OBR News-o-Rama: 11/19 AM

The usual links to cool stuff around the web. And there is prattling, oh yes...

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Last night's News-o-rama update hit after 1 in the morning, so there's a limited amount of new stuff since then on this morning's OBR Newswire (rss). I guess last Monday's 100-story linkfest got us spooked a bit, so Taylor and I have spent most of the last 16 hours trying to keep up with everything that shows up with the word "Browns" in it.

After publishing seven post-game stories last night, we still have a bunch of stuff queued up for today, so keep an eye on the OBR home page for more.

As could be predicted, today's contribution from the dead-tree folks consists mostly of game wrap-ups, plus individual stories on Phil Dawson, Jamal Lewis, Josh Cribbs, a couple on Brodney Pool.

There's more on the wire, including the usual less-than-inspiring takes from dead-tree columnists and various miscellaneous notes columns.

Game Wraps From the Newswire
ABJ  Plain Dealer  Morning-Journal  Dispatch  DDN  Canton Rep  Trib-Chron

Yep, Josh Cribbs Still Rocks
Morning-Journal  Trib-Chron  Plain Dealer  ABJ

Jamal Lewis used to play for the Ravens. It's true!
Trib-Chron  Plain Dealer  Off Site

Brodney Pool Exists, Scores TD
Dispatch  Off Site


Wild-card playoff tracker

Anderson interrupts post-game interview with Stover to let everyone know that it's no longer "post-game".

Post-game thoughts, live from Baltimore


Things are pretty quiet since last night's update, outside of the Muni Lot. I was so desperate that I looked through some of the "blogs" on newspaper sites. They should just give it up, really. Most journalists didn't get into this to write blogs, just as bloggers didn't get into this to write for fishwraps.

It smacks of some exec who reads one too many articles about the threat that blogs are for the traditional media and then suddenly says "Oh! We better start doing those too!". Then they force the poor writer to start doing a "blog". Just because both are a bunch of words doesn't make them interchangeable. If you want bloggers, hire bloggers. Sheesh.

Anyhow, here's what's bouncing around the blogosphere since the wee hours of the morning.

Oddity in Threes - Ace Davis
A Crossbar to Bear - Ace Davis
A Win's a Win, But... - Vinny and the Hornless Rhino
Are They Finally Bouncing Our Way? - Cleveland Sports Torture



Compared to what other teams did in 2005, Phil Savage and the Browns are looking golden.

Another Greed-Off 2007 update. Having dealt with the NFL's monopolistic practices since 1995, I'm actually sympathetic to cable operators. That's almost as bad as having a fondness for Exxon, or Kaiser-Permanente. I feel all... dunno... co-opted and greasy. Thanks, Jerry Jones.

For those of you blessed with the NFL Network, I've been told the Browns-Ravens replay is at 7:30 Tuesday and Steeler-Jets is at 10:30.

You think trash talk between Browns and Ravens fans is bad... it's nothing compared to bickering about computer and video game systems. "Macs pwn PCs", "Do not", "Do so", "Flash your PRAM, sheesh..."

Also, my personal vow: don't look in the comments on any article about politics until 2009. We're two months from New Hampshire, but it's already hit a fever pitch of screaming and lunacy in political comment threads around the web. Run! Run for your lives!


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