OBR News-o-Rama: 11/24

It's Saturday on the Internet, where all the tubes are filled with Happy! And some leftovers, I guess.

Fellow Muni Lot blogger Ace Davis and I were emailing back and forth this morning, talking about how much fun it is to track a winning team. I started my first Browns website back in 1996, and Ace was probably the first Browns fan to blog anywhere on the 'net. We've both got a few years into doing this.

It's almost tough, after all this time, to figure out how to deal with a franchise that is winning now and seems to have an even brighter future. I've been detailing woe and misery for the last eleven years, with only a few brief interludes of optimism. All I can tell you is that I'm having more fun with pro football now than I have had in years.

Fun doesn't always equate to "interesting news", however. There isn't much going on today. Saturday is typically a light news day in any event. Today's stories focus on the injury situation going into Sunday's game (already largely covered here), recent fines levied on Jamal Lewis and Haloti Ngata, and your regularly scheduled game preview articles.

Speaking of Ace Davis, check out his take on the Lewis and Ngata fines here.

Also, I'm getting a chuckle out of how Browns writers continue to point to WKYC's (apparently erroneous) reports on Wright's injury, when the OBR has already provided inside information about the situation which is proving right every step of the way. Of course, Jim Donovan is far more respectable than the OBR, and a better source of info, I'm sure. I know that Browns quarterback David Carr would agree. (LOL, sorry, had to do it).

Here are today's stories, captured and categorized, with lots more available on the Newswire (rss).

Browns Injury Situation
ABJ  Morning Journal  Chronicle-Telegram  Canton Rep  More from last night

NFL fines Jamal Lewis and Haloti Ngata
Plain Dealer  AP 

Browns-Texans Game Previews
OBR  Canton Rep  Houston Chronicle  Official Site  NBC Sports



The Internet it's... it's... full of fans!! Here's what they're saying...

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Week 12 Preview - Mistake by the Lake
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Miscellaneous stuff that might be tied to football. Or might not be.

THE LISTENER LICENSE: As a content producer via the OBR,  I'm forced to see both sides of the copyright and file sharing issues. On one hand, I believe that businesses have to adapt their business models to the new technology. Having a libertarian bent, I'm generally against trying to legislate behavior, especially when the government and most citizens have no clue how an area will evolve. On the other, of course, having folks copy-and-paste our stuff into message boards is like having someone come into your house and rifle through your wallet. One thing I'm sure of is that putting faith in legislatures and corporations to solve the problems is probably misplaced. This dark rant on Mashable rings particularly true. I can't argue with the following sentiment: "When the Government gets involved with enforcement of civil technology and intellectual property laws, things get FUBARed."

TODAY'S GREED-OFF 2007 UPDATE: Sports Business Digest has a nice recap of the carnage. The difference in perspective between the author of that blog and myself is that I've been more impacted personally by the NFL's tendency to strong-arm fans and independent news organizations. As a result, I guess I'm more amused to see the shoe on the other foot, so to speak.

MORE STUFF: Apparently, Darwin doesn't always win...  Interesting discussion of whether steroids made Barry Bonds' head grow bigger. Perhaps it's just grown to accommodate his ego... LSU lost, and if the Buckeyes get into the national championship game, they'll own it because that's what you expect not to happen... More proof that what most people will remember about Ray Lewis is what happened in Atlanta... The difference between how presidential campaigns deal with the media and how the NFL deals with the media is that the NFL wants to make money from the media business itself. Other than that, it's practically the same.

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