Browns-Cardinals: Gameballs and Goats

Browns fans ran out of goathorns after the team's sloppy loss to the Cardinals. But some players, like Braylon Edwards, still got a lot of love...

The Week's Results: After all the mistakes on Sunday, there was no shortage of goathorns to hand out to erring players. Derek Anderson's early pick-throwing got him the most horns, but Leigh Bodden, Simon Fraser and the zebras shouldn't feel left out. On the plus side of the ledger, Braylon Edwards and Kellen Winslow again were the subject of much love by Browns fans.  

Player Gameballs
Braylon Edwards 142
Kellen Winslow 106
Jamal Lewis 33
Brandon McDonald 29
Offensive Line 19
Kamerion Wimbley 16

GAMEBALL WRITE-INS: My Christmas Tree, Sean Taylor (2), Winslow's hands, Reverb and Zipy for having to deal with that live, The beer that helped me through this game, Backers who made some noise for the Browns, Jay Knecht, Grady Sizemore, Orlando Pace, "Nobody deserves any gameballs", All the Browns fans that made it to the game, Louis Leonard (2), Brady Quinn's "Space Cadet" face on the sidelines, "The Ref that tried really hard to have WV play OSU rather then LSU", "Can't single out one person", AFN, "Anyone but Derek Anderson", "No game balls for losers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", "Dave Wannstedt.......finally did something useful".


Player Goathorns
Derek Anderson 165
Leigh Bodden 143
Simon Fraser 72
Officiating Crew 57
Joshua Cribbs 34

GOATHORN WRITE-INS:  The zebras, The 3 Blind Mice, The 70 year old ref who lost the game, Leigh Bodden x 10^42, Zebras were bad on both ends. We just got the last horrid call, Ketchup Field, Pittsburgh, Cardinal fans, "The coaching staff- those penalties are on them, too", The BLIND Ref, Browns spirit of giving (turnovers, penalties), Ernest Byner, The Curse!, Turnovers!, Daven Holly's Leg, "Romeo - he needs to clean up this team's stupid mistakes", Competition Committee for the "force out" rule not being reviewable, Kellen Winslow's Other Foot, The entire team, Doom and gloom Coolerites crowing about their dire predictions afterward, Dan Dierdork, Bruce Arians, "Too many to list individually", "The *&#%$$^^% ref should retire that called that last play", "Turnovers, dumb mistakes, and dan 'tweedy tat' dierdork", "David Modells stash, Phil must have found it!!", Bill Belichick, Dan "Dip****" Dierdork


