OBR News-o-Rama: 11/25 Evening

Post-game links, blogs, and prattling associated with the very, very insane...

The Browns win 27-17 over the Texans at Cleveland Browns Stadium in a game which featured power running and surprisingly strong defense rather than the wide open offenses that we've seen of late.

Of course, if you're reading this blog, chances are that you already know all this. Let's get right to the linking.

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The latest from your favorite disturbingly obsessive, yet still independent and objective, Cleveland Browns website:

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Browns-Texans: Second Half Analysis

More to come later tonight and early tomorrow on the OBR!


Naturally, the newswire is going to get clogged with updates following the Browns game, and there will be the usual side features focusing on Brandon McDonald and Jamal Lewis, most likely.

Here's the first round of game recaps.

Associated Press  Sports Network  WKYC 

Player Side Stories

Edwards (Yahoo!)  Lewis (Off Site)  McDonald (Off Site)



The latest from the greatest fans on earth...

Really on a Run - Ace Davis
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Browns vs Texans Live - Dawg-Pound.net
(I remember trying to update the site from my Treo in the stands back it the day, LOL... I could relate to Ryan in his blogging today).

FROM THE EMAIL IN-BOX (Email: barry@theobr.com)

Simon, a Browns fan living in Belfast, Ireland, wrote and asked that other Myspacers add him as a friend. He needs Browns fans to "friend" him because there aren't many dawgs in Belfast! Simon's Myspace page is at:


We've added you to the OBR Myspace friends list, Simon!

John S. from Wisconsin emailed me with the news that the resurgent Browns have even caused from orange and brown sightings in Packerland:

Less than an hour ago I ran into a Browns' fan at the grocery store.  Do you have any idea how rare that is in Packerland? We talked about this crazy marvelous season and it felt great not to lament, but rather celebrate the success of this unlikely bunch. I choose to interpret that chance meeting as a positive omen on today's game. We resume the battle in an hour and how about this: the game is televised here, a very unusual occurrence.


The NFL Network will take time off from manipulating fans and demonizing cable companies to replay the Browns home victory over the Houston Texans on Monday at 7PM. Those of you who have access to the NFL's latest cash grab - a group that does not include yours truly - can probably put aside your concerns about the NFL's weird desire to pretend that it can "report" on itself long enough to watch.

The rest of us will sleep safely knowing that Jerry Jones refuses to abide by that irritating cease-and-desist order from Comcast. He's a fighter for the people, that Jerry.


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