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The latest on Browns getting famous for good reasons and Pittburgh being Pittsburgh...

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RAC gave the players off Monday, as he usually does after a win (and even some losses), so all that's going to come out of Berea are stories which spin off of his usual innocuous comments. There's no media available on Tuesday, so don't expect much in the way of news throughout the day.

Here's an item that flew under radar, for the most part: the Browns had another player snagged off their Practice Squad. This time is was big Richard Angulo, who was snatched by the Jacksonville Jaguars. Further signs that the Browns roster is improving, and that there's high regard for bottom-of-the-roster players being acquired by Savage. 

Jamal Lewis is Back!
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WTF? The Defense Getting Better?
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Cardinals Coming Up
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From a Browns Press Release: Lift Up America and the Cleveland Browns are teaming up with Tyson Foods, Inc. (NYSE:TSN) to help bring the gift of food to the area's less fortunate on Nov. 27, 2007. Players will be on hand to help unload a truck containing more than 30,000 pounds of protein products to be distributed among hunger relief agencies in the Cleveland area. The event will be held at the Cleveland Browns Stadium at 100 Alfred Lerner Way at 10 a.m., beginning with a press conference followed by the food distribution.   Browns' players scheduled to participate are: FB Charles Ali, K Phil Dawson, DE Simon Fraser, LB Antwan Peek, DE Chase Pittman, S Brodney Pool and WR Syndric Steptoe (subject to change).


Some good stuff in the blogosphere today. Not to single anyone out, but Ace Davis' poking fun at Mo Carthon's bio on the official Arizona Cardinals site, Brian Tarcy's usual hilarity (plus an epic blast at Greed-Off 2007), and the DZ's neutron bomb on the Plain Dealer's sports commentary are all worth a look.

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I'm sure the grass would grow better if they didn't leave cars "Weun gyun fix up right sumday" on it... Then again, what sort of vegetation actually flourishes under those smog-filled skies? They're lucky to grow algae on the stuff in that place.

Way to represent, Pittsburgh.

What a mess. The only way Yinzburgh could improve on things is if someone flushed a bag of pork rinds down the toilet during a Kenny freaking Chesney concert and caused a humongous backup that flooded out the stadium. Oh, wait. Nevermind.

OTHER STUFF: BigDaddy79 posted a recap of The Point After in the forums... Speaking of the forums, there are a bunch of Browns fans who will be at the Cardinals game shouting out to each other via a thread in the Cooler... I still remember with some tension how enamored Butch Davis was with Sean Taylor during the draft. Fortunately he was gone one selection before we picked TE Kellen Winslow.

Apparently the folks at The Big Lead aren't familiar with Cormac McCarthy, but my guess is that they wouldn't like the book either. I'm not sure "a cool gun" is what McCarthy was going for there. Anyhow, I still haven't seen No Country for Old Men, but plan to as soon as my wife and I get a free evening. Like a lot of Americans, we both work two jobs, so free time is hard to come by...


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