OBR News-o-Rama: 12/01 AM

The latest from the newswire. Yeah, we're getting all defensive today.

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On Fridays, the team allows the press to talk to one of the coordinators. This is in response to the media's request for access to assistant coaches, which was basically off-limits during the first two years of the RAC era. Yesterday, Todd Grantham spent some time talking to the media, which means that today's newswire is full of stories about the team's defense.

We have a transcript of Grantham's press conference available in our always beyond-cool Ask the Insiders forum for subscribers.

Here's a sampling of what's on the wire:

Canton Rep - Grantham sees progress with his unit
ABJ - Special-teams play gets rookie noticed
Official Site - Warner has Browns' respect, attention
Warren Tribune-Chronicle - Warner admires Anderson's success
Lorain Morning Journal - Roye's knee injury could leave defensive line thin
Elyria Chronicle-Telegram - Browns' secondary expecting tough test against Cardinals
The PD - Brodney Pool and defense coming on strong

One thing cool about being part of a network is that we have connections in pretty much every NFL city, so we can lay our hands on most of the interview transcripts for the Browns and their opponents. Here are some more transcripts available in ATI:

Grantham-11/30  Crennel-11/29  Warner-11/28  Wisenhunt-11/28  Browns Players-11/28  Savage-11/28  Crennel-11/28


I find this article in the Chicago Tribune absolutely amazing. Not so much because of the notion that Derek Anderson will soon make a lot of money, but rather because Dan Pompei actually seems to think that Anderson's $380,000 per year are pauper's wages. Pompei talks of Anderson's hard life: "He lives in an apartment near the Browns facility. He and his wife own one car. They walk to the movie theater."

I dunno, Dan. Maybe I'm out of it, or have just gotten used to being poor, but $380K still seems like a decent freaking salary to me. I'm pretty sure I could buy a house and a second car with it, and even afford gas so I could, you know, drive to the movie theatre.

(Rolls eyes, moves on).


The West Siders Browns Backers of Columbus will be getting together at the Frontrow Sportsbar on West Broad street at 3PM Sunday... If you're a Backer groups and send me an email to barry@theobr.com or a Myspace invite via our Myspace page, we'll use the awesome pimping power of the News-o-Rama blog to let folks know about your event.


Browns at Cardinals Preview - Mistake by the Lake Sporting Times

No Easy QB Solution, Or Is There? - Cleveland Sports Authority

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More stuff that might be tied to football. Or might not be.

The results from the Venus Express probe have started to arrive. It turns out that the planet Venus is really freaking hot. No, really. The message here is "we're really lucky" with the whole liquid water thing. Now go rake the leaves.

Speaking of Myspace, apparently some of the alleged killers of Sean Taylor have themselves Myspace pages which don't exactly paint them in the most positive light.


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