OBR News-o-Rama: 12/04 AM

Just when you thought you saw the sloppiest Monday Night Football game ever, here come the Ravens!

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Between travel-fatigued folks and a minimal amount of new information coming out of Berea yesterday, Browns fans find themselves without a lot of new reading material this morning. Unless, of course, you want to pick at the carnage of last night's Ravens-Patriots poutfest.

The team and those who followed them yesterday engaged in a bit of post-messy-loss navel-gazing, which comprises most of this morning's OBR Newswire. JT continues to pound relentlessly away at the interweb's only 24-hour-a-day hand-crafted Browns linkfest.

Speaking of navel-gazing, here's a lot of lint in there. And, what's this? A old chicken wing? It's probably still good. You check out today's stories - I'm going to keep digging and see if there's a sammich in there somewhere.

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The final quarter of the Ravens-Patriots game devolved into a finger-pointing disaster as the Ravens complained and pouted themselves into what should be a record number of fines over the next week, and maybe even a lawsuit or two.

How Brian Billick could survive as head coach after this mess is mind-boggling. Not only has any reputation he once had as an offensive genius been sacrificed to eight years of laughable offensive futility and broken quarterbacks, but the Ravens are the most undisciplined professional team I've ever laid eyes on.

A veteran linebacker picking up a flag and heaving it into the stands? Nice job.

Orlando Brown says "Hi", by the way. 

Next time you want to make your point, just pick up the first down marker and throw it at fans like a javelin. Sheer genius.

Not only was the team and league embarrassed by the out-of-control pouting, the game raised those annoying "separation of church and state" issues again.

By 8AM this morning, I had already heard one radio commentator postulate that the NFL could have been gaming the officiating because the Patriots final game of the season (where they might be going for historic 16-0 record) has been swiped by the NFL Network.

The hypocrisy here is that the NFL is paranoid about the "purity of the game" where sports betting is involved, avoiding even the appearance of impropriety. Those type of concerns go by the wayside when media profits might be involved, however. This is another reason that I think league-owned TV networks and web sites are the worst ideas, ever.

Owning both the game and the media coverage of it worked out for Vince McMahon, though. So you never know.

I originally thought NFL-controlled media would only be bad for fans-rights issues, but they might help bring down the sports themselves as well. Having a little more coverage in an already media-saturated sport isn't worth threatening the integrity of the sport itself.



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Not to get into overt pimping of a friend's blog, but Ace Davis has been on fire this season. We're proud to have Ace participate in the Muni Lot, as well as the Orange and Brown Report Magazine. Today, Ace looks at what the Browns can to do counter the "cowardly" avoidance of Joshua Cribbs by opposing kickers.

Threw in a Tribe and Cavs related blog entries because it's sort of a light day.

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