Browns-Jets: Gameballs and Goats

Jamal Lewis was the big winner as Browns fans tossed gameballs by the score in his direction...

The Week's Results: I'm just loving this season soooo much. Among other things, Gameballs and Goats continues to go strong, with lots of voters and great comments. Jamal Lewis is the big winner this week - Browns fans love runners who blast through tackles, and Lewis' 31-yard romp to ice the game was memorable. There's still a bit of unhappiness on the defensive side of the ball despite the win, and Todd Grantham continues to pick up goathorns as a result. Memo to Todd: Prevent defense isn't popular, and I don't think it has been since 1986. 

Player Gameballs
Jamal Lewis 177
Brandon McDonald 99
Braylon Edwards 63
Offensive Line 59
Joe Thomas 27
Joe Jurevicius 25

GAMEBALL WRITE-INS: "Phil Dawson, Chud and D Anderson (for about 3 series)", Eric Mangini, San Diego Chargers (2), "The season of dreams!", Zastudil's baby daughter, Rushing the passer!, "The guy barking into the microphone in the 4th qtr", Romeo's Browns Hat, Jim Tressel, Phil Dawson's big-time 49-yard boot, "My DVR", My heart, for not exploding on me..., "Steelers safety Anthony Smith -- please guarantee a victory against the Jags"


Player Goathorns
Todd Grantham 73
Derek Anderson 53
Leon Williams 35
Entire Defense 25
TV Announcers 22

GOATHORN WRITE-INS:  Lousy Jets fans for leaving, Ron Mexico, Bill Belichick, Prevent defense (3), Randy Cross, Gerard Warren (for old time's sake),The entire defense that stood there at the goal line, None, Jamey Carroll, Bruce Arians, Hines "tears running down my face" Ward,
Thousands, Anthony Smith, Joey Porter, Art Modell, DA Haters, "Cross Talk, and all of the other yappin'", Jets fans -- did you see all the empty seats


