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VOTE EARLY AND OFTEN for Browns players to go to the Pro Bowl. Don't let the AFC team be dominated by players who simply play on the top teams or get more media attention while deserving Browns players miss out. CLICK HERE to fill out the 2008 Pro Bowl ballot.


The OBR will have our Live Game Blog up and running during Sunday's game with the Jets, starting around 3PM. The OBR chat room will be cranking throughout the game. Folks really dug the new Live Blog, which features game updates, live polls and photos, and more. It's pretty cool stuff and the OBR chat room is running alongside it for live interaction during the game.

Right after the game, we'll have the OBR Post-Game Show with your phone calls toll-free to get reaction to the contest. It's pretty cool stuff and a nice alternative to the same-old / same-old in the mainstream media.


Here's the latest from the only 24-hour Browns newswire (rss) you'll find on the internet, cranking out the links since 1999. There's lots of good info out there to dig through at the Brown prepare for the Jets... nothing absolutely critical to read this morning, but a lot of good stuff.

Official Site - Offense racking up record numbers
Akron Beacon Journal - Jets' No. 2 vs. Browns' No. 1
Bergen Record - Better defense Crennel's priority
Nashville Tennessean - Titans playoff chase: Who to root for
New York Post - Special Forces: Leon, Cribbs in Pro Bowl battle
New York Newsday - At least the Jets are mastering trick plays now
New York Daily News - Jets, Browns ready for return fight
Warren Tribune-Chronicle - Better defense Crennel's priority
Lorain Morning Journal - Tomorrow is Cribbs' last chance to earn votes
Elyria Chronicle-Telegram - Browns notes: Don't expect a Jets lag on punt rush
Elyria Chronicle-Telegram - Good game Sunday could land Cribbs in the Pro Bowl
OBR - Lawrence Vickers: The Secret Weapon
OBR - The Latest Buzz from Santa Vinny
OBR - Head 2 Head: Bowman vs. Hardy
OBR - Scout.com Week 14 NFL Picks
OBR - News-o-Rama: 12/07
Canton Repository - Winslow shining in spotlight
Canton Repository - Cribbs makes it all special
Canton Repository - Browns vs. Jets matchups
The PD - Bud Shaw: Browns can't let opportunity escape them at New York Jets
The PD - NFL fines Fraser for head butt
FOX Sports - Exploiting matchups: Running on the Pats
Columbus Dispatch - Browns notebook: Mangold, Fraser renew rivalry


Not much going on in the Browns blogosphere since last night, so I linked in Moohead's last show, plus some other blogs that I just found interesting. Keep an eye on the Muni Lot for new Browns blogs as they arrive.

(Sigh) I actually remember seeing Mercury Morris play. He was a great compliment to Csonka and Kiick, but seems intent on returning to the public consciousness, and not in a good way.

December 7, 2007 Show - Moohead Radio (podcast)
Somebody give Mercury Morris an Oscar - 100% Injury Rate (ex-Dolphins)
Michigan's Eternal Coach Search - Sports Frog (NCAA)
Leinart's Baby Momma Hoops Update - The Big Lead (Whatever)


NOON: ESPN / Football Friday
NOON: FSN / Pro Football Preview
5PM: ABC / ESPN All-America Team
8PM: ESPN / Heisman  Trophy Presentation
11PM: FSN / Pro Football Preview


The things I was saying about Brian Billick to torment Ravens fans back in 1999 now seem to be the common wisdom. Ra, smak talk! Speaking of the Ravens, the NFL has levied some less-than-huge fines on the players who went nuts after the game against the Patriots. That Bart Scott, he's, um, not exactly, er, a threat to Einstein's legacy, let's say. This is the same guy who thought that Cleveland Browns Stadium as built on a waste dump.

Between Cloverfield's fake commercial for Slusho, Microsoft's very real commercial for the Zune, and the trailer for Speed Racer, it seems like people either want me to go completely psychotic or start using very strong hallucinogenic drugs. Either seems like a realistic option at this point.

If there are any Blue Jackets fans reading this, check out the game thread in the CBJ forum and jump in when the Blue Jackets take on the Wild at 7PM... there are some hard-core Jackets fans in there looking for folks to talk hockey with. I've been tossing some Blue Jackets news updates in there as I get them as well.

And I thought the drive from Lake County to Berea was bad... the Cowboys are looking at holding training camp in California.

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