Browns-Ravens: Gameballs and Goats

Browns fans speak out about who gets props (and the opposite) for the Browns 33-30 win. CAUTION: Adult language.

The Week's Results: Interesting results in Gameballs and Goats this week. Josh Cribbs is once again the game's hero, but Browns fans couldn't reach a consensus on who gets the goathorns. Most of them were handed out on defense again. The write-ins were numerous this week, with Brian Billick rightfully tying an inanimate object for the most write-in votes thanks to his should-be career-ending decision to kick to Josh Cribbs in overtime.

NOTE: There's a lot of adult language in the comments this week, I think I "asterisked" most of it, but use caution when reading.

Player Gameballs
Joshua Cribbs 283
Phil Dawson 139
Jamal Lewis 85
Brodney Pool 57
Sean Jones 44
Derek Anderson 38

GAMEBALL WRITE-INS: That idiot Billick (5), Crossbar support thingee (5), J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets (3), Long time Browns fans, Defibrillators & Stanchions, Whoever talked the ref into getting it right!, Kyle Boller, Orlando Pace, Bill Cowher, Jay Knecht, Grady Sizemore, The curvy part,
The Bills, Grady Sizemore's Afro, OSU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, blitzing, "Romeo for the Cribbs challenge, and the defense in the first half (coaches and players)", Downfield throwing Anderson, "Braylon, KW2, Jamal on a well deserved spike", "Raves D for forgetting to play defense after 60 minutes of football", "Referee Pete Morelli #135 and FJ #58 for getting it right", "The referee who overturned the missed FG", "Carter for catching a pass", Josh Lord Jesus Cribbs, Official on the left goal post for getting it right, Instant replay, Defensive Scheme, "Pete Morelli for getting it right".


Player Goathorns
Todd Grantham 88
Leigh Bodden 63
Entire Defense 58
Andra Davis 49
Officiating Crew 49
Derek Anderson 43

GOATHORN WRITE-INS:  "The D for making the ravens offense look good", Brian Billick (3), Art Modell (4), Ray Lewis (4), "The Team for 2nd Half Let-Down two weeks in a row", "Grantham, next week I vote for your mom!", Barry McBride, Fear of a 10+ point lead, Special Teams , "The whole city of Baltimore and their cheap shot artist team", that fagita**cheapshotpunk ngata..., "The Browns 30 minute defense", Chad Johnson, Howie Feltersnatch, Joey Porter, Baltimore, "None, they won", "Ngata and Ray Lewis for their cheap shots", "Prevent Defense", "Any player that had a penalty", "Ray Lewis, Americas A-Hole.", "Eric Wright's Knee", "False Starting OL", "Whiny Ravens fans", "Mike Hart---what do you have to say now????", "The official that initially called the game tying field goal no good" (3), Butch Davis, Carmen Policy, Tim Couch, "illegal motion penalties", Bruce Arians, "Dump off Anderson", Braylon's drop at the Ravens five was a "game's worst plays", "Brian Billick and his arrogant Ravens team", "Whoever decided to keep Grantham employed after last week", "Ngata....WHAT AN @$$", Haloti Ngata, Ray Lewis, Brian Billick, Haloti Ngata, All the AIDS infested crackheads in Bmore, "Braylon, either make catches or sit on the bench!", "Matt Stover and his uncle Art", "Wholelotta Nada (Haloti Ngata)", "Pete Gilbert Channel 11 Sports Baltimore (for an interview at midfield before the game was over ha! ha!)"


