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Get ye to a Pro Bowl polling place! Posthaste! And so on...

GET YE TO A POLLING PLACE: Pro Bowl voting ends soon! Let's get deserving Browns a trip to Hawaii. CLICK HERE!

NOT READY FOR PRIME TIME: The NFL has decided that the Redskins-Vikings matchup is a better option than the Browns-Bengals on 12/23, so the Browns visit to Cincinnati will remain an afternoon game.

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After the win and the trip home on Monday, Romeo Crennel gave the players off, so they don't have to practice again until Wednesday. Fred Greetham was out in Berea today and has the scoop about what's on RAC's mind. The Official Site also posted a wrap-up from today.

Also, check out this morning's news-o-rama for links to game wrap-ups from yesterday, a ton of photos, post-game blogs, and today's TV listing.

BENEFIT FOR EJ: There will be a Browns Alumni Roundtable to benefit the Eddie Johnson Foundation next Friday, 12/14, at 6PM at Harry Buffalo's in Lakewood. Click here for details.


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Stuff that might be related to football. Or might not be.

The great unreported story from yesterday's game. Thank you, TBL.

I found this article about the games teams play with injury reports fascinating. During the Butch Davis years, I used to refer to it as the "weekly pack of lies" rather than "injury report". It shows that "Probable" players get into the game about 90% of the time, "Questionable" about 50% and "Doubtful" about 3%. The rule of thumb is supposed to be 75, 50, 25 respectively. We've been dutifully relaying injury reports for a number of years here, and the actual numbers feel right based on what we've seen. People reporting on the New England Patriots may have different numbers.

Following up on the link from this morning. the Bills' George Wilson will definitely be out for this weekend's game with the Browns.

Baltimore writers are agitating for Art Modell to get into the Hall of Fame. Fortunately, support for the back-stabbing ex-owner seems to be lessening, not growing. Thanks to OttoOtto for finding the link.

Lost amidst the attention given to the Patriots attempt to go 16-0, the Indianapolis Colts could be the first NFL team to get 12 wins or more for five straight seasons.


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