Browns 33, Ravens 30
Canton Rep: Browns have The Stanchion to thank
Cleveland Leader: Browns Comeback from Dead to Beat Baltimore 33-30
Official Site: Browns win OT thriller


Browns Shoot Down Ravens, 33-30
Browns 33, Ravens 30: Fred's Game Notebook
Derry: Superman's On Our Team 
Browns-Ravens: Post-Game Nerdanalysis
Fan View: A Sweet Day
Lane Adkins' Post-Game Analysis


The weirdness of the field goal situation at the end of the game caused some national pundits to awaken from their naps and write various things after seeing five minutes of highlights on the news.

Hands up... who thinks John Clayton could find Cleveland on a map without asking his executive assistants for help?

Don Banks: Controversy around Browns' win not over yet
Peter King: Incredible Browns FG, etc...
John Clayton: 'Crazy' win keeps Browns in running
Mike Sando: Week 11 observations


Here are bloggers who slammed out post-game stories of interest. Lots of activity on the blogosphere tonight after the game. The professional writers should crank like this... amazing, and God bless KSK.

Phil Dawson and the Browns - Kid Cleveland
We Must Stop Coaching with Fear - Mike from Rochester
Browns Win in OT Despite Kicking Fiasco - Dawg-Pound.net
I can't process what I just saw - Red Right 88
Browns Lose, Then Come Back to Win in Overtime… - MVN
Snatching Victory From the Jaws of Defeat - Bitterfans
Cleveland's Kicker Phil Dawson Is A Magician - Awful Announcing
The Phil Dawson Field Goal That Wasn't Good, But Then Was - The Big Lead
I'm Gonna Stab You, Pete Morelli - Kissing Suzy Kolber (language)

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