Fan Comments
rottnmoore well ugly but awin
salesman217 Refs helped out as well with the non call on Jones's slap in Boller's head on his first blitz (Pool INT return)
livedoctor DA, Cribbs, and the safeties (including Adams and Sorenson) came up with the big plays when they really needed them
manoafats "The Bounce" ,one finally goes our way!!!!
willy15 Jamal gave his all to win, Orpheus made many tackles and Joshua Cribbs is truly an amazing talent.
taipeidawg Joshua Cribbs continues to amaze. The guy has got guts, determination, and a selfless attitude. I REALLY hope he makes it to the Pro Bowl. It's good to see Lewis running with some attitude. I don't think I've seen a Browns running back lower their shoulders and run over people instead of around them since Mr. Mack was doing the honors. Anderson deserves plenty of credit for staying cool in the clutch and being able to find his key weapons when it really counts (and the offensive line for giving him time to do it).
czarayn It's about time the Browns got the breaks from the refs, especially on the road. Anderson, Cribbs & Co did a fine job. Chudz should allow the team to play more aggressively in the 2nd half. How great would the Browns be if they had a defense, just a half-assed defense would be better than what we now have.
clevelandcraig Ugly win.
phelix17 Josh Cribbs just continues to amaze.
tomahawkdawg Cribbs. That's all I'm sayin'. Pool. 100 yard INT return. Phil. Game tying FG. Game winning FG. Thank God someone told the ref to make the right call.
youngbrownsfan with out the returns by Cribbs and the Team record Int return of Pool we loose this game.
brownpoundz cribbs baby cribbs
buckeyeindenver Simply put, Josh Cribbs is a freak. At this point, he's every bit as dangerous as the much more hyped Devin Hester. If he wasn't playing for the Browns, they'd probably have 2 or 3 more losses this year than they do now, which is a pretty insane impact for a kick returner. He's clearly having the best season of any Brown since the glory days of the 80s.

Great to see Jamal light up his old team again (especially since he helped my fantasy team win). Too bad he didn't get 8 more yards and break the Rats consecutive streak of not giving up 100 yards at home.

