Browns-Texans: Gameballs and Goats

A workman-like victory means fewer goathorns, muted gameballs, and lower life insurance premiums....

The Week's Results: The Browns had a rarity this week: a workmanlike victory. While grinding out a victory on the ground is good for everyone's blood pressure, it doesn't inspire a lot of enthusiasm for handing out gameballs and goats. **Yawn**, the collective Browns Nation said, "I guess Brandon McDonald did well", and couldn't even get fired up about handing out any goathorns. A couple more Sundays like last one, and my life expectancy might run further out than five years. 

Player Gameballs
Brandon McDonald 136
Kellen Winslow 106
Jamal Lewis 79
Derek Anderson 24
Offensive Line 15
Entire Defense 15

GAMEBALL WRITE-INS: Sorensen had a game saving tackle on ST, Mel Tucker, "Good Derek", Gus Johnson, The Dolphins, Home field advantage, Old McDonald's Farm, for letting him quit farming and try out da Foosball, "The Two Guys at the game with Clifford Charleton and Mike Junkin Jerseys. Classic", Derek Anderson's Laser Rocket Arm, Sunshine, Me, "All you Browns fans out there", Brodney Pool's Eric Turner Impersonation, AJ Feeley.


Player Goathorns
Dave Zastudil 44
Darnell Dinkins 43
TV Announcers 19
Willie McGinest 9
Leigh Bodden 9

GOATHORN WRITE-INS:  Baltimore Ratbirds, Porno's negative comments in this really fun season, No one, Art Modell, "Bad Derek", Arielthunder's cable company, Dude who turned in Moohead, NFL for monopolizing and being money hogs, Patriots and Bill Belichick, Whoever scheduled Steve Tasker for the Browns game, Brian (lost again) Billick, Art Modell (old uniforms reminded me of that snake), Gary Kubiak, The blade of grass that tripped Leigh Bodden, Bruce Arians, Steely McBeam, "No goats today, I am Thankful!", Bodden's shoelaces, Brady Quinn's agent, The turf at Heinz Field, Joey Porter, The City of Pittsburgh


Fan Comments
chowdogg Robaire Smith sack and dance was cool
DA managing the game well
J Lewis 2 great games in a row
puyallupbrownsfandan While the stat sheet did not show it, I thought both Wimbley and Peek as well as old man McGinest all looked very active today. Jacksons 12 tackles are not to be overlooked. Does Andre Davis still suit up for us??
saurus Thanks Cinici for clearing up the wildcard race!
tomahawkdawg Brandon Mac for a breakout game, KWII; another 100 yard game, and the defense actually came to play today. DQ, way to come off of the injury and perform. 12 tackles and a pick!
confuseddog This Oline is SMASHMOUTH!
thennie The fans get one for giving us a home-field advantage at CBS.
parrothead Daven Holly: Didn't see much of him, which says a lot for a cornerback.
Brandon McDonald: Wow! Texans had to think they could pick on him... they paid.
Kellen Winslow: Pro Bowl bound.
Grantham, et al: Your guys did great.
katdawg Okay, I'm awarding a gameball in advance. But I really, really, really want to award one to the Fins for tomorrow.
gilewicz Had to single out MacDonald but the entire defensive secondary deserves some recognition.
jasoncheatham I say when Wright returns, put Bodden at nickel and start McDonald and Wright. The new Top Dawg and Minni!
rochdawg Could use about 6 or 8 gameballs today. Honorable mention to Winslow,The O-Line,Edwards and Anderson!
crapchesterdawg Grantham and the defense for playing more man coverage!! Bringing back the Dawg Defense!!
alaskanbrownsfan Where has McDonald been hiding!!!
lagreg - Brandon Mcdonald had an interception Eee I Eee O!
- Wimbley fought through double teams and still got pressure!
- Gonzales is not going to the Pro Bowl this year - K2
bulldogdad Brandon McDonald: welcome my friend! Jamal Lewis gives notice he's going to be a huge factor in the smashmouth month of December. BP's big hit inside the 5 on that pass was a pivotal moment in the game. Writing in the O-line for improving in the run game, and the D-Line for improving in it's ability to bring pressure. So long Ted, thanks for the mammaries...
bomeister McDonald was awesome as a rookie fill-in, 4 passes defended, INT, and pressure on WR from TaxAss all day long; good all around job, entire 60 minutes, all 3 squads today, nice to see Shaun Smith play through injury and get a sack, nice to see D'Qwell get his 1st INT, it's like Christmas with so many good things going on with this team
zoso197 Was hard to pick only three this week
iwillpierceyou A round of gameballs on me. Even though this may have been the most boring Browns game so far this season, it was Fan-Freakin-Tastic.
dixiedawg Hard hitting game all around, proud of the D for showing up. KWII is sick good.
zkramp For yelling until I lost my voice to make the Texans false start.
losangelesdawg The defense really stood up yesterday and deserves recognition...maybe it was the system, maybe we finally got the d-line we expected, but whatever the reason...good job...attaboys to McDonald and Winslow....outstanding games by both
glousterbrown Lots of good choices this week but McDonald is the game MVP IMO
magoothemutt Talk about stepping up! Brandon McDonald was THE man.
betterhands I knew Winslow could perform like this, but the fact that he's been taking the hits he has and still makes it onto the field every Sunday is awe-inspiring.
dawg4life75 B/C he made the tackle on special teams that would have resulted in six points and he caught the onside kick at the end of the game. Otherwise special teams stunk!
browndawgsteve B. McDonald - What an excellent job he has done the last couple weeks. No small task with the matchups he had this past week. Another great find
Winslow - Hard to imagine a player in the NFL with better hands. He catches everything with his hands and usually in traffic. Amazing talent
jamal Lewis - Really has run hard the last 2 weeks. May have lost a step but man would I hate to try an tackle him when he hits the hole, he is a load.
Oline - What can be said about this line. Tucker is really helping and they will only get better.
vadawglb I hope this was first of many great games for McDonald. Lewis gave us the rushing threat that we have been missing, now if he can do more consistently. Winslow continues to show the NFL that he is one of the best TEs in the game.
yogi8 Gotta give the rook his due, McDonald. GBs also for the entire D and the HMFIC! Great Win!
olomoust Give a gameball to the dominant 4th quarter running game
gbeachy50310 McDONALD earns an obvious gameball for great DB play and special teams effort. ANDERSON for another game of solid (but imperfect) play (68.5% completion rate, 2TDs, 1 INT) -- he's continuing to learn and grow. An a final gameball to the overall DEFENSE for a solid performance.
dawglberbarb not enough gameballs.
keith322 D Line played their best game this year
jdavis KW2 - unbelievable; McDonald - great performance, hope it's a sign of things to come; Joe Thomas - the fact that he allowed a sack reminded me that he hasn't allowed any others all year, and that's awesome for anyone, especially a rookie.


