OBR News-o-Rama: 11/26 AM

Weirded out? Awakening to find the Browns grasping a playoff spot? Join the club...

Browns fans awake to find their team 7-4, and in possession of the second wild card spot if the season were to end today. Meanwhile, the Baltimore Ratbirds join the Cincinnati Bungles three games behind in the AFC North.

Life, as they say, is good.


John Taylor was up until the wee hours trying to keep up with the flood of Browns news hitting the much-imitated, never-duplicated OBR Newswire. Lots more will be showing up on the wire throughout the day.,

As expected, what you get today consists mostly of game recaps/notes, and side features on individual players, with Brandon McDonald, Jamal and Kellen Winslow taking center stage after their heroics on Sunday. Here's the latest, categorized as usual for easy consumption.

Game Recaps
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K2 Man-Love
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Jamal Lewis
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Brandon McDonald's Big Day
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Lots more from last night's News-o-Rama...



Apparently a lot of Browns fans got stuck in nasty traffic on I-71 heading back to Columbus due to nasty weather in Medina County. Hope all the Browns fans made it back home okay... Listening to "Mike and Mike" on the radio this morning, it was clear neither of the hosts actually saw any of the game, as Mike Golic was falling all over Derek Anderson, who wasn't really the story of the game... The way that Kellen Winslow was snatching the ball out of the air yesterday won't come as a surprise to anyone who has watched training camp practices. There's just something about the way he yanks the ball out of the air that grabs your attention...

Another article about how important Albert Haynesworth is to the Titans. He might look good in a Browns uniform, but we'll wait until the off-season to pursue that in earnest... The Texans are ruing lost opportunities against the Browns, blaming themselves for losing the the game. Both teams missed out on potential big plays during the game, showing that the Texans and Browns are still short of the best NFL squads...

MORE STUFF: The New York Post has figured out that the NFL is to blame for the NFL Network mess and games being yanked away from fans. Welcome to the Greed-Off 2007 party, Phil Mushnick... Get better, Juan Lara...


FROM THE EMAIL IN-BOX (barry@theobr.com)

"I'm a long time visitor to your site and a long time listener to the podcasts.  I've lived in Southeast Asia for almost twenty years, and I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do.  Because of the OBR, I know more and am more up to date on Browns happenings than my little brother who lives in Dayton.  Keep fighting the good fight!

Also, can you believe this season!  I've been so pessimistic and cynical for so long that I'm having a really difficult time reconciling the Brown's performance with reality.  Having said that, its been incredibly fun in a hallucinogenic kind of way.  I just hope I don't wake (sober) up.  Five games to go, and now in spite of myself, I'm starting to let thoughts of the playoffs creep into my consciousness.

Enough of that already; send my regards to Fred Greetham and all your colleagues."

- Tim, Singapore

Thanks for the email, Tim. This is a fun time to be a Browns fan, as the team is finally rewarding those of us who have stuck with them during all those dark years.

I remember when we first started really focusing on doing Browns news via the web when the team returned in 1999 (prior to that, the site was focused mostly on mocking Art Modell - a rich subject for parody, but one that was simply too easy).

When we first started getting web site stats, it was amazing to see where the hits were coming from... Browns are truly all over the planet. Last night, I heard from a Browns fan in Belfast, Ireland and this morning read your email from Singapore, on the opposite side of the planet. We have a lot of visitors from the Armed Forces stationed in Iraq and elsewhere.

When we started this thing, it was mostly to have fun and snag the occasional free beer. That's worked out alright, and if we can help Browns fans around the world feel closer to their team, well, we'll take that as well. This internet thing is good for something, I guess. GO BROWNS!!


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