Fan Comments
roof19 It is a real JOY to watch Winslow!
mulekicker3 Jamal ran very tough in the first half, he looked good. It's too bad the game wouldn't let us run him more in the second half.
dazedawg Thought Chud made some nice game calls -- Two point conversion being the obvious, but there were others, including the fake to Vickers up the middle (and pitch to JLew) on short yardage.
thehollismaniac Edwards played well, as did Winslow. These 2 need to get 16-20 balls thrown to them a game, regardless of coverage. They are that good. Jones made a good interception and has stepped up his game. Wimbley made some good moves and is so close to getting a plethora of sacks.
griz13 Braylon Edwards was awesome again.  Kellen Winslow got jobbed out of the game winner. Good effort though, K2. Awesome. Robaire Smith was a BEAST on that late goal-to-go stand to hold Arizona to a FG. At the end of the day, he did his part.
slapster Jones makes nice grab and he did not kick the ball. Great game by Braylon. Jamal was not used enough.
losangelesdawg Maybe it's because we are expecting too much...this was a "should win" game and guess what....Edwards had a great game and Vickers deserves some recognition
playbrowns Great catch by Winslow at the end, even though he got interfered with and pushed out. BE had another solid game. Robaire is one of the few solid Defensive performers week in and week out. Phil Savage - for making a playoff run possible.
naxos K2 for trying to come up big for us. BE for making great catches again. The D Line for coming up big when it mattered most.
bendal Winslow and Lewis came to play; so did Fraser. No one else did.
hdpakm Please don't hang your heads! Hold your heads up and be proud even if you lose!
manoafats Can't think of anyone earning a gameball after such pitiful performance maybe the entire team including the coaching staff
browndawgsteve B. Edwards - He and Derek are really in tune with one another and he has become an excellent #1.
L. Vickers - Really a good FB. Short yardage, run blocking, pass blocking, catching the ball out of the backfield. He is a solid player that brings many weapons to this position
Oline - Have been good all year. Few penalties and haven't dominated in the run game, but they may also be due to Lewis not hitting the hole like he used to.
Cribbs - I know he fumbled a punt, but he gave the browns good field position all day just due to his presence. How can Welker still be ahead of him in voting.
schehlk Edwards had a great game, Vickers did a good job catching and blocking, and the O line was solid again. If it weren't for the four turnovers... One difference with this year is I didn't throw anything at the TV; I had faith that the team could and would come back. Well almost, they took an entire half to settle down and focus. Maybe this will ground the team and get them to focus from the first snap until the final second. The Defense is getting better, but still have issues. The Browns have a playoff team no doubt. Four more games to get it together. If they get in the playoffs, they have the talent to play against anyone.
dawgpoundr This is one of those cases where nobody really deserves a gameball, but some people contributed less to the loss than others.
caryncbrownsbacker Why does anyone deserve a game ball after this game? I vote NONE of they above
clevelandcraig Old school Browns!
jmiller40 The D line was decent considering all of the injuries.
dirtydave98 You win as a team and you lose as a team. The browns were not ready to play Sunday and nobody deserves a gameball
idrthrbncleve Give it to Harrison -- when you don't play you can't screw up. Romeo certainly proved that this week. Best to keep Harrison out and Wilson out that way they won't screw up, like Carter, Bodden, Pool, Fraser, Davis and the other "Veterans." (sarcasm intended)
cortkdad Edwards was great. 1000 yards in what is actually his first year 'healthy'.
baileysbuck Chud is manufacturing first downs and field position with great playcalling. Our Oline can make a decent QB look good, and a good one look great. Wonder how Anderson and Quinn would look like with last years' Oline.....
jasoncheatham Braylon and Winslow, continue what you are doing, you are bright spots on this team. To Robaire who is definitely our best D-Lineman. Also, to Louis Leonard, for picking up a tackle when Andra Davis pulled and Ostrich maneuver by placing his head face down in the pile and "trying to look the part of a middle LB"
geniusdawg Jamal Lewis for giving us some good runs when we needed them.
Brandon McDonald for continuing to perform well in only his second game.
Brady Quinn, YES BRADY QUINN, for that blank stare in the 4th quarter. "What is DA doing", is the only thing I can imagine he was thinking at that time.
bigdaddy78 Yeah right! No GAMEBALLS. Pathetic performance by all concerned. Reverting back to week one form is not worthy of gameball consideration.
number1brownsfan Winslow gets only gameball for his last play catch, that should have counted. The rest of them team....pathetic.
goopdawg Braylon career high yards, Winslow amazing catch force out at end. Brandon will be starting in front of Bodden if he dont straighten up!!
Dawgalong Wimbley sold out the entire game. Winslow is a man playing among boys. Edwards makes the tough catches.
willy15 Jamal, Kellen, and Braylon continued to put out a lot of effort to win.
puyallupbrownsfandan It was hard not to give Winslow a gameball for even catching that pass at the end....what an amazing player...and kudos to Edwards for going over 1,000 up....KWII has 91 to go
livedoctor I was at the game and saw this squad for the first time live! The Playmakers: Winslow, Edwards, and Lewis are all awesome. Jones/Pool/Shaun Smith/Wimbley/Jackson all have alot of ability!!! Our offensive line was also awesome...
czarayn Why? Are you kidding me!
tomahawkdawg Braylon - Nice to see you go over 1kyds.
KWII - Another strong performance; made the apparent game winning catch.
OL - Great job protecting DA despite facing a very strong ARI D-Line.
AFN - 2 weeks in a row. I'm getting spoiled over here in Japan...
fairwayseeker Difficult choosing Gameballs in a loss!
K2 - gives an all-out effort every week, wish DA could get better passes to him & look for him more often.
B. Edwards - playing as well as expected, thats all we can ask.
D'Qwell Jackson - making himself known among several who are are playing better than earlier in the season.
ritterhe One of these days I'll be able to vote for a defensive player.
brownsbacker Just god awful all the way around.
deathbyeagle Braylon had a good game.
But there were too many mistakes to give an award to anyone else.
rutger Edwards, Winslow, Jurevicius, Lewis and the OL..
buckscobrownsfan The refs should be placed under a microscope. After the NBA debacle it's just the tip of the iceberg. Officiating in every professional sport is rife for trying to throw games and the billions of dollars at stake legally and illegally.
john.varner Jamal is a load. The sad sack defense should watch the effort he gives.
dawglberbarb congratulations to braylon. kellen, you are amazing.
vadawglb No one!!!