And Phil Dawson redeemed himself from that early miss (which was looming large there at the end) with those two huge clutch field goals at the end. After all the times Matt Stover's stuck a knife in the Brown's heart on last-second kicks, it was great to see Phil do it to the Rats twice in the same game.
naxos Josh Cribbs - what can you say other than that. K2 - for some big catches again. O-line for once again making everything happen on O.
usmcbuck10 Gameball easily goes to Josh Cribbs. The guy is amazing. Period.
mdr If Josh Cribbs in not in Hawaii this year, charges should be filed. Joe J and the rest of the receivers did it when it needed to be done. The entire O line, especially the left side. Steinbach should be escorting Mr. Cribbs to Hawaii, and possibly Mr. Thomas. JT should be up for ROY. And a big thanks to the JETS!
floucka I still can't believe we won this game. If this defense could even improve slightly...
shrooney The refs get a write-in for taking the time to get the call right (even though from the stands it looked like they missed a couple of pretty blatant face masks)
kodiak Cribbs obviously, he is what kept them in the game. K2 for the clutch catches when we need them. Big Ted for being on IR so Kelly can play... and of course the write in, the sooper genius himself for continuing to kick to Cribbs the whole game! dumba$$
yogi8 For the first time this year, 2 D guys get GBs. Sean Jones and Brodney Pool. I'll also give Dawson a GB for the game tying and game winning FGs, but he has got to stop missing easy FGs.
mdawg If it wasn't for Cribbs, for the second week in a row, the Browns would not of been in this game.
anthonyd Joe Thomas is the man. I wanted Adrian Peterson. Thomas was the best pick. When you get punched like he did by Nagata on the ground like that, It's hard to keep you head in the game. He still played like the Pro Bowler he is (or at least should be). Nagata should be fined or suspended.
bulldogdad Josh for team MVP. Jamal brought everything he had to this game. Robaire was the leader in a revitalized D-Line bringing pressure. DA had an uneven game, but came up with the big throws when it counted.
dawgpoundr This is a rarity, but I've gotta give props to the officiating crew, they did what it took to get the call right. At long last, the ball literally bounced our way.
wholesaler1972 have fun in hawaii, josh! phil, great kick!
ravedawg We kept fighting and won and the crowd at O' Boys in Orlando went nuts... Great to beat the RatBirds
snoopdawgydawg Josh Cribbs once again carried the team on his back and kept them in the game. His punt return to the fifteen and two kick returns were key in the Browns' win. The offense struggled throughout the first three and a half quarters, but Jamal Lewis ran with authority (one week after I trashed him). On several 2nd and longs, he brushed through the Ravens D for 8-12 yds. Both Winslow and Edwards made key catches down the stretch. The offense looked like the early season offense on the final drive and in OT.
madelph "We've got the worst defense in all of football...we should sit on the lead!" RAC
iwillpierceyou F***in' A. No wait, F*** a B, it's got two holes. Seriously, winning Browns football gives me a boner.
jmiller40 Cribbs - WOW. Phil Dawson - I have never seen anything like that in my life. Jamal - for productivity
manoafats Maybe after all these years the curse has been transfered to the Ravens.for they now have the "bounce"..forget the drive, the fumble, Art Modell.etc.
vintage1974 Great win Brownies...even though you are trying to give me a friggin heart attack! The Cardiac Kids ain't got nothin on this team (except a playoff birth). Way to come together. Criibbs, Winslow, our O-Line, DA, Braylon, Heiden...studs, nothing else to say. Now if we could get this Defense to grow some balls and stop a team when they have to, we might get somewhere. Props to Poole though yesterday. Sweet pick, it's about time you made a play. How does it feel Ratbirds to have the call go the other way for a change? Not very good huh? Welcome to our world. Choke on it, you deserve it. Say it with me Browns fans: J-E-T-S...Jets, Jets, Jets!!
Go Browns!!!!
losangelesdawg For the first time I'm giving a game ball and goat to the same player...Phil Dawson...missed field goals and short kick offs....but then 2 of your biggest F/G of your career...and to the scout that got us Josh Cribbs...
