OBR News-o-Rama: 11/20 PM

The latest pseudo-events in the world of almost-NFL coverage

Not much happened in the world of the Browns today, as predicted, as the team had the day off and there was no media availability. Crennel will meet with the press again on Wednesday, and the media will get some time with players in the locker room.


On the OBR, this morning was marked by either malfunctioning technology or a malfunctioning webdork brain, which resulted in Rich Passan's article being half-complete in it's initial publishing and the morning News-o-Rama not publishing at all. Arrgh. Anyhow, the hamster powering the OBR's server has been fired and replaced with an overly caffeinated ferret, so things should go well from here on in.

Speaking of liquid refreshment, I like beer, but that's not important right now. Wait. Yes, it is.

Media Notes Available: We also uploaded the Browns/Texans media packet to the Muni Lot. This is a big PDF file of the notes sent out to the media. Click here to download it from the Muni Lot.

Special Note: Thanks to Ryan D. for sending me a copy of the Matt Stover interview for safekeeping in case it ever gets pulled from YouTube.

WTF: The 11/18 PM version of this blog hit the Top 100 sports blogs over at Myspace, around #80, I think, the first time we've been even listed there. It borders on strange how quickly the Myspace version of this blog is growing (the OBR News-o-Rama is available on the OBR front page, and the Muni Lot as well as via our Myspace page). Thanks for reading, and keep spreading the word, Myspacers!


An NFL power poll is the easiest article to write, ever. They have no meaning at all, but they're now suddenly everywhere you look. Like Starbucks. But without using the public to incubate aliens babies via seeds delivered in your Vente Mocha Lattes.

Oh, crap. You weren't supposed to know that, yet. Forget that last sentence.

Anyhow, if you're an aspiring NFL pundit and want to do a power poll, you just list teams from 1 to 32 in order of how much you like them. The order doesn't have to make much sense, but put teams people know are good (e.g., Patriots) at the top, and crappy teams (e.g., Dolphins) at the bottom. Then, add a pithy comment for each team, and watch the fun as fans inexplicably take you seriously.

Try not to chuckle when they ask you hilarious questions like "How come we went down after our win last week?". Whatever you do, don't tell 'em that you just closed your eyes and pointed at the NFL standings in the local paper.

I really gotta get in on some of that action. Look for the OBR Webdorkian Power Poll (of Power) sometime soon. Or not.

If you must know, here's how some of the rankings I wandered by today slot the Browns.

FoxSports: Browns go from 9th to 8th
Sporting News: Browns go from 13th to 10th
Yahoo!: Browns Go from 6th to 7th
Yahoo! (part 2): Browns go from 9th to 8th
TBL: Browns go to 8th from ??


"If you and Fred write any more pieces about our special teams, please consider pointing out the work our return units are doing in front of Cribbs.  I haven't read anything the past two weeks that praises Cribbs' blockers.  But they're clearly doing a great, great job, too.  It's a far cry from two seasons ago, when Northcutt  had a bunch of big punt returns called back because of penalties. I'm telling you, I haven't had this much fun watching Cleveland football since #19 was behind center.  Thanks for all your work over the years in bringing the Browns fan community together with The OBR." - Jonathan G, Austin Texas

Great point... While Cribbs has done a lot on individual effort and talent, he can't run through holes which aren't there, and hasn't had many returns called back. The overall effort from the special teams and Special Teams coach Ted Daisher deserves a ton of the credit for Cribbs' success.



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Miscellaneous nonsense found and recorded when I should have been working...

These injuries don't matter, Steeler fans, because the Patriots will not be denied in any event. You're the Washington Generals of this year's AFC playoffs. Deal with it.

Tribe signs Japanese right-hander to bullpen. Tribe bloggers reportedly surprised they signed the hot dog guy.

Sportscenter is still on? Huh. I used to love that show. Oh, well.

Drunk Jets fans + Local action tabloid death news = Headache for a team's Senior Executive Vice President of something or other.

New York Times writer ponders the future for professional writers and other creative people in the age of the internet. We Browns fans have come to depend on the coverage of local papers, but you have to show a lot of online ads to make up for the money being lost in more profitable print ads. Online ads are waaay up and print ads are down a bit. Good news, right? Well, no. If I am reading those stats correctly, online ads went up 21% of $773 million ($162 million up) while print ads went down 7.1% of 10.1 billion ($717 million down). Those aren't good numbers for anyone in the newspaper business. As fans, we rely on local papers to provide accurate, objective reporting on the team, and this is not good news.

Wow, nifty! Comcast fires another volley in Greed-Off 2007! Fun!

People love watching those Dallas Cowboys. Not me, but some people do, I guess. As much as I am fashionably hateful of Jerry Jones' crew, you know where I'm going to be planted and what I'll be watching on Thursday.



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