Goat Comments
Fan Comments
roof19 I know he is double teamed a lot..but Wimbley has to start getting to the QB
oudawg11 We need 4 goats this week. Anderson for 3 turnovers. Bodden for kicking and getting burned. Pool for his late hit and Simon for his head butt.
mulekicker3 I can't give enough horns to Leigh Bodden. I am furious even thinking about him. Even though the Cribbs muff was huge, he is not perfect, so I'll let him off the hook.
dazedawg Lack of discipline did this team in this game.
thehollismaniac Anderson effed up and lost this game. He rebounded and played well in the 2nd through 4th quarters, but the first 2 drives were horrendous. Turnovers are lethal injection in the NFL. Bodden and Fraser were in a dead heat for the Trojan-Enz Boner of the Week Award. 2 absurdly asinine penalties that cost this team field position and points. This team has vastly improved over last year, and are now in the middle of the AFC pack. Winning games like this will put them in the elite. But first, they must pull their heads out of their rectums.
griz13 DA was careless with the football. These slow starts are starting to get troublesome. Leigh Bodden can kick all the balls he wants if he'll just revert to playing quality corner again. But alas, he isn't. He looks VERY pedestrian. Not cool. Officiating Crew - Inconsistent and stupid all day long. Terrible calls that benefited/hurt both teams. Few things are worse than when officiating is a factor in the outcome of the game. Regardless of how poorly Cleveland played, the refs still factored in the outcome. This should NEVER happen.
slapster Our franchise qb chokes again on the road. I love to kick Leigh Bodden's balls. Fraser needs to be gone.
losangelesdawg Oh how the mighty have fallen....well maybe slipped a bit....
playbrowns I won't be too hard on Cribbs, but I have been waiting on that type of boneheaded decision all year. DA - horrible decision making in the first quarter of road games. This is a trend that needs to stop. Officials blew again. This is a trend that needs to stop.
naxos DA - dug a whole that we couldn't get out of. Bodden - dumb play that cost us points. All DBs for that matter for giving up to much space.
bendal Anderson's three mistakes put the team in a hole they couldn't get out of. Bodden helped out the other side with his stupid kick, and the entire defense rolled over in the second half when it mattered.
rottnmoore After living AZ for years the total lack of class that the Cardinal fans showed aafter the game was an educational experience for my son to say the least, he compared them to Raider fans.
browndawgsteve D. Anderson - That many turnovers is unacceptable and how many times did he throw the ball away when he could have picked up yardage running?
T. Grantham - Say what you will about personnel but with their two WR starters out and a QB that can't afford do be hit, we send little pressure all day. He needs to back the bags.
Defense - Top two receivers out and we can stop them passing all over the field. and a team that couldn't rush for 100 yards against a HS team gets over 100 on us. SUPRISE?????
Officiating Crew - They missed players for and against us all day. These are professional crews and they were a disaster all day.
cecretiree Too bad Mr. Bodden never had the opportunity to play for Coach Vince Lombardi. The latter would have sent the former to the locker room after his temper-tantrum kick of the ball and told to take off his uniform and not put it back on until he learns how to be a professional football player rather than an overgrown spoiled brat!
schehlk I'm sorry, but I would much rather have Northcutt instead of Carter, or even Frisman Jackson. Does the defense even cover Carter? Talking about a non-factor. Tim what are you doing?

Bodden the shut down corner? Is McCutcheon still available? I know Leigh is good and I really like him, but he's had a few games with big plays against him.