brownsclown Aloha Josh Cribbs. If he doesn't make the Pro Bowl,the fix is in. Derek Anderson just never gives in. Not his best day, but he made throws when we needed them. Finally, our talented safeties showed up. Both played very well. Lewis is tough as nails, Winslow and Edwards too.
georgeoscar Cribbs is good.
bucksr1big10 He deserves a gameball for continuing to kick the ball to josh cribbs..What a bonehead...thank you brian!
jcosu86 Cribbs, how great is he? Phil Dawson: Mr. Clutch... KWII: How tough is he?
deathbyeagle Refs made the right call  Go Bucks!! 6-4 and in the playoffs!!!!!!!  I am amazed!!!
plumpgrizzlybear Robaire Smith played with some serious desire yesterday.
buckscobrownsfan Cribbs, as usual, was poetry in motion. Lewis had a solid game and showed Ray "The Knife" Lewis that he still has something left in the tank as he ran over Ray-Ray for his TD. Pool for once played up to his ability. How about some more games like that Brodney?
olomoust Give a gameball to "blitzing." too. Pressuring the QB by blitzing? What a concept! Cribbs is amazin. Easily Browns MVP!
writerdawg Cribbs was the MVP of this win, with Dawson a close second. Phil overcame two bad kicks (one his fault, one not) to make two very clutch FGs. What more can be said about Cribbs? The guy is all pro. I know he just got a new contract at the beginning of the year, but they should tear it up after this season and redo it again.
dixiedawg Finally - we get a CORRECT call.
mulekicker3 You could give Winslow a game ball every week.
roosterrdawg61 Didn't hear Sugg's name very much again!!!
zkramp For getting the field goal call right.
cd527 Cribbs = No Fear!
keith322 The Derek Anderson to Kellen Winslow completion on 3rd and 10 in OT was huge! I believe the Browns are growing and are a good team for the first time in a very long time. The Browns are fun to watch. Go Browns!
rutger Cribbs, Winslow and Lewis for sure.. Oh hell everyone should get a Gameball for this win!! I don't care how well different players played or contributed or didn't contribute.. We SWEPT those friggin' POS and I'm one HAPPY Cleveland Browns fan.. Now if Art Modell and that son of his David both die BROKE and in the gutter.. Then I'll die happy someday too.. I have a VERY strong dislike for the Steelers, but I hate the RAVENS!! The Steelers can got 2-14 every year if both wins are against the Ravens where as the Ravens I want to go 0-16 for ever..
bomeister Refs for FINALLY getting it right with a Browns game....they have helped us lose more games than any other X factor, even though apologists will state otherwise. DA looked tenuous at times, but I guess I would too after 2 weeks in a row of crazed criminals chasing me.
d2hayes Grantham gets a gameball for figuring out how to get pressure on the QB. Pool's int return for a TD--enough said. Cribbs needs more touches on offense!
slambar Josh Cribbs - for the 2nd straight week, he had more yards that our QB. Sean Jones - not just the INT, but the sack and then smack down of Boller. That was a legal hit he was called for, his hands were back and Boller ducked into the hit with his head. Robaire Smith - 2 Sacks for a Browns DE! WHAT!!!!
pitbullterrier We can thank Phil for hitting a tough 51 yard kick. Also, hats off to Derek Anderson for telling Stover that "we're going to overtime" on national TV. Stover looked like he was going to cry, which is hilarious. Nice to see a more aggressive defensive approach. The blitzes by the d-backs were especially effective in disrupting Boller. Way to go Todd, finally!
iupuiguy82 Wow...We actually had somewhat of a pass rush!!!!
ccdawg49 Cribbs was amazing - has to be a Pro Bowler this year. Dawson hit the 2 clutch FGs. Referee who overturned the missed FG gets the nod over Billick, whose ignorant play calling on 3rd and 1 gave us a chance to get the ball back to tie the game.
29turner #16...
idrthrbncleve Josh Cribbs - How can one team owe so much to one player. Derek Anderson doesn't carry this team - Cribbs does.
number1brownsfan Cribbs is god, Lewis for his "hard-running", Officiating Crew for getting the right call at the end, and a special mention for Anderson for the last two drives.
sg2431 Josh Cribbs - of which all good things come. Great kick by Dawson. Lewis ran with conviction and purpose. His running kept Ravens defense honest. Derek Anderson was clutch in the last drive and in OT.
