OBR News-o-Rama: 12/12 PM

And now... more roster moves, updated pages, swarthy sportswriters and lotsa fried chicken!


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It's Browns Backers Day at the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Saturday 12/15 from 9AM until 5PM. Booyah.

All this stuff is on the OBR calendar.

The Browns are encouraging fans to arrive early for the game on Sunday (I know I'll be showing up early... parking will be at a premium) and are offering an bonus for some fans to get to CBS ahead of time. From a team press release:

"The Browns are asking fans to arrive early and be seated prior to kickoff and help the Browns continue their home field advantage this season, as the Browns have won five consecutive games at Cleveland Browns Stadium.  To provide fans an extra incentive to arrive early, 30 minutes prior to kickoff the Browns will select 50 lucky fans to join the pre-game entertainment from the sidelines.  The 50 lucky fans will have the opportunity to join the team on the sideline for the pre-game player introductions."

Cool stuff. I get to sit in the press box with swarthy sportswriters. Of course, when I show up it gets even swarthier. Which is so too a word.


We reported in the News-o-Rama this morning (actually broke ourselves a lil' story) that the Browns had acquired C Marvin Philip off of waivers from the Steelers, and that C Greg Eslinger was released along with TE Jonny Harline.

The Browns confirmed that story a couple hours later via a press release, but they snuck the acquisition of LB Keith Adams past us. I hate it when they do that!  Adams is a seven-year veteran who spent most of his career with the Eagles after coming out of Clemson. LB Colby Bockwoldt was released to make room for Adams, despite making a couple of special teams tackles last week.

The Browns also picked up yet another tight end, Brad Cieslak, who had been with Buffalo until recently.

We've updated our active roster, practice squad, and depth chart pages appropriately. Because we're like that. We are.



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Reports from the OBR and Official Site came out of today's media time in Berea, with more likely following from the local papers tomorrow morning. Here are the links:

Berea Report: Big Game Browns - The OBR

Seven Browns will sit Wednesday - Official Site

There is also a game preview from the AP, a profile of Bills QB Trent Edwards, and Chris Steuber's Draft Watch also hitting the wire this afternoon.

Just as I was about to finish this up, and AP story came through that Bills DE Chris Kelsay could play this weekend.

Gameballs and Goats results are now available. Jamal Lewis was a big winner.

We've also got transcripts from Romeo Crennel and Browns players available in our Insiders forum.



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Stuff that might be about football. Or might not be.

Marvin Lewis is reportedly a candidate for the head coaching job at Michigan. As a Buckeyes fan, I'm all for it. As a Browns fan, I'm against it.

Somehow, this reminds me both of the Simpsons episode where it was revealed that Major League Baseball was spying on us via satellite. And car crash scenes in disaster movies.

Are you a fan of the Columbus Blue Jackets? If so, check out Scout's forum for Ohio's NHL club. I've been dropping the team's press releases in there as soon as we get them and hard-core Jackets fans DoggyII and JacketsBum are looking for some fellow puckheads. Come on and drop by!

I get the sense that Firefox 3 is going to rock and rock hard. Egads, I'm such a freaking nerd.


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