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Today's news from Berea circled around comments made by Romeo Crennel and Phil Savage during media availability time, which Fred Greetham reported on earlier today. Other than that, there's some reaction to the passing of Bill Willis from the team and players, a couple of Cardinals previews popping up, and some miscellaneous stuff.

JT has linked a couple dozen stories that have shown up since this morning on the newswire (rss).


After getting RB Chris Barclay and TE Richard Angulo snagged off their practice squad over the last week, the Browns had two spots open, which they filled, oddly, with a running back and a tight end. Kory Chapman, from Jacksonville State, lands with the Browns after having bounced around the NFL since 2004, and Jonny Harline, who was on the practice squad a couple of tight ends ago, returns for an encore.

Check it out - we actually have a Practice Squad / IR page where you can see who's getting the daily meal stipends associated with near-rosterliness.


Six Browns players didn't participate in practice today, as Braylon Edwards, Ethan Kelley, Orpheus Roye, Kevin Shaffer, Robaire Smith, and Eric Wright sat out. Edwards has a hamstring, and the rest all have knee problems. Antwan Peek also has a knee problem, but was able to participate in practice to a limited extent.

For the Cardinals, DT Ross Kolodziej didn't participate in practice and is designated as "Out" for this weekend's game, saving us from having to hear his name mispronounced by TV announcertards on Sunday. Frankly, I don't even know where to start pronouncing that name. I get through "Kolo" alright, because it sounds like "co-lo", which is similar to "co-location", a type of web hosting. So, I'm good through the first four letters, but then it all goes south in a hurry.

S Adrian Wilson is also listed as "Out". If that isn't enough, S Aaron Francisco and WR Jerheme Urban didn't participate for the Cardinals, WR Larry Fitzgerald was limited, and QB Kurt Warner was complaining about his left elbow hurting but they made him practice anyway.

If you wish to briefly experience the glamorous life of a scambling independent publisher of a niche website and magazine, you can gaze your eyeballs on the original injury report, straight from the NFL and uploaded into the Muni Lot in the nearly universal document format called "PDF". Suitable for framing. Or for briefly looking at and then discarding.


The Browns have named Gary Baxter as the team's recipient of the Ed Block Courage Award, given out each year to players who exemplify the "qualities of courage, compassion, commitment and community". Or, during the 1999-2000 seasons, refraining from slapping around Chris Palmer.

Here's the press release from the team, which I personally, and with great care, copied-and-pasted into the Watercooler.

All I have to say is "Lee Suggs in 2004? Really?".

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Bo knows killing stupid animals with high-velocity projectile weapons. For those tracking at home, the bear was armed with no projectile weapons of any sort, not even a bazooka, but he did have razor-sharp claws of death, which he was using to eat grubs and berries... Wow, is that Michael Wilbon, really? Sure sounds like him...

As a member of the Pro Football Writers Association and a erudite composer of poorly constructed sentence fragments in the serious world of sports journalism, it's with no small sense of pride that I can announce that Erin Andrews has been named Playboy's Sexiest Sportscaster. I know every one of her colleagues is very, very proud. Jillian Barberie also placed, thanks to her thrilling expose of that "cold air coming down from Canada"...


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