Fan Comments
writerdawg Our OL was stellar, again. Lewis was a beast, and sealed the deal when it needed to happen. McDonald is turning into a very good CB.
danamob Jamal had a great game running the ball, showed tremendous strength on the TD run. It all starts up front with Joe Thomas, this guy is the real deal. If we had five of him we'd be undefeated. And Jurevicious gets one for the good hands on the onsides kicks. Saved the game for us so we didn't have to have our atrocious D bail us out.
thehollismaniac The fourth quarter was misleading- prevent defense gave the Jets their yards. The D played its best, most aggressive 3 quarters of the year. Play like this from the D will take us to January. Lewis and the O-line did great work, and that TD run by Lewis was beautiful.
brownsclown The offensive line pass blocks and opens holes. Lewis runs, Wright does everything he needs to and Harrison helped. Brandon McDonald keeps showing up in a good way. RAC deserves more credit, but so does Savage, but the players play. Nice job guys.
naxos Jamal great game and got to give love to big Joe T. and the O-line for a great game.
jesterdog Braylon ties Gary Collins TD record!!!
Jamal Lewis refuses to go down!
Brandon McDonald - Looks like Savage got a day 2 steal!!! Allows the Browns to focus on D-Line in offseason!!
Joe Thomas - His presence is immeasurable!
dawgpoundr No stupid penalties, no stupid turnovers, and no stupid officials all added up to one smart win.
gilewicz Honoeable mention to Mangini for his decision to kick that FG when down 17-12
uaintknowme6969 edwards had some beautiful catches today i award him a game ball along with joe thomas who i believe could possibly be the best draft pick browns have had since back in the nfl jamal lewis gets one because of the last touchdown when he rumbled n bumbled for the touchdown........number one game ball goes to my fellow browns fans for sticking with em. as i sit here n sip my beer i give a cheers to all of us brownies fans and once again were a team baby
springsdawg No spectacular plays but was very solid with six tackles.
mulekicker3 Wow, when is the last time I gave the entire O-line a game ball?
jmiller40 Ted for being on injured reserve!
taipeidawg Tough running by Jamal when it counted. I do like the way McDonald is playing - got another pic at a crucial time. Yeah!
czarayn Gameballs could be given out to as well as not. It just depends on one's perspective: a win is a win is a win...or is this team going to be able to beat a team with a decent record. Enter Buffalo...hello?
fanofbrwns The O-Line was DOMINANT!!!!!!!
alaskanbrownsfan McDonald! WOW what a find in the 5th round...this rookie is impressive!!!
rutger Offensive line (for another good game), Jurevicius (for saving the game) and Jamal Lewis (for finishing the game).. Who when he just runs hard and doesn't stutter step his way to the line is still one hell of a RB..
iwillpierceyou A round of gameballs on me!!! Well deserved win.
dixiedawg It is freakin' fun to watch Braylon and KWII play this game.
deathbyeagle The team deserves the gameball for winning a tough road game. It is amazing this team is 8-5....everyone should stop complaining and enjoy this one.
griz13 Jamal Lewis - You are officially a Cleveland Brown. We love having you.
Brandon McDonald - It's been especially fun meeting you.
Offensive line - You guys are hardcore. If we get to the playoffs, you'll be the reason. Keep it up.
raleighdawgs It's becoming obvious that Derek is a product of a superb offensive line. Good job!
nybiggdawg JJ did great on the 2 onside kick recoveries.T he offense does not use him enough and Anderson hardly ever targets him. Better get him going soon!!The same with Jerome Harrison. Gotta give opponents other things to think about, ala Vickers.
bomeister the O-line did a great job again, NO sacks and DA did enough to get the Brownies a 'W', despite the INT which did NOT hurt us (unlike in AZ). The kid is playing fantastic for a rookie year and does enough to overcome his mistakes....his records is 8-4 this year, 2 of those going to the Squeelers and 1 to the Pats who just crushed the Squeelers...hats off to DA, keep 'em BOTH!!
javorskyou Resign Jamal -- He has Gas in the Tank.
snoopdawgydawg 26 TDs to 14 INTs, 3,200 yds passing and he threw 2 more TDs to 1 pick in his first full season as a starter and people continue to hate DA. He held his own in bad weather and won where the Steelers could not. An ugly win is still a win. Jamal Lewis continues to run hard and Brandon McDonald continues to impress. I look forward to seeing McDonald and Wright starting across from one another in the Browns' future.
willy15 No-one tries harder than Jamal Lewis. Sean Jones's interception saved a touchdown and Brandon McDonald is showing he's quite a cover corner.
rogern Should give game balls to the Offensive Line as well.
chopper9 Offense would be unstoppable if DA would show better consistency.
gbeachy50310 McDONALD is really stepping up as a rookie -- a solid find making some great plays. I agree with the article stating that VICKERS is a secret weapon, he demonstrated it this week. And LEWIS for a solid game and the explosive 4th Q run that finally salted this game away.
geniusdawg 1. Jamal + 31 yards = ENOUGH SAID!
2. I like what we are seeing from D'Qwell recently.
3. patient.
jmidd44 Fraley for blowing up the MLB on Lewis's TD run AWESOME!
anthonyd I really like our O-Line.
browndawgs32 Once the rain started there were more Dawgs in the stands then Jet Fans
sawthewarin64 Jamal Lewis - great run to ice the game. Always runs hard!!... Tip: See alot of openings on the back side for you to cut back instead of pushing the pile... may add another 50 yards to your total. Keep up great effort and team leadership.


