Berea Report: Mistakes Doomed Browns

The day after the Browns lost 27-21 to the Cardinals, it's still clear the loss was self-inflicted. Fred Greetham was at the Browns training facility in Berea and got head coach Romeo Crennel's reaction to Sunday afternoon's events...

BEREA - Not even 24 hours after the dust had settled on the Browns loss to the Cardinals, the loss was summed up the same way.


The Browns committed at least 14 mistakes that contributed to their six-point loss. They had 10 penalties that accounted for 77 yards and they committed four turnovers that turned into 21 of the Cardinals' points.

Romeo Crennel didn't mince any words in his assessment Monday.

"We lost a game that we didn't play well enough to win," he said. "The disappointing thing is that it came down to one play. Turnovers always kill you and we had four and only created one. That was huge.

"We had too many penalties," he said. "We just didn't play smart football. At the end of the game when yards are critical, we get a personal foul. Things like that are disappointing.

"The turnovers and the penalties, that's what killed us," he said. "If we eliminate those, we probably win the game. The game would've helped us. Now, we have four games to go and the next game is on the road. We have to put everything into it."

Here is a quick synopsis of the key penalties and turnovers:

Mistake: Derek Anderson—intentional grounding on first play. Result: Later on drive, threw 71-yard interception to Roderick Hood for touchdown.

Mistake: Anderson throws interception to Hood . Result: Touchdown.

Mistake: Anderson fumbled snap at Browns' 43. Result: Kurt Warner threw to Leonard Pope for a touchdown.

Mistake: Leigh Bodden—delay of game on third-and-four after incomplete pass. Result: First down and Cardinals' turned into second touchdown when would've had Cardinals' stopped.

Mistake: Leon Williams—Holding on Joshua Cribbs' 33-yard kickoff return. Result: Instead of starting on their own 34, they started at the 17.

Mistake: Anderson's second interception by Hood. Result: Browns were driving and in Cardinals' territory.

Mistake: Cribbs collides with Daven Holly and muffs punt. Result: Recovered by Ralph Brown at the Browns' 22. Warner throws touchdown pass to Bryant Johnson.

Mistake: Sean Jones unnecessary roughness on Warner. Result: Automatic first down at the Browns' three when it would've been third down. This set up Johnson's touchdown.

Mistake: Brodney Pool unnecessary roughness penalty. Result: Reception and penalty took the ball from 46 to Browns' 20 on Cardinals' final drive.

Mistake: Andra Davis offsides. Result: Second-and-four penalty gave the Cardinals a first down on their final drive at the Browns' nine.

Mistake: Simon Fraser unnecessary roughness penalty on Cribbs kickoff return. Result: Browns start final drive at their own 18, instead of the 33.

Crennel was optimistic about the Browns bouncing back for this week's game with the Jets.

"We're still in decent position, we just have to play better football," he said. "Nothing is a given. You have to play good every week. If we don't play good, we'll feel sorry. This team has resiliency and I think they'll bounce back. These guys will fight. We just have to be more consistent and not give yards away like we did yesterday."


On not stopping Edgerrin James on the final drive: The Browns allowed the Cardinals to churn more than four minutes off the clock on their final drive, mostly by giving the ball to James.

"We didn't fit where we needed to," Crennel said. "If we were more disciplined, we would have had better success against the run on that drive."

James finished with 114 yards on the day.

On the Rules: DB Leigh Bodden was quoted as saying he didn't know the rules about kicking the football as being a delay of game.

"We talk rules a lot," Crennel said. "The officials are here. We talk about it. If he didn't know that kicking a ball was a penalty, then I did a poor job of letting him know."

On DA's slow start: "There's nothing I can attribute that too," Crennel said. "We were moving the ball but then we turned it over. I don't necessarily fault him on that play. If he were able to make one of those plays early on, it might've not looked as though it was a slow start."

Injury Update: Crennel didn't mention any injuries to come from the game, but did say that he thought DL Ethan Kelley might be back for the Jets.

No Day Off: The Browns had been getting Monday's off, but that wasn't the case after the Cardinals loss. However, players were very scarce in the locker room.

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