OBR News-o-Rama: 12/05 AM

The latest Cleveland Browns news, harvested from all over the "information superhighway". Remember that? "Information superhighway"? LOL. ROFL. ETC.


Inside linebacker Andra Davis takes it on the chin today from both bloggers and the media for suggesting that playoff and other hype may have taken the Browns off of their game. Maybe there's some validity in that. Unfortunately, the only way to really test it is to lose to the Jets on Sunday and really wipe out the hype.

The Jets, however, are a struggling team despite importing a savior from the Patriots organization, and the Browns go into their second-straight away game as favorites over Eric Mangini's crew. These stories dominate the newswire today. Look for some articles early this afternoon, including coverage of today's session in Berea from the OBR.

Cardinals Loss and Playoff Hopes

Loss doesn't diminish season's playoff hopes - Morning-Journal
Cardinals used run to control game late - Canton Rep
Playoff possibilities anything but secret - ABJ
Browns-Cardinals: Report Card - The OBR
Browns-Cardinals: Joe's Game Review - The OBR

Jets Preview

Browns a Road Favorite Against Jets Sunday - Cleveland Leader
Man-genius another average-Joe coach - Plain Dealer
Tony Grossi scouts the Jets - Plain Dealer

Other Stuff

Browns' Anderson has shown he's a keeper at QB - Chronicle-Telegram
Anderson has seen this cowboy before - Canton Rep
CBSSports.com - Five nominees to stand behind Brady CBS Sports
2008 NFL Draft Watch - The OBR
2008 NFL Free Agents-Running Backs - The OBR


Here's the latest from folks with a web browser, rudimentary-or-better typing skills, and opinions...

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Stuff that might be related to football. Or might not be.

FAU VS. MEMPHIS IS THE STUFF OF LEGEND: Here's one writer's rankings of the college bowl games from best to worst. All 32 of them.

GOOD LUCK, TRIBE: In my eyes, the deal of Willis and Cabrera to the Tigers is just further proof that major league baseball is irretrievably broken. We can all come up with things about the NFL that we would like to change, but at least it's a sport where every team has a chance of competing.

BRISTOL BASHING: "Everyone hates our 12-0 team! Even those nasty people at ESPN!" Give it a rest, Boston fan... Speaking of our friends in Bristol, here's another take on how their investment in the current bowl system could be slanting the coverage of its problems...

MAKE MONEY FAST!!! RUN A SPORTS WEBSITE! For those wondering why the NFL is so restrictive about what independent websites can do, check this out. Major League Baseball parleyed a $5 million per-team investment in official team web sites into a $5 billion valuation in seven years. Not bad, folks. Wow, with that sort of return, and my sports web site expertise, I should be able to land a gig that matches the value I bring to bear. Let's see... (gets out calculator, punches buttons madly)... carry the five... wait... got it: $12.95 a month. That's at least $36.50 if I do some basic lawn maintenance as well. Sweet.


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