OBR News-o-Rama: 12/03 PM

The ripple effects from Sunday's loss ravage the planet. Or at least wipe out a day off...

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After a mistake-filled loss* to the Arizona Cardinals, head coach Romeo Crennel made his charges practice on a Monday. This is the first Monday practice in well over a month, and it's a well-deserved workday after inflicting Browns fans with that mess in Glendale on Sunday.

Media availability was pushed back to 2PM, and reporters found only two or three players in the locker room, so there won't be much in the way of thoughts from them appearing until Wednesday night at the earliest. Players have Tuesday off, although it's a day when the team often makes roster moves.

Coming out of the time spent with Crennel, only the OBR's Fred Greetham and the Official Site folks cobbled together stories this afternoon. Here's what showed up on the newswire since this morning specific to the Browns, including our own stuff:

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* This marks the 493rd time that phrase has been used in the city of Cleveland over the past 48 hours. The 1000th usage gets a free 10% discount card at Marriott Hotels. Happy cliche-ing everyone!


If the Pro Bowl team turns out anything like the Miami Herald says it should, then Browns fans aren't going to be real happy later this year.

Not only does the Herald deny Pro Bowl spots to every Cleveland Browns player other than Kellen Winslow, some of the commentary indicates that they don't even casually consider Browns players at some positions. Braylon Edwards and Derek Anderson are mentioned as also-rans, but that's it.

For example, the author says that selecting Leon Washington of the NY Jets as the Pro Bowl return specialist is a "no-brainer", and doesn't even mention Josh Cribbs. Neither Eric Steinbach or Joe Thomas are mentioned as candidates on the offensive line, placing behind players like Logan Mankins, Jason Peters, and Tony Ugoh.

If the Browns are worried about getting too much respect from the out-of-town media, they can rest their minds.


Things got busy out in the blogosphere this afternoon as Browns bloggers pounded out their thoughts regarding the team's loss in Arizona. By and large, they were unimpressed with the performance, or the officiating.

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Apparently, there was some thought that Steve McNair could still play this season. No can do. Ravens fans will get to enjoy the oft-requested sight of Kyle Boller on their way to the basement... Jeepers! Bill Belichick was apparently a twit even before Mangini ratted him out.


What in the name of all that is frostbitten and filled with delicious grape jelly are you thinking?!? You simply don't say "no" to the NFL! Get it through your thick, yet fiscally responsible, skulls.

Do you really want a rabid Jerry Jones descending on the Twin Cities, seething with anger at your elected officials while pinching the hindquarters of every cocktail waitress in town? Do you have private airstrips capable of receiving Mr. Jones in a properly opulent fashion? Can you ensure that he is not touched by descending snowflakes? Can you serve a glass of 397-year-old Scotch at exactly 42.2 degrees Fahrenheit?

Until you can answer all these questions with a confident "yes", you had better pony up the $700 million or so. And make it snappy.



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