Jeff Biletnikoff isn't entirely pleased with the team's effort against the Cardinals



I predicted it weeks ago but it doesn't make it any easier. The better team rolled into the desert and got buried in it.

Nice choke job Cleveland.

Four turnovers and two REALLY stupid penalties.

What was Leigh Bodden thinking in the first half when he kicked the ball? Leigh, you aren't David Beckham. If you have soccer dreams either quit the Browns or wait until the end of the season. That turned a stopped drive into a TD march for the Cardinals.

Derek Anderson. Think you're going to tendered at the highest offer playing like that? The Browns might give up a first and third rounder just to have a team take you off their hands.

Where are you throwing the ball? Those two interceptions were DUMB and as far as the fumbled exchange on the snap, it just shows me that your head wasn't in the game.

Simon Fraser. McFly. HELLOOOOO. McFly. With under two minutes to go, no timeouts left, you're down by six on the road.


In spite of Derek Anderson's, Simon Fraser's and Leigh Bodden's best effort to will the Browns to defeat, can you believe they actually had a chance to win at the end?

That shows you how bad the Cardinals are.

I think that's what hurts most about this loss. In spite of the boneheaded turnovers and penalties, Cleveland was in the game right up to the end.

No magic for Cleveland this week though. They didn't deserve it. Good playoff-caliber teams peaking at the right time blow teams like that out of their home stadium. Not Cleveland. They played to the level of their competition.

Congratulations Cleveland. Instead of controlling your own destiny you now have dropped back in the race for the wildcard.

Can the Browns still attain a wildcard berth? Sure. Is it likely if they play like that the next four games? I think you know the answer.

On another note, this day was made sweeter by a contingent of Steeler fans that showed up at the bar to pound and scream for every negative Cleveland play. Isn't enough they've beaten the Browns every season since 2003? Haven't they had plenty of success with lots of deep runs into the playoffs and a Super Bowl title? Apparently not.

They just can't stand that Cleveland is having ONE halfway decent season. I finally had to get out of the bar and listen to the rest of the game on the radio.

I guess it's not enough for Steeler fans to win all the time. They can only be happy when the Browns are losing all the time too.

Another performance like the one in the desert and there's going to be plenty of beaming Steeler fans the rest of the season.

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