OBR News-o-Rama: 12/12 AM

This year's winner of the Bill Duff Most Popular Roster Transaction Award announced!


Berea was shut down yesterday, as always for a Tuesday, so not a lot of new info. The Browns did make a roster move, however: they acquired C Marvin Philip off of waivers (from the Steelers) and placed C Greg Eslinger on waivers. For what it's worth, the Packers also tried to claim Philip, but the Browns got him due to waiver priority.

Jonny Harline was removed from the practice squad for the 23rd (or so) time, making him the clear winner of this year's Bill Duff Most-Popular Roster Transaction Award. This is the second straight year that tight ends have dominated the BDMPRTAs, as Harline follows in the footsteps of Buck Ortega.

The notes distributed to the media in advance of the Browns-Bills game have been uploaded to the Muni Lot for anyone interested. Click here.

Today's newswire is comprised mostly of looks-ahead to the Buffalo game as the world continues its stunned amazement at the notion of a competitive Cleveland Browns franchise. We're just enjoying the ride:

Savage making a case for NFL's top executive - DDN

Rookie has Bills thinking playoffs - Plain Dealer

Fans rejoice! Now, finally, a big game - ABJ

New regime has Bills contending for postseason - Canton Rep

Harrison tries to make most of opportunities - Canton Rep

It's OK to Believe in these Browns - Chronicle-Telegram

December finally has meaning in Cleveland - Lorain Morning-Journal


Here's what we've published in the last day. Lots more coming later today, including Fred Greetham's Berea Report and results of the Gameballs and Goats voting:

Browns-Jets: Joe's Game Review

Passan: Browns Need to Dial up Aggressiveness

Browns-Jets: Report Card

2008 NFL Free Agents-Wide Receivers

Best Available Free Agents: Offense

Best Available Free Agents: Defense


This week's news-o-rama book club selection is "Competitive Leadership", by Baltimore Ravens head coach and universally acknowledged uber-genius Brian Billick. Using the "Twelve Principles for Success" laid out in this book, you can:

  • Teach your subordinates to wing pieces of cloth filled with lead shot into crowds of innocent civilians
  • Sucker a gullible owner into giving you a long-term contract
  • Make goo-goo eyes at Brett Somers during episodes of Match Game 77
  • Turn a simple philosophy like "chuck the ball as far as you can and let Randy Moss run under it" into world-renown as an offensive genius
  • Two words: Flappy dances!

This is the true guide to how become a leader of men, maintaining strict control of your charges at all times while they achieve success beyond their wildest dreams. Available new and used at Amazon.com for $0.46 and up!

(I kid you not)

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Arthur Blank Attacked By The PC Police - Kid Cleveland

The Opponent, Not the Enemy - Vinny and the Hornless Rhino

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December 11, 2007 Show - Moohead Radio (Podcast)

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An Order of Crow... - Halftime Adjustments

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Reasons for Hope - The Disappointment Zone (Cavs)


Not much on tonight

FSN OHIO 10PM: Bengals Spotlight*

* Live from Lucasville State Penitentiary!


Stuff that might be about football. Or might not be.

Thanks one whole hell of a lot for Spygate, Eric Mangini. Way to go. Make sure you don't get caught doing it yourself, mmmkay?

I need to give up on this Cleveland Browns website thing. The real way to make money on the internet is with them-there Russian love robots.

The OSU-Michigan game will get pushed back to after Thanksgiving now that the Big 10 has gone to a 13-week schedule. I love this move as a way to cut down the break before bowl games and put the Big Game on a holiday weekend.

Rejoice, observers of the NFL Network. Bryant Gumbel will not bother you on Thursday night.

Maybe I'm a year or three late to Myspace, but I've been spending a lot of time there talking to Browns fans of late. Today,they announced that Skype will be merged into the Myspace IM client. Kinda cool, I guess.

Newspapers keep cutting back, and cutting back. USA Today no longer has any NBA writers.



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