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Browns buzz continues to build around the NFL following the team's 33-30 victory over the Ravens. The Browns went 2-1 through a series of three games that many of us said "would tell us a lot" about the team. Now we know.

Try as we might, there just wasn't enough good stuff out there to justify an evening News-o-rama last evening. RAC gave the players Monday off, again, so all there really was to report on was the typically uneventful Monday press conference. The Browns rarely, if ever, talk about injuries on Mondays, so we don't even really have an update on Eric Wright to offer. Wright got an MRI on Monday and the results will be sharked with the jackals of the press on either Tuesday or Wednesday.

There's no practice or media availability today, although the team often makes roster moves on Tuesday. If Wright's injury is serious, there might be some transactions today, although initial speculation suggested it was a sprain.


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  ("This win is huge"... "We've got overtime fellas"... "Yeah, yeah"...)

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  (Click here to see why this is relevant)


I got this via my email earlier yesterday evening off of one of the NFL media lists. If your local cable network is not participating with the NFL Network in their exciting Greed-Off 2007 event, you can perhaps watch this.

"Exclusively on NFL Network, the week's two overtime showdowns, Browns vs. Ravens and Steelers vs. Jets will Replay on Tuesday, November 20 at 8:00 PM ET (Cleveland-Baltimore) and 10:30 PM ET (Pittsburgh-New York Jets)."


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