Cribbs, just a bad game brother; I know you'll come back. Too bad everyone had a bad game the same day, to much to overcome.
dawgpoundr It looked like everybody was still on the plane during this game. You can't try everything possible to lose the game for 59 minutes and 55 seconds, and then expect a close call to go your way. Let's hope this is a wake up call for the rest of the season.
clevelandcraig No one had their head in this game.
jmiller40 This is only for the 1st Quarter Derek Anderson, the other Derek did okay. Ted for not being on the retired rolls.
dirtydave98 This team, in the playoff hunt, went out and played the game with their heads up the butts. Stupid penalties, turnovers, playoff teams don't make these type of mistakes. AZ is a team that we should have beat. There top receiver was out, there #2 got injuried, they were missing 2 starting DB's. They committed 11 penalties. EJ had only one hundred yd rushing game all year. Now he has two! CB's though and 12 penalties and turned the ball over 4 times. If the CB want to be playing ball in Januaty they need to get back to playing smart turnover free football.
idrthrbncleve Leigh Bodden blew a three and out, after which the Cards scored. The difference in the game was six. Thanks Leigh, love to see that emotion, next time save it for the cops at the airport. (I reallize that's somewhat cruel and cold, but boy that play pissed off me and every Browns fan I know)
fog dawg Stupid penalties by Bodden and Fraser. Anybody know what Dwayne Rudd is doing these days?
jdawgy Tim Carter continues to be worthless. Which makes you think - how bad must Travis Wilson be?
This is the required mindset required to be successful in the NFL. Romeo and the coaching staff are failing in this area. This must improve NOW !!! No reason for the bonehead actions taken in this game.
cortkdad Chicken%$#@ Refs!!! How the hell can KII's catch not be called a forceout. Vertical route along end zone, catch, one foot in, was jumping vertical to sign line, one foot in, other foot forced to miss due to hit by defender. We had bottlegate at CBS so the NFL should have a plan in place by now in case you ahole officials need a quick escape... make the RIGHT frickin' call!!!!
phillybrown How did they get pressure rushing 3? How were we unable to get pressure rushing 5?
srunn49 The officiating crew was almost as bab as the bottlegate crew of a few years ago
baileysbuck Dumb penalties are killer. Bodden, Pool and Fraser are symptoms of a disease called LOD - lack of discipline
clevthom DA's worst so far. Let's not make it a trend.
jasoncheatham To DA, Bodden, Fraser, and Andra Davis...who collectively cost the Browns the game. DA with your continued stupid throws and Jekyll/Hyde persona, to Bodden with the Beckham-like kick (it seems now you believe your own hype as one of the best cover corners in the game), to Fraser (shows why you didn't graduate, even from tOSU), and to Andra Davis (Hope you replacement comes soon, because my grandmother tackles better than you, and she is confined to a wheelchair)
kahoondawg Why is it this team begins so many games like they just got out of bed and haven't had their morning coffee yet? The staff needs to do a better job of covering all the "little things". You know, like kicking a loose ball, head butting, pushing a player down out of bounds, etc, etc.
mikehey Anderson is not worth resigning him. tender him and hope someone will sign him. so that the browns can get draft picks to fix the defense
geniusdawg Brady Quinn's blank stare in the 4th quarter said it all, "What was DA doing in there???".
shrooney So many stupid plays and unforced errors. The head butt, the kicked ball, shove out of bounds, the picks, the fumbles - ugh Scary part is we still almost won
bigdaddy78 Boy, that was as easy as ABC. First time all selected were on the first page of each box. Lets not forget Frasier stupidity either.
number1brownsfan All 3 goats go to the refs.
goopdawg Just inexcusable all the mistakes they made Sunday!!!
Dawgalong The announcers, officiating crew, and O-Line all sucked, but I credit this loss to one person and one person only. Phil "THE MOUTH" Savage. He needs to get a big dose of SHUT THE HELL UP in him. I predicted mid week that his blatherings would damn us to loose. Derek Andersons contract situation for next year should have been met with a "no comment" or at the very least a compliment to the QB that HAD you on the verge of the playoffs. BUT NOOOOOO.. he had to expound about how he was going to offer Derek a high tender. PHIL, did you not think that this would affect his performance. Did you NOT THINK that his wife or coworkers would read this the same way as I did. Derek Anderson is NOT in our long term plans is how your comments were read by anyone that does not appreciate tater tots. Phil, you may have just as well wagged one of David Modell's Cubans in Derek's face. Listen to your coach Phil and don't talk to the media. As a matter of fact, don't talk to me this week Phil. I am mad at you.
soak69 Derek Anderson - has a new nickname "50/50" - cause that's what you will always get with him at QB
Leigh Bodden - gives new meaning to the word "toast" guess he is campaigning for Dawson's job.
