OBR News-o-Rama: 12/13 Morning Edition

Thursday's newswire, injury reports, radio/TV, blogs... You name it. It's smushed in here somewhere.

Ah, it's a beautiful day up here in Cleveland. Overcast, raining, little bit of wet snow, all adding up an entirely craptacular morning commute and wet-cold-sloppiness. Gotta love North Coast living. Where's that global warming when we need it?

Anyhow, we're up to Thursday, and the buzz about the Cleveland Browns and Buffalo Bills clash on Sunday afternoon grows each day. Players and the team have been asking fans to be (standing in front of) in their seats by kick-off and to be loud. I think, for some reason, Browns fans will be able to come through on that one.

This morning's newswire (rss) is chock-full of the buzz which includes the news that two Browns players (Joshua Cribbs and Eric Steinbach) led Pro Bowl voting at their positions. Every vote from every fan on the planet only counts for 1/3rd of the total, though, so it's not a done deal that they'll start yet.

JT is going nuts finding every Browns story on the intertubes and linking them throughout the day. One might notice the occasional opinion sneaking in as he tags stories, LOL.

Here's some of the Browns goodness from this morning's newswire:

Focus Remains on Bills & Berea Report: Big Game Browns (The OBR)

Kelsay practices, appears ready to play - Buffalo News

Bills defense will be tested by Browns - Rochester D&C

Fans' choice for Pro Bowl: Cribbs, Steinbach - Plain Dealer

Bills' Whitner still roots for hometown Browns - Columbus Dispatch

Browns know Sunday's game vs. Bills is a big one - Elyria Chronicle-Telegram

Some willing to talk playoffs - Warren Tribune-Chronicle


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Fred provided a nice summary of Wednesday's injury situation here, but fans who enjoy the home experience of reading NFL press releases can click here to download the official report.

To recap, the following players did not practice yesterday for the Browns: WR Joe Jurevicius (knee), LB Willie McGinest (hip), LB Antwan Peek (ankle), DL Orpheus Roye (knee), RT Kevin Shaffer (knee), DL Robaire Smith (back), FB Lawrence Vickers (flu).

For the Bills, not practicing were DE Bryan Copeland (knee), DE Ryan Denney (foot), and S George Wilson (ribs). Wilson will not play this weekend. DE Chris Kelsay (ankle) returned to limited practice and LB Coy Wire (neck) participated in all of practice.


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Fans + Internet = Surfing fun for everyone

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Stuff the might be about football. Or might not be.

  • Rejoice Browns fans! Brian Billick looks set to return to the Baltimore Ravens again in 2008! This will, at least, keep him from infesting our TV sets. OBR subscribers interested in getting the take straight from Baltimore, click here to get Ravens expert Aaron Wilson's report.
  • Pro Football Weekly manages to reach an obvious conclusion about Greed-off 2007. The more I think about it, the more I'd like to see a regulatory crowbar taken to pro sports monopolies and ownership of media outlets, and I'm a free enterprise sorta guy. This applies to the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, etc... too much is just too much.
  • Are you getting bored with all the Belichick vs. Mangini stuff? Yeah, me too.
  • The contents of the Mitchell Report are starting to leak prior to today's press conference. Maybe this is the first step to baseball fixing itself. I'm still on the side of bringing in George Will and giving him a large club to use on owner's heads when needed. The owners, oddly, aren't as fond of the concept.


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