OBR News-o-Rama: 12/15

Presenting the entire internet, with all the annoying not-Browns stuff cleaned off of it...

Tick, tick, tick.

The storms move in, the clock ticks down. The biggest game of the year is on the way, and we'll be on it every minute via the OBR, our forums, and OBR Gameday Live. Join us, if you can!

Your friendly neighborhood OBR webdork will be on ESPN Radio with Ryen Russillo sometime between 4-8 PM tonight to talk about the upcoming match-up with the Buffalo Bills and Cleveland Browns. If you have your radio on tonight, listen for it so you can point and laugh at a later time.


The latest from the only 24-hour-a-day Browns wire

The OBR gets some love this morning in the Lake County News-Herald, where Jeff Schudel references John Taylor's exclusive report on interest in Browns offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski. I know there are competitive pressures which stop some of the local beat writers from acknowledging scoops broken on the OBR, but it's always very cool to see our work credited.

For what it's worth, the OBR is typically publishing 4-6 stories per day at this point, a count that doesn't include the articles from Scout's NFL experts which fly across the front page during the day. You can check here for an archive of our recent stories, and click here for NFL expert articles.

Here's some of the good stuff off of the newswire, and there's tons more where that came from...

Catch a very special episode of Everyone Loves Chud (News-Herald)

Shockingly, it's believed that the Browns might try to run the football (SI.com)

The last two games the Bill played against teams with a winning record they were out-scored 92-24 (FoxSports)

It's simple: We win, Titans lose and it's time to party like it's 1989 (Canton Rep)

Note to club seat holders: it will be snowy, but get your butts out of the lounge (Elyria C-T)

Great. An ex-Bill is announcing Sunday's game. Wonderful (Buffalo News)

Brady Quinn's jersey is the Browns top seller. The #10 clipboards are a surefire Xmas hit! (Plain Dealer)

The Greed-Off 2007 headline bout features the NFL vs Time-Warner in an Old-Fashioned Slugfest... (Cincinnati Enquirer)

... although the NFL vs. Comcast undercard is at least a slapfest (USA Today)


It ain't easy bein' a pimp

Here are the OBR's front page articles in the last 24 hours, which includes some great insider stuff from Lane Adkins and a very relevant commentary from Joe Brownlee. Lots more coming today and tomorrow, including another exclusive scoop from John Taylor!

League Insider Notes: Week 15

Adkins: What We've Been Told 

Brownlee: The Meaning Behind the Game

Head 2 Head: Brohm vs. Ryan

12/13 Podcast: Sunny Winter Fun!

Browns-Bills: Another Possible First

Stats Pack: Around the AFC



Fans + Internet = Surfing Fun for Everyone!

Deck the Hall - Ace Davis

December 14, 2007 Show - Moohead Radio (podcast)

12/14 News-o-Rama - OBR News-o-Rama

Quarterbackism - Mistake by the Lake

For Browns the playoffs begin now - Halftime Adjustments

More Big Trades That Do Not Involve Cleveland - Don & Tony (Tribe)

New Jersey 105, Cleveland 97 - Random Thoughts (NBA)

Tressel did what??? - Halftime Adjustments (OSU)

Oklahoma Shocks The World, Wins ESPN's Fake Playoffs - Awful Announcing (CFB)


Where you put up with other stuff that interests a webdork

This seems pretty consistent with something I read on the OBR. Just sayin'. Speaking of the Falcons, Bobby Petrino is getting absolutely zero love outside of the University of Arkansas campus. Even Jay Glazer is inventing expletive-filled conversations with other college head coaches.

One of Butch Davis' draft picks made his way into the sports pages again, by getting injured thanks to an illegal block. I have panic attacks whenever I think of Butch's drafts, although he finally seems to have gotten it right in 2004.

I can sort of relate to this. I got into running a Browns website because I loved the team, and kept going because I enjoyed all the positive feedback from folks who dug the site. Sometimes, though, you gotta protect yourself from folks who swipe your work without credit. I've had to do this sort of thing a couple of times, and it's never easy or fun.


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