Andra Davis - how does this guy start on this team, Please do the defense and Browns fans a favor and turn your uniform in now before you embarass yourself and the Browns anymore
Romeo "Clueless" Crennel - this team seems to win inspite of this guy. Never ceases to amaze me how he has his teams totally prepared to play (sarcasm)
farns13 It all begins and ends with coaching. Rushing 4 men doesn't seem to work. The Browns do this 80% of the time. Whenever they bring the heat, good things tend to happen. No heat was brought to the slowest of Q.B.'s (Warner).Crennel needs to utilize his strengths and not go into that useless prevent mode
willy15 The turnovers and penalties cost Cleveland a Win. It was sad to see. I believe also, the Refs blew the last call of the Game and didn't have the guts to call it a Touchdown.
puyallupbrownsfandan the entire team deserves a goathorn for the way the game was allowed to be played down to the level of competition...i did not think i would be saying this so soon, but you could tell the Browns were the better team...when is the last time we could say that!!!??
livedoctor Anderson gave this one away...Hopefully they can build on this loss
czarayn Will the real Derek Anderson stand up? Or did he? And the defense still smells like rotting eggs and 8 day-old fish laying in the sun.
tomahawkdawg DA - You simply CANNOT give a team the advantage you gave them with those 1st quarter turnovers and expect to win. Compose yourself kid. Don't worry about playoffs or contracts until the end of the season.
Bodden - Nice kick. Stupid.
Fraser - I loved you as a Buckeye, I hate you as a Brown. Along with getting owned by the ARI O-Line, you head butted someone and cost us 15 yards when we needed it.
Dan - Please retire. Your bias toward ARI was disgusting, as was the horrible job you did as an analyst in general.
fairwayseeker D.A. - is proving each week trhat he is what we thought he is - a young QB who is struggling with accuracy & turnover issues! We want someone that we can jump on the bandwagon with, but the "Bad" Derek keeps showing himself!
L. Bodden - C'mon everyone knows you cannot kick a fallen ball away, especially in a situation where we had just made a great defensive stop!
Simon Fraser - I sure we we upgrade our talent where we don't have to depend upon this undersized DL who has not made a name for himself! (Sure wish we still has B. Oshinowo instead!)
T. Grantham - you have to dial up more pressure, especially against someone who is known for having no mobility!
ritterhe Did I mention Derek Anderson? I should reference Bodden and Cribbs, but did I mention Derek Anderson?
brownsbacker Do I have to give one out??
satarr we'll see how the team bounces back next week against the Jets to get a true feeling for their heart.
mtsames They played like sh*t and deserved to lose . Their Defense played like a bunch of dumb pussies as usual . No sooner than the Kudos they receive they go into the tank. Bodden, Davis, Fraser, Roye, Williams, McGinnist, Thompson You won't be back next year and take Grantham with you.
redright poorly officiated game.. not just this one, but when does it go from poor calls to do we really believe this flawed system and erratic referring is not by design?
deathbyeagle Arizona protected its house---what can I say??? We shot ourselves in the foot too many times, so the blame gets spread around.
Bodden has been the one player who has underperformed this year consistently.
rutger Bodden and Fraser for piss poor play as well incredible mental brain farts.. That should have cost those two MONEY.. And Jones because if he had tackled the guys legs instead of his shoulders there never would have been any horse collar penalty. Grantham because when you're playing against a beat up QB or a rookie QB you find ways to get to the guy and lay some knocks on him not sit back and allow him to pick you apart..
buckscobrownsfan Grantham needs to go. He has regressed in his play calling the past two seasons. He chooses to believe in applying no pressure to the QB and then play a soft zone, pretty much a prevent-win defense. Granted that our defense isn't that great, but with more defensive schemes that favor an aggressive attacking style I think our current defense would be somewhere around #20-25. Whenever you give the opposing QB plenty of time to throw you can make a 3rd-stringer look like a HOF QB. But then again, that's Grantham for 'ya!
raleighdawgs This team needs discipline and aggression.
john.varner This guy is supposed to be one of the defense's better players, yet every week he's getting beaten bad. HE SHOULD BE THE NICKLE BACK.
dawglberbarb Not enough goats for a bonehead loss.
vadawglb Anderson - 3 turnovers, too many bad passes, behind receivers, etc...

Bodden - Couldn't cover anyone, stupid penalty, and looked lost out there.

Coaches - What kind of game plan did they have? They team looked horrible on both sides of the ball.

Officiating crew - Called the horse collar on us but not when Winslow was horsed collared near the end of the game and how could they have missed that force out at the end?


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