OBR News-o-Rama: 12/04 PM

Even without much Browns news, the News-o-Rama must go on!


There ain't none. Really. JT even had to link a story from Chud.com to make sure that the OBR Newswire didn't shut down due to idle time. Page down a couple times to see why. You think this is fun, wait until late May.


We've uploaded the media notes for the upcoming Browns-Jets game to the not-quite world-famous Muni Lot. It's in the incredibly awesome PDF format that Adobe gave to the world out of the goodness of their hearts (and lust for world domination). To download the Media Packet for the game: Click here

We also have the play-by-play gamebook from the NFL for the Browns-Cardinals game uploaded into the Lot. Also lovingly rendered in PDF. Click here.

SUBSCRIBER NOTE: We also have yesterday's transcripts from Eric "I used to be a Berea intern" Mangini and Romeo Crennel beautifully posted in the Ask the Insiders forum by the one and only Adam Caplan. ATI is our top-secret subscriber forum, so consider this a pre-warning that you'll get a screen pimping at you to become a subscriber if you click on those and aren't a subbie.

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We had a global audience for the Live Blog of the Browns-Cardinals game on Sunday, including visitors from Moscow, Japan, Thailand, and Singapore. We even had a chowderhead:

"The Live Blog is the best thing yet that you've done for the east coast" - Brian from Massachusetts.


The ripple effects of last night's oddly-officiated game in Baltimore continue apace. Apparently, the suggestion that the NFL would be inspired to tilt the odds in favor of the Patriots in order to increase the marketability it's own NFL Network has left the confines of AM talk radio and made the print media

I don't know who the Associated Press thinks it is, tugging on Superman's cape like that.

Meanwhile, BuckFigBen posted this new Ravens logo on the Watercooler:

If you don't already have enough conspiracy theories to make your day complete, check out the newest line of thinking about why ESPN loves the BCS so much.



Nothing Browns-related here, either, since this morning. The Muni Lot has this morning's News-o_rama and Ace Davis' thoughts on how to deal with "Cribbs Cowardice" if you didn't hit them this morning.

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Watch out, Minnesota. As soon as Wilf says he will "never move the franchise", crank up a garage sale and see if you can ditch all your Vikings gear.

The Steelers are happy the Patriots beat the Ravens because they want them all for themselves.

Microsoft has wisely pulled back it's software Santa who would chatter about oral sex. I learned as a young coder that folks would eventually find anything that you put into the code

Bloggers will now go after Stephen A. Smith with either pitchfork in hand or tongue in cheek, but he's got a point that worth considering. I see real sports journalism being crushed in a pincer that has league and team-owned media on one side and bloggers on another. Of course, it would help if the real journalists got their stories right before tossing them onto the airwaves.

Has Facebook already jumped the shark? And, if so, why hasn't the phrase "Jump the Shark" jumped the shark?

After reading about the Ravens meltdown on Monday Night Football, I think today's word of the day should be "Schadenfreude".


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