Fan View: Just One Time

Jeff Biletnikoff ponders the unlikely notion of a playoff-bound Cleveland Browns team

Some things rattling around my head today.

*When you're driving towards the playoffs the games shouldn't be this close.  Could I be overrating how good I think the Browns are?  Probably.  It's been so long since they were fighting for the postseason that I'm getting more excited than I should be.

*Brandon McDonald seems to be the real deal at CB.  He continues to make play after play after play in the secondary.

*Cleveland turned the game around in the first half when they intercepted the Jets in the end zone.

*Cleveland won the game because they invested in their offensive line (Steinbach, Thomas) and running game (Jamal Lewis).  Can you imagine the Browns getting the deciding TD via their running game in a close contest last year?  Me either.

*Thank you San Diego for beating Tennessee.

*Thank you New England for kicking the Steelers you know whats.

*Teams are starting to figure out Derek Anderson.  We better hope the Browns can play tight D and run the ball the next 3 games.  They need a balanced team worse than ever now.  Just relying on the passing game won't get them to the playoffs.

*Did you see the Bills game?  In spite of getting waxed by New England a couple weeks back they look like they're starting to gel as a team.  It's going to be a tough game at Cleveland Browns Stadium next weekend.

*In spite of what I said above there is NO WAY that Cleveland should have it's playoff drive derailed at home by a team with a ROOKIE QB.  If they do then the Browns don't deserve to qualify for the postseason.

*I kind of wish I would have showed up at the bar to watch the game today.  I just couldn't take being surrounded by screaming Steeler fans AGAIN this week (its tough to live in PA).  I listened to the game on the radio but now I'm feeling bad because I could have watched their faces after a simultaneous Browns win/Steelers defeat.

*Jim Donovan just said "the Browns control their own fate" on the Cleveland Browns Radio Network.  Think about that statement and be honest when you answer my next question.  Did you think that after 13 games that the Browns would control their own fate for the playoffs?  A higher draft pick maybe.  Playoffs?  I couldn't have ever imagined it, especially after week 1.

*I REALLY don't like the Colts because I've seen WAY too much of Peyton Manning for six lifetimes but they're playing the Ravens tonight so I'm an Indy fan for a night.  I know that the game has little, if any bearing on what happens with the Browns this season but it's always nice to see Billick, Lewis and company get smoked in a game, don't you think?

*Wouldn't it be sweet to meet the Steelers in the playoffs and smoke them at home?  I wouldn't let the Steeler fans ever forget this season. 

Three more weeks in the drive for the playoffs.  Win and they're in no matter what.  C'mon Cleveland.  One time.  Extend the season for your long suffering fans.


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