puyallupbrownsfandan Lewis set the tone early, giving the offense the needed boost of confidence. Dawson was nails...And Cribbs,...well, just Cribbs. Which is one helluva compliment
gilewicz There were others who deserve recognition, but without Cribbs' outstanding speacial teams play, we lose, plain and simple. So he gets all three of my votes.
nybiggdawg Joshua Cribbs was a MAJOR factor in the win. Sean Jones' interception, hustle, and blitzing was also major. 6 sacks by D-Line!Major gameball there!
gbeachy50310 Wow, a repeat of last week -- a big lead at halftime only to be given away and a miracle needed at the end to tie. Last week against PIT we don't get the miracle, this week we do. Either way, we should NOT be having to fight our way back after being up 2 TDs. Enough of that. Contributing to the win, DAWSON gets a gameball for coming thru in the clutch. Of course CRIBBS does to for another week of lights-out play. And DA for generally playing a solid game -- 274 yds and a 63% completion rate.
jdailey23 Cribbs is the best player on the team.
bhodosko For continuing to kickoff to Josh Cribbs. I think his ego got in the way.
dawgdc Josh Cribbs is our MVP period...just to think where this team would be without him!! Jamal Lewis was a a beast against his former mates and that's the Jamal I want to see the rest of the season. No one has mention Ethan Kelley play since taking over for #92 Blob, but he's done a heck of a job since being named the starter. Robaire Smith had one helluva game and I like what I see from the big fella. We have 2 Rookies who are playing there butt's off Joe Thomas is a given, but Brandon McDonald has been the surprise of our rookie class!!
1greatscott Cribbs continues to shine on special teams. Dawson continues to respond after an early missed field goal. Jamal clearly played hard against his old team.
osujoe Josh: I love you in a way that's not really legal in this state. Phil: I was *this* close to picking you for a goathorn, even after you won us the game. Then I saw your postgame interview. You really are a Cleveland Brown. You're the only one who's been here since day 1 of the rebirth. You deserved to have a call finally go your way. Brodney: Helluva play... 'nuff said. (Sorry Robaire Smith, your exceptional play goes unrewarded and you just miss the cut)
theunsinkableclevelandbrown Robaire's contribution has been overlooked by how bad the rest of the D has been. Very solid season, and our most consistent performer on D.
fairwayseeker J. Cribbs is playing at a Pro Bowl level! Please find more ways to get him involved!
P. Dawson stepped up big-time at the end, having a pretty good season also(even though we have lost 2 games at the end because of a FG!). RAC - Thank you for getting more involved with the Defense. We are now starting to see somes schemes that can work to apply pressure on the QB! Winslow, Edwards were their usual big-time players & Jamal was a pleasant addition!
juneaubrown Phil, Joshua and whole special teams get it for obvious reasons. Josh IS superman! And I know Sorensen is on special teams, but a special shout out to him. I was scratching my head when we used a roster spot to bring him in, but obviously, Phil knows a lot more than me.
dawghowl Jamal Lewis, I thought had his best game as a brown. He was clearly out to prove to the ravens he still can get it done. And He ran hard, fought for extra yardage and punished the raven defenders, Great job by Lewis.  Sean Jones seemed to be all over the field on sunday, when he wasnt in coverage making a play, he was in the face of boller creating problems in the ravens backfield. I love it when we blitz him, he is very effective in this area. Brodney Pool, talk about a huge momentium swing when pool took that Int 100 yards for the score. Pool has really come along and improved his play since the start of the season. He still gets beat from time to time, but he is around the football more and making alot of plays. Phil Dawson come through in the clutch not once but twice nailing the game tying and game winning fgs. Major props to him for coming through when we really needed him too.
lagreg Robaire Smith knocked a guy into the Atlantic Ocean on Pool's INT return, I think I saw Robaire giggle afterwards.
clockwork If I had more balls to give I'd add Sean Jones, Winslow, Edwards and Anderson for clutch plays and I'd actually add Brandon McDonald because he played well in Holly's role when Holly subbed for Wright.


