OBR News-o-Rama: 12/14

Today's injury report from Berea, blog and news links, as well as some more podcast and radio info.


The Browns and Bills have turned in their final injury report before Sunday's game. We'll have the gameday inactives via the Live Blog as soon as they're available on Sunday. Here's the scoop:

Doubtful: Antwan Peek (Ankle) - Didn't participate in practice

Questionable: Joe Jurevicius (Knee) - Limited participation

Probable: Willie McGinest (Hip), Orpheus Roye (Knee), Kevin Shaffer (Knee), Robaire Smith (Back) - Full participation

Out: DE Copeland Bryan, S George Wilson, LB Coy Wire - Didn't practice

Questionable: DE Chris Kelsay (Ankle) - Limited participation

I've updated the official version to the Muni Lot. CLICK HERE


It's going to be cold. It's very possibly going to snow. The playoffs will be on the line, and the fans will be loud.

That's what we know about Sunday's upcoming contest between the Browns and Bill, because you're not going to find out anything more by talking to the coaches and players, who aren't providing bulletin board material or giving away strategy. Spoil sports. As a result, folks providing Browns news to fans have to sort of fall back to game previews based on their own analysis or pieces focusing on individual players.

Here's some of the latest from the only 24-hour-a-day Browns newswire:

Crennel is quick to give his veterans rest - Morning-Journal

Surprising Bills will keep it close vs. Browns - Newsday

Area Browns fans savor team contending for playoffs - Rochester D&C

Tucker Loving Move to Guard - Elyria Chronicle-Telegram


The newest OBR Radio Podcast has been posted in the Muni Lot. Two more hours of radio joy! You can listen to it directly via the OBR Myspace page, or download the file for your player via the Muni, or just subscribe to the podcast feed. Dial us up, and spread the word. Vive la alternative media!



Speaking of radio, I'll be on ESPN Radio's nationally syndicated program with Ryen Russillo somewhere between 4-8PM tomorrow to talk about the Browns-Bills game. I've done that show before, which makes it weird that they want to inflict that on themselves again. Cool. I'll also be spreading the word of Browns Nation via KMOX in Des Moinse Iowa this evening around 6PM. Gotta preach the orange and brown.



Fans + the interwebs = Surfing fun for everyone

12/13 Podcast: Sunny Warmth of Winter - OBR Radio (podcast)

Flag football findings & Some totals - Ace Davis

Derek Anderson: Where He Ranks - The Disappointment Zone

12/13/2007 Show - The Barking Lot (podcast)

December 13, 2007 Show - Moohead Radio (podcast)

Stop holding down the shift key - Dwayne Rudd's Helmet

The apple doesn't fall far from the drunken dad - J-Beanie Sports (College Football)



A lot of Browns fans on the forums are baseball fans as well. Here's some of the reaction to the Mitchell Report (and other baseball topics) on the Muni Lot and Cleveland bloggers:

Did the Mitchell Investigation Really Teach Us Anything? - Kid Cleveland

Say Goodbye to Cooperstown, Say Goodbye My Baby - V & HR

Former Tribe fringe impacting MLB - Mark Leonard

A Haren in The Stocking? - Cleveland Sports Perspective

Shame, shame! - Cleveland Sports Torture

CC Is About To Get Paid, Big Time - Cleveland Sports Authority

And on the Forums:

Mitchell Investigation to name "60-80" names 

Barry Bonds/ Mitchell report

Tribe's Response to Tigers: (Crickets Chirping)

Padres deal with Peavy is good news for the Tribe



Where you can safely ignore other stuff that's of interest to your friendly neighborhood webdork

The mainstream media continues to smack bloggers and other "citizen journalists" about trivialities like ethics and accuracy in reporting. Blogging is like any other hobby or profession: there are folks who go into it very seriously, there are folks who are attention whores, there are people who genuinely add value, there are scam artists, etc. Blogging is a technology which wipes out the barrier for anyone to start up a web site and reach the public. In sum, that's a good thing. But it is disrupting the mainstream media and until the industry adjusts, the aftershocks will take the forum of derisive remarks on both sides. Like any free market, the winners will be the consumers of the information and, on the supply side, those who can provide value.

Movie preview fun: A five minute clip from Cloverfield is now available. That one looks like it will be fun. Someone also snagged the trailer for this summer's Batman Begins sequel via their cellphone .If you're into this franchise enough to watch a trailer in Shake-o-crap-o-vision, you can do that up right here. Looks like the legit Batman trailer will show up here on Sunday.





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