Fan Comments
writerdawg Grantham and this defense drive me insane. They play like all pros for much of the game, then they switch strategies and look like a poor high school team. While the special teams did a fair job, you HAVE to get that on-side kick. Always. It almost cost us this game. Finally, a note to Chud: When you have a lead like the Browns had, you need to run more than 42 seconds off the clock on a drive, and/or make the opponent use their times out. That was really stupid playcalling, and poor execution.
danamob Leon is damn lucky he didn't get flagged for 2 PI calls. Why is he out in coverage?? Our D once again made a potential blowout into a close game, this is why even if we make the playoffs we will likely get bounced in the first round. And the CBS crew with Randy Cross was terrible. He sucks, I don't know who told him he was worth anything as a color commentator.
thehollismaniac Receivers seemed to drop alot of balls, I know it was wet but you gotta catch that stuff.
brownsclown Tim Carter contributes nothing to this team. I know it is nit picky but the punting has been subpar. How about a coffin corner or an inside the 20 once in a while. And finally where were the "great" New York fans? Our defense tried to give it away,very good for a while then crap!!
naxos Man is our defense bad.
jesterdog Is Tim Carter even playing????
dawgpoundr The defense looked good for just long enough to fool everyone. I'm not sure who shoulders the blame for Clemens turning into Joe Namath at the end of the game. Gonna need to clean that up real quick.
uaintknowme6969 now to the unpleasant side i was gonna give it to subway but i didn't see them listed so i went with brady quinn.......... too busy to pass out 12 inch subs....... good thing we have an extra copy of the playbook and a spot on the bench with his name on it ha ha come on subway wheres Jared? "much love for Brady Quinn though"....... now to our defense 32nd n the league.... don't know how to put this rather then we have the playmakers and the playstoppers on the defensive side of the ball but there just not playing smart defense in my book which leads to Todd Grantham the defensive coordinator............ are they taking applications in Cleveland for this position I'm putting in my resume......all in all though good year so far sum ups n downs but i love ya Cleveland go Brownies
springsdawg It didn't lose the game but that onside kick return that we didn't get could have been big.
mulekicker3 Can we please finish a team off normally for once?
phelix17 No goats for this win. 8 and 5. Sweet.
taipeidawg I know they weren't getting much help from the offense late in the game but why does this defense insist on letting opponents get back into the game when they should shut them down and seal the victory????
chowdogg at 17-6 the defense thought the game was over...and stoped playing
manoafats Offsides on kickoff?
czarayn I think this defense needs a lot of improvement, although, I must admit, it seems to be getting better. And the offense seems to be stuttering a bit. I hope it's not a preview of things to come.
fanofbrwns Again the Defense quits in the fourth quarter. It seems that in the last four games the opponent gets over sixty yards in rushing in the fourth quarter.
rutger Todd Grantham or who ever the defensive coaches are that came up with that ZERO (0) defensive linemen on the field and using three (3) linebackers as down linemen and then rushing ONLY those three during the last 2 to 5 minutes of every damn half this season!! Replace those coaches now!! If you're going to use only LB'ers and DB's then bring 5 or 6 on every play not just 3 undersized guys against 5 blockers.. How much more open could the other teams WR's get than they are now anyway??
narpig Hey; I'm in the Christmas spirit!
iwillpierceyou None
deathbyeagle The Pittsburgh Steelers for talking sh*t and not backing it up. FU
griz13 Derek Anderson - Great 26 TD season. But something is WRONG with you at the beginning of games and with your overall consistency. Figure it out, dude. You can be great. But figure it out soon. Thanks.
Leigh Bodden - Bodden. C'mon dude. Seriously. If you're hurt. Sit down. You're not helping. If you're not hurt. Well, have fun backing up B. McD next year.
Coaches - Are you guys serious? Two weeks in a row you try to give it away. Grantham - Your defense is awful. Figure it out.
Chud - You took 49 seconds of the clock in one of the game's most-crucial possessions. Unacceptable. I'm just saying.
Daisher - Ugly yesterday.
RAC - Three games left. We need them all. Get these boys ready to play, man.
raleighdawgs The defense is shameful. Another uninspired and non-aggressive performance.
nybiggdawg Defense continues to let opponent back into the game in last quarter.Much better on penalties,but the two on LWilliams should have been avoided.
bomeister Goathorn to Art Modell just for still being alive; this game was way too close, but exciting given the Jets beat dem Squeelers 2 weeks ago;  Can we ever get TV announcers who are anything but just plain a**holes?? Is that even possible?? These drive-bys are always negative on Cleveland no matter what...just sick of it....CUT 'EM ALL!!!
javorskyou Grantham is morphing into Carthon..
chopper9 Defense looked better over all, but still needs alot of work!
gbeachy50310 1. TV CREW for too many screw-ups and inane commentary. Blah, blah, blah. If we could only get 1100AM out here 700 miles away from Cleveland...oh, well. 2. While he had some good plays and gets note for breaking up the 2 pt conversion, a goathorn for LEON WILLIAMS for two killer penalties. Offside on a kickoff? Are you kidding me? The interference call on 3rd down led to the Jets TD. Leon almost single-handedly gave the game away.
geniusdawg Derek Anderson's "Jekyll/Hyde" act = SICK OF IT!
anthonyd I'm tired of seeing them have a lead a try to sit on it. The offense stops being aggressive and the defense does the same. The hole second half of the game it seemed like they went into a prevent when mode. This game we almost lost. That's the difference with the leaders in the league, they have the finishing mind set instead of coaching scared.
sawthewarin64 Grantham - Please, please, please discountnue reading Marty's book!!! NO MORE PREVENT. Keep the dawgs hungry and maintain an aggressive mindset.
sawthewarin64 Zastudil - With the field position we get, he is placing WAY too many punts in the end zone for touchbacks. Work on that so we can maintain the field postion war than Romeo enjoys so much.



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