Fan Comments
endzoneeddie THEY ARE ALL GOATS
rottnmoore no one, sometimes a road win is a road win... we aren't the PATS yet,hell it took them years
livedoctor Poor job towards the end of the first half for the O Line. Once again, terrible offensive play calling in the second half.
manoafats Nice PC after the game. Next time watch the entire game refs, at least you saw the bounce. Stop believing how great ray thinks he still is and call face masks and horse collars.
willy15 The Offensive Line committed so many penalites, they looked like a bad High School Team. Derek and the whole team can't put two halves together of sound football. With a little more effort, they should have beaten Pittsburgh and Oakland.
taipeidawg I love Joe Thomas to death and it's difficult to get mad at him given all the good things he is doing but those back to back offside penalties? Ouch....!!
czarayn Ro-ro and Todd-eo! In spite of these two defensive charlatans, the Browns are winning because of a strong offense. Ro-ro and Todd-eo must go!
phelix17 The coaches have to realize that our offense has to keep attacking the entire game. We can't stop and let the air out because our defense can't stop anyone. But you can just see Romeo saying, "Let's run the ball and take time off the clock," which ends up meaning punt and get scored on.
As for the officials, if one of our linebackers grabbed the facemask like stabbin' killerman did at the end of the game, the field will be littered with yellow flags. The roughing the passer penalty was completely bogus as well.
tomahawkdawg DA. Grow a pair buddy. Let 'em drop already. Don't be so scared in the pocket. BE. Catch the ball before running. Todd. What can I say? Why not keep the pressure turned up? Andra. Tackle anyone lately?
confuseddog for having Ray Lewis' ugly face on the front page (Edit: LOL... sorry... thought it might be dartboard material)
buckeyeindenver This defense is beyond pathetic--it's far and away the worst in the NFL. To give up 30 points to Baltimore's stone-age offense is inexcusable. That's more than the Rats scored in their last 3 games COMBINED. If Grantham doesn't straighten this out, he needs to be gone at the end of the season.

