OBR News-o-Rama: 11/23 PM

The latest injury news as the Browns hunker down to finish preparations for the Texans.


It will come as "news" to most folks that Eric Wright won't play this Sunday, but no one who has been tracking the OBR or even this blog will be surprised at all.

By the way, it appears that the reports on the OBR and Muni Lot about Wright were accurate. Lane Adkins reported correctly on Wright in the Ask the Insiders forum, and Wright's relatives on the Watercooler forum also told fans what was going on.

Here's the full injury report. The official version has been uploaded to the Muni Lot.

OUT: Eric Wright
DOUBTFUL: Ethan Kelley
QUESTIONABLE: Shaun Smith, Kevin Shaffer, Tim Carter

Wright and Kelley did not practice today. Smith, Carter, and Shaffer were limited.

OUT: Ahman Green
QUESTIONABLE: Charlie Anderson, Kris Brown, Mike Flanagan

Green did not practice. Anderson, Brown and Flanagan all participated in full practice.

The Plain Dealer, Official Site, and Associated Press ran stories about Wright being listed as "Out". Anything else we find tonight will show up on the newswire.


Props to Brian Billick for tying with an inanimate object for Gameball write-in votes from Browns fans this week.

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OBR News-o-Rama: 11/23 AM


I get some credit for the victory of the Ratbirds in the first blog post today, so I think it's the best ever :-)

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Miscellaneous stuff that might be linked to football. Or might not be.

HURTING HAYNESWORTH: When the free agent hysteria about DT Albert Haynesworth starts up in March, keep this in the back of your mind.

YOU'VE WRECKED THE UNIVERSE, WAY TO GO: Apparently, we can destroy the universe just by looking at it. This article actually made my head hurt. If we look at Ray Lewis some more, will that make him go away, too?

BYE-BYE BILLS: Apparently the steadfast fans of the Buffalo Bills  aren't the only ones worried that the NFL's insistence on going international will be via Toronto.

FILE SHARING: It seems the latest push in the (doomed) attempts to quash file-sharing on the Internet is to have governments tell ban 'net access for file sharers. If this turns into a battle between hackers, privacy advocates and pirates against ISPs, I know where I'm putting my money. The only reason the NFL isn't quashing game torrents yet is because it doesn't reduce their sales. As soon as they start re-selling game video via NFL.com, watch out. FWIW, the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry has been officially pwned.

FILE STEALING: One item that flies under radar is the way that some web sites re-purpose sports photographs without compensating the photographers and (often) without crediting the source at all. Here at the OBR, we pay for licenses to use Associated Press and Getty Images for the photos we use, and then watch as other sports sites just steal 'em. Then, of course, they'll rip on the OBR for trying to make money with our subscription services. (sigh). We could be cheaper if we just stole stuff, too, I guess.

MY BRAIN HURTS: I found this article about human morality fascinating, but I hate to think that the better instincts in people are just patterns of neurons firing and learned social behaviors. I know we're just smart monkeys, but pray that there's something more. Oop, oop. I'm going to go pet my dog.


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