OBR To Attempt Stupid, Radical Live Coverage

A newly updated Live Blog combined with the infamous OBR chat room??!? Impossible! Click here to follow the game with Browns fans from around the world!

We're going to try some new stuff today, and we would love to see if folks enjoy it.


I've been using Twitter for the Live Feed during games, but have come up with something that I hope is even better. Namely, combining a much-improved Live Feed and the OBR Chat Room into a single page.

The new Live Game page will allow us to live blog the game in a way that allows for photos, links, live polls, and even a little canned video during the game. You can comment back into the live feed and it will be available after the game as well.

At the same time, we'll have the chat room up and running.

liveblog.jpg picture by TheOBR


Moohead and I are going to try to do a live video post-game show. Moo's been doing his thing after the game for many years now, and we'll be trying tonight to see if we can integrate the webdork live from OBR World Headquarters via some cool new webcam technology.

Why do you need to attend these two events?

Because it's seat-of-your-pants independent journalism that will likely fly apart in hilarious and memorable ways, that's why. We're going to give these things a try and see how they work. You can at least have this around for the "Remember when those idiots tried..." moments in the future. Ah, yes.

Anyhow in-game and post-game internet coverage that we're trying to make cooler. Give it a try!

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