Leigh Bodden continues to be nothing but burnt toast this year. I've been a fan of his for the last few seasons, but he can't cover anybody and is always two or three yards behind his man. Devard Darling had 2 catches for 26 yards coming into this game, and Bodden made him look like Randy Moss to the tune of 107 yards and a TD. I'm afraid Phil Savage is going to have to look for a new corner this off-season to play opposite Eric Wright.

And the officials were absolutely disgraceful today, not that I'm surprised since the Browns always get screwed when they go up against one of the NFL's anointed "glamour teams." Ngata, by rule, should have been ejected for punching Thomas, but wasn't, and there were a boatload of other penalties that weren't called--holding, face masks, horse collars, pass interference, you name it. In fact, the only penalties the Rats were flagged for all game were 2 dead-ball personal fouls, so in other words, according to these refs no Baltimore player committed a penalty DURING play today, which has got to be a first in the history of organized football. If the NFL wants to maintain its integrity, it should start suspending crews that do as awful as a job as these morons did today.
bendal The entire defense for making the Baltimore offense look like the Colts in the second half.
naxos DA - bad game again. The Secondary for giving up just way to many big plays.
usmcbuck10 While the defense actually looked pretty good at times, they let the Ravens back into the game. They still don't know how to play 4 quarters.
shrooney The Special Teams gets goathorns as well for not executing an easy FG and flat out missing another. The offense had WAAAAAY too many penalties. Jamal had a nice day but that taunting penalty was idiotic.
alaskanbrownsfan I voted the entire Offense as you cannot have over 100 yards in penalties and expect to be praised...
kodiak Grantham.. what can you say, no lead is safe. The announcers for hanging on stabbin killerman's jock all afternoon. The officiating crew for all the blown, missed calls, and of course the city of crackmore and it's purple team of thugs, felons, and cheap shot artists
apvic grantham please, please, "never" stop being aggressive .. whats up with bodden???? He is getting his ass handed to him lately!!! Anderson needs to settle down... he's starting to look like he has happy feet... a little shaky.. with the protection his line is giving him..he should not look like a cat in a roomful of rocking chairs!!! Andra davis looks like a stiff board.. or should i just say a stiff!!! and the stupid a** penalties!@#$%
yogi8 Andra Davis played the whole game and the only time I hear his name is for missed tackles. This is one of our MLBs? Leon gets a horn because he played in the middle too and did nothing. Bodden needs to pick it up with Wright out, he didn't.
mdawg Anderson's putrid play almost cost the Browns this game just like against the Steelers.
anthonyd I am sick of them playing not to loose. We almost lost again. They go into a conservative shell as if the defense can hold anybody. The defense was starting rattle the QB so the smart thing to do is stop being agressive (I'm being sarcastic). The defense gave up one long play so they stop being aggressive. Whats the difference between giving up a bunch of 10 yard plays every down? What is up with the Refs allowing such dirty play. Nagata should have been out the game. You see other players with late hits and starting fights. The do the same for Pittsburg and the Patriots.
bulldogdad No goathorns to award after such an emotional win - total team effort!
dawgpoundr The defense looked fantastic in the first half, and completely fell apart in the second despite watching most of the first half from the bench. It looks like the D is getting better, but needs to keep going for 60 minutes.
dayton44 Andre...Andra...hey Number 54! Get the hell off my team! Grantham....Michigan State just called. That's Michigan State Technical Institute (approved for veterans) where you can study electronics,criminology,and locksmithing.
wholesaler1972 BE, you CANNOT be dropping those balls! it's the second game in a row you have had some costly drops.
snoopdawgydawg Brian Billick gets a goathorn for, well, for being Brian Billick. He also gets one because he was stupid enough to kick to Cribbs consistently through the game. He never got the hint. And despite his claim that the NFL will likely be sending him a memo for screwing up the game--one thing is clear--the ball went through the uprights. Go Browns!
madelph "We've got the worst defense in all of football...we should sit on the lead!" RAC
iwillpierceyou Seriously, f*** Ngata. His cheapshot on Joe-T was a disgrace to football. It happened less than 5 feet from an official. Just goes to show you how many of these players don't resepct the game, or the players. F*** cheapshots.
jmiller40 Entire D for sleeping to start the second half. Willie McGinnest for being so slow. Ted Washington - Thanks for being inactive
vintage1974 No Goats...It was a team victory!
losangelesdawg Andre look pathetic...and the ref's for not calling the person foul calls against B-more
brownsclown I just don't understand why receivers run wide open in our secondary. Our defense was very good one half, and terrible in the second. Baltimore's inept offense looked unstoppable against us. Very Scary for us in a playoff run.
georgeoscar Grantham is not good.
networkned Only goat goes to the OLine for having so many friggin penalties
goodreason Edwards had 8 catches but should have had more. Anderson threw several balls low. Edwards needs to get down make a better attempt. Take what's there.
jcosu86 Derek: Gotta make better throws across the middle, my man
Defense: Balt halftime adjustment almost cost the game. Cover someone, please?
deathbyeagle F*** Michigan!!!
F*** Lloyd Carr!!!
F*** Chad Henne, Jake Long, Shawn Crable and king of all douches--Mike Hart!!!!

