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Two primary themes emerged from yesterday's media availability, which amounted to Romeo Crennel's discussion with the media mob, as well as some locker room time with players.

The first theme is how the Browns are adapting to increased attention from the bandwagoning national media which about three months ago was busy labeling the Browns as one of the worst teams in the league. Romeo Crennel appeared on ESPN's Mike and Mike radio program on Wednesday, and said he didn't really thrive on those sort of experiences. Coverage: ABJ  Chronicle-Telegram  Tribune-Chronicle  Plain Dealer  Canton Rep

The Browns offensive line has been the engine of the team's improvement in 2007. The way that the NFL works, though, is that the vast amount of attention is lavished on the quarterback and head coach (in good times, and bad). As a result, it's good to see a lot of local coverage of what is, in my opinion, the real story of the Browns improvement in 2007. James Walker's story in the Columbus Dispatch is excellent. Coverage: Chronicle-Telegram  CBus Dispatch  Dispatch 2 (Joe Thomas)

Also worth a look-see: Marla Ridenour's article on Jamal Lewis' change of tone about staying in Cleveland next year, and Jeff Schudel's take on the improvement in the Browns defense.

FWIW, we still have occasional outages of the wire when it starts getting slammed by users. I think I've figured out some technical patches around this, but need to get a bit of free time to implement them. In the interim, one way to avoid traffic jams is to subscribe to the RSS feed and get new links delivered to you throughout the day. After over a year using it, I still love Google Reader as a way to track news feeds.


We've posted last night's radio program, an action-packed two hours of sheer sports radio brilliance, into the OBR's Muni Lot. Competing with the Cowboys-Packers game and the host's incompetence, the gang wound up talking, yes, about the Cleveland Browns. We needed more Browns fans to bail us out of oru weak show prep, so we threatened to breathlessly talk about fantasy teams and VH-1's Greatest Child Stars countdown unless we got more emails and phone calls. The threats worked, and helped to create yet another radio broadcast that deserves to burned into the cerebral cortexes of all of mankind.

It's posted in the Muni Lot, one of three different Cleveland sports podcasts from yesterday captured in the OBR's hidden dark underbelly.

The Muni Lot is happy to announce the addition of our third podcast... You can now subscribe to Moohead Radio via the Lot. Moohead puts on a very slick web radio broadcast each day, which you can catch live from 5-6PM at Moohead Radio.


Sitting out yesterday's practice: Braylon Edwards (hamstring), Ethan Kelley, Orpheus Roye, and Eric Wright (knees). Participating in a limited fashion: Antwan Peek, Kevin Shaffer and Robaire Smith... The Cardinals injury report was unchanged from Wednesday afternoon... 2005 draft pick DeMario Minter has been added to the Arizona Cardinals practice squad... The original injury report from the NFL has been uploaded to the Muni Lot's download area... DB coach Mel Tucker's name is getting dropped as a potential candidate for the Washington State head coaching job...


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The latest scrap between bloggers and mainstream media is taking place down in Tampa Bay... ESPN is busy hiding more stuff (scramble, scramble)... Some consider the poor screening of questions during the CNN/YouTube debate to be an indictment of new media... I'm a gullible moron, but I get a kick out of all the marketing effort going into Cloverfield. After all this, the monster better have sharp claws, a grumpy demeanor, and be scarier than the bear that Bo Jackson killed with a high-velocity projectile weapon... Do you enjoy not watching the Big 10 Network and NFL Network? Then you're going to love not watching the SEC Network!

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