OBR News-o-Rama: 12/09 AM

The latest Browns links, blogs, 'net broadcasts and more, all wrapped in a neat little package. Oh, yeah.

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Today's a late start, so I went to early mass before cranking out the news-o-rama. There's lots of good stuff out there today if you're prepping to surf the web in advance of today's game. Don't forget OBR Game Live starting at 3PM and the Post-Game Show starting as soon as RAC trudges towards the mid-field handshake.


This morning's newswire (rss) is filled up with the sort of gameday "game preview" stuff one would expect, with a few articles of general interest thrown in.,

One I particularly enjoyed was Pro Football Weekly's detailing of how the Pittsburgh Steelers supposedly called Browns great Hanford Dixon a "midget" on draft day, a joke that came back to haunt them. Pat McManamon and Les Levine write with their usual verve and are enjoyable, as always, although no one will ever be able to replace Hal Lebovitz's Sunday morning columns for this reader.

Of course, I'll catch some flak for lining up our own Steve Sirk next to the more reknowned Cleveland writers, but, darn it, I love me some Cow Patties from Columbus. That may not have come out right. Anyhow, read it.

Here are some of today's stories, subdivided and categorized for easy consumption. Apparently the New York papers discovered that Kellen Clemens and Derek Anderson are both from Oregon, so we get to see those sort of stories again.

There's tons more on the newswire. Dig in.

Game Previews
The OBR  Elyria Chronicle-Telegram  FOX Sports  Columbus Dispatch  Canton Rep  DDN  The OBR (2)

Sunday Columns
McManamon  Livingston  Levine  Pluto  Sirk

Reunions: Crennel/Mangini, Anderson/Clemens
Bergen Record  NY Post  Newsday  NY Daily News


Sick of the same-old, same-old crap from the mainstream media? We sure are. Join the revolution.

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Not much Browns blogging happening this morning, so here's some good stuff from around the web:

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Stuff that might be about football. Or might not be.

Has the Ravens Jon Ogden actually gotten close to retirement without getting involved in a felony of some sort? He's not a real Raven. Perhaps he could club a ref over the head at mid-field at the end of his last game and go out in true Ratbird style. Ray-Ray would be pleased.

A columnist suggests to the NFL that they put their big Patriots finale on the house to help the win the PR war with the cable companies. Man, losing a PR battle to the cable companies... how messed up is that?


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