Goat Comments
Fan Comments
chas dawg Romeo Crennell gets a goathorn for his player evaluation. First it was Charlie Frye, then Jerome Harrison, next Ethan Kelley and now Brandon McDonald. Why can't he see talent when it's right in front of him?
barrymcbride Ratbirds get a goathorn for barging into the replay booth last week to yell at officials.
chowdogg DA critics need to watch the games and enjoy them
puyallupbrownsfandan I refuse to give out any goat horns as this was a total team win...need more gameballs today!!!!
hegemonic Stop dropping the ball, Braylon...
saurus Sean Jones for hitting the RB straight ahead at full speed then riding him "Andra Davis" style 3 yards down field.
tomahawkdawg Gus, you are boring to listen to IMO, Dave Z, not a good day for you. Darnell, you gotta stop being the penalized one on these runbacks.
clockwork I gave the Patriots and Belichick Goat horns just cause I don't like'em and I can. HA ha.
confuseddog Steve Tasker BLOWZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
katdawg What is up with our fans starting the game as slow as the team does? After all of that drinking in the Muni, you'd think they'd start out loud and proud. Come on, folks!
jasoncheatham Travis Wilson for continuing to not be able to "man up" and play ahead of Tim Carter.
rochdawg Sorry for Grantham being the only Goat. Did not like the soft defense played after we went up 27-10.
crapchesterdawg No goats, another big Home win!!
lagreg - Vickers put your head down and get one lousy yard!
- Dinkins Doink!
- Art Modell still sucks (old uniforms reminded me of that snake)
tpostdawg None - a complete win.
bulldogdad No goats after this overall solid team effort, although I quibble that the offense needs to clean up the illegal procedures and shifts.
munilotmadness Can we get some people to actually fill the stands? How can you not want to show up to these games when we haven't lost since the first game?
bomeister Art Modell (just for still being alive the little East coast prick); Why do we continue to waste a roster spot on Kenny Wright, Travis Wilson and Tim Carter??
zoso197 I don't have any, solid all around performance
iwillpierceyou Nada. Zilp. Zilch. Zero.  How effen cool is that?
dixiedawg Tough to find Goats in an impressive win, but Dinkins needs to taken off special teams and put on waivers, while Zastudil had a crappy game punting. And Bruce Arians sucks.
zkramp Nobody really played bad. Solid team effort.
losangelesdawg Nobody stood out(which is a good thing), but I had to pick someone so here you go Dinkins and Zastudil....
glousterbrown Z is the only player to have a really bad game IMO
magoothemutt That Subway commercial with Quinn is awful.
betterhands Why did we trade for Tim Carter? Droughns coulda been a backup here instead of NY.
dawg4life75 He stinks! Bring back Playa!
browndawgsteve Dave Zastudil - Maybe he is stil hurt, but has not been the same since he was sidlined with an imjury.
Phil Dawson - I'm sorry I know he had a great week last week as far as field goals go but alot of players can make field goals. The kickoffs are unacceptable We can only have One K on the team and I would like once that could offer a little more.
Todd Grantham - D has come along last couple weeks but our blitz packages are picked up by everyone. Is it the talent or are we just that terrible doing it.
Willie McGinest - Coach on the field but man has he lost a step and we are in need of an every down LB.
vadawglb What was wrong with Zastudil, 27 and 28 yard punts?

Phil has got to go. I have said this since before the season started. He just isn't the same kicker he was a few years ago.
mulekicker3 Tougher to give out goats today than in a long time
yogi8 only Zastudil gets a Goathorn. Needs to punt better, bad weather will be coming and we need the advantage he can give us.
swalidawg Who's bright idea was it to play four high school games and a college game on Heinz Field before a huge rainstorm and a stoolers game on Monday night? Seriously, Sierra Catholic and company couldn't have played anywhere else?
gbeachy50310 NOBODY gets a goathorn this week -- solid performances in all phases of the game against a team who desperately needed a win and had the talent to come here a deliver a whupping.
keith322 Phil Dawson's kickoff out of bounds and Dave Zastudil's short punt obviously weren't good.
jdavis I'm only giving 2 goats this week: Dinkins - thank you for your weekly morally crushing penalty; Gus Johnson is a flaming a$$hole and is one of the worst play-by-play guys in sports.



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