GO BROWNS!! No need to be negative...We won the Game!!!!!!!
buckscobrownsfan DC Gratham needs to go after the season is over. He has gotten worse as a DC each ensuing season even though the talent has gotten better. A 3-4 base D is all about pressuring the QB and playing mon-on tight coverage to force mistakes. Instead Grantham wants to put little to no pressure on the QB and play a soft zone flex D, which can make any QB in the NFL look like the 2nd coming of Otto Graham. He is in over his head. Crennel needs to promote Mel Tucker to DC.

Chudzinski needs to stick with the 1st half game plan instead of going into a shell and playing not to lose in the 2nd half. When you play not to lose you run the risk of losing. If he doesn't change his 2nd half play calling philosophy the Browns will lose several winnable games down the stretch.

Andra Davis is absolutely horrible. He needs to go after the season as well. The Browns need to draft a solid ILB or two in the next draft along with a DE who can pressure the QB and play the run. Phil needs to draft Goff (VAND)2nd rd. and Leman (ILL) 3rd rd. to fill their ILB needs. DE Dre Moore (MD) might fall through the the 4th rd. and would be an improvement at DE for the team.
glousterbrown The refs sucked butt most of the day. I can not believe they allowed the pure rape of Wright by the stabber man. The punch by fatgansta should have had him tossed also
writerdawg I've run out of ways to describe how putrid this defense can be -- or how gutless the coaches seem to become at times by sitting back in that soft zone. Yes, we won. But the first half showed how to play against Boller. Why we stopped doing it requires the services of Jessica Fletcher to solve.
dixiedawg HA. Bruce Arians and his ilk in Pittspuke get one handed to him. Good. I hope it ruins his holiday.
mulekicker3 I was going to give the whole FG unit a goat, the final 3 seconds and OT made that impossible.
zkramp Apparently once you get away with murder you are allowed to horsecollar tackle and facemask on the same play without consequence. Also, why wasn't Ngata ejected? Is this football or streetfighting?
keith322 It was the worst game I've seen Leigh Bodden play. -Line; enough with the penalties! We have greater opportunity for improvement at linebacker than we do at D-Line.
rutger Only one person gets a goathorn and that the ref on the left side under the goal post facing it.. The SOB never even raised his head to look up and see where the damn ball hit.. Come to think of it most of the refs in this game just plain SUCKED!!!!! The whole damn crew get goathorns
bomeister To Art Modell, just for still being alive; refs tried to help us lose by not throwing the latest Ratbird thug out of the game, "Hallowed be Thy de Nada"; refs for calling a well-deserved spike OUT OF BOUNDS as unsportsmanlike conduct after JT gets suck punched; D has to find a way to NOT let punks like Boller look like Tom Brady for almost 2 quarters, the soft prevent defense showed as Ratbirds scored a couple easy TDs on us in 2nd half.
d2hayes Grantham gets goathorns for whatever type of defensive adjustments he didnt make to slow the Ravens offense down in the 4th quarter. Travis Wilson for being a third round bust who cant beat out Tim Carter.
slambar Can I give all 3 of my Goat votes (and my write in vote) to Todd Grantham? His play calling, or lack thereof, has cost us big leads in the second half for the last two games. He calls off the dogs and goes soft, thinking he just has to protect a lead. We had 4 sacks last week and 6 this week, so the ability is there, just not when he backs off.
pitbullterrier Can someone please end the Todd Grantham experiment? The only time our defense is effective is when we put pressure on the passer. This three man rush garbage is for the birds. Get Marty in here to run this defense.
amorbear1 How can Romeo keep Harrison on the bench (or inactive) when he is such a change of pace back? Sorry Romeo, but as much progress as you've made this year you still need to be more open minded about some of the personnel.
gelsingerj I thought you were supposed to get thrown out of a game if you throw a punch?
iupuiguy82 Defense fell apart...and Anderson cant throw to an outside shoulder...Edwards now has rocks for hands...
ccdawg49 Chud, too conservative again in the 4th, blowing the 13-point lead. Grantham for giving up the 13-point lead. Pontbriand - bad snap cost us a FG attempt.
29turner How in the hell does the ref miss a horse collar AND facemask on the Ray Lewis assault of Wright?!
idrthrbncleve Overheard from RAC during the last drive in regulation "I knew there was a reason I was supposed to keep those timeouts."
number1brownsfan Anderson for "short-arming" several throws and the INT, OL for all those stupid penalties, Bodden for changing his name to "Toast", and a special mention for Dawson. Come on! It's a 35 yard FG!
28stops85 Way too many penalties by the O Line. The whole team has to play better in the 2nd half.
sg2431 Shame on Todd Grantham and defensive "GURU" Romeo Crennel for getting torched by one of the worst offenses of all time. What is going on? When you give up nearly 400 yards of offense to that team, its time to scrap whatever your trying to do. The "vaunted" 3-4 defense shows me absolutely NOTHING. And let's not forget Romeo Crennel. Yes, the team is winning. GOD only knows how.
gilewicz Good night, Art, whereever you are.
nybiggdawg Andra Davis did more dancing with blockers than Fred Astaire. Bad decision by DA on the Ray Lewis pick. Does Daven Holly want to play or not? Looked like a rookie. THAT many false starts by O-Line is unacceptable.
gbeachy50310 Lack of ability to make second half adjustments means that both CHUD and GRANTHAM deserve some horns this week. It has been a consistent problem adapting to the changes the other team throws at us. I hope they figure it out quick while we still have a chance to make the playoffs. Another week or two of this and we are sunk. And horns to the pathetic duo of WILCOTTS/EAGLE -- I thought we were done with pair of losers.
jdailey23 Brian Billick is a c***!
cav50 I suppose i could put the O line for all of those penalties, but we won.
dawgdc Andra Davis can't tackle worth a dime and can't cover worth a damn, so please tell me why is he our starting Middle Linebacker. Leigh Bodden seems to be going through the motions last several games and I don't know if it's an injury or what, but he needs to step up his game for this playoff push. PLAYOFFS!!!! PLAYOFFS!!! LOL!! Phil Dawson for always missing a field goal and always putting us in the predicament that we have been the last weeks. Grantham has the defense playing well in the first half, but GOD the second half sucks!!! Tim Carter for just taking up space!!
1greatscott To many penalties! Very inconsistent play from both sides of the ball.
fairwayseeker DA - can we get the "Good Derek" back? Or is he slowly showing us his real skill levels! TG - after getting such a superb effort in the 1st half, he went back to his cautious safe zones which allowed them to get some rhythm!
dawghowl The OL...dont get me wrong they did a nice job in pass protection and held up well overall. But how many false start penalties did they have? I counted at least 6. Talk about shooting ourselves in the foot and killing drives. Those penalties really cost us in the first half especially, we could of possibly put this game away in the first half without the stupid penalties and turnovers. Bodden and Holley were just terrible in coverage. Time and time again they were beaten and allowed their receiver too much cushion and position to make plays. It really hurt us not having E. Wright in the game I really believe he has become our best corner.
lagreg Braylon quit fumbling, Quinn quit stealing all the chicks and Pete Gilbert Channel 11 Sports Baltimore for an interview at midfield before the game was over ha! ha!


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