Fan View: A Steeler-Free Holiday Wish

Jeff Biletnikoff has figured out what he wants under his tree...

GREAT effort, but......

There are a lot of guys I want to give credit to today. Romeo Crennel isn't one of them.

The entire Browns defense

Didn't surrender a point and had at least 2 crucial 4th down stops. None bigger than the one on Buffalo's last offensive play of the day.

Jamal Lewis

Over 150 yards rushing in terrible conditions. Jamal Lewis said that December is his time of year. It certainly is. That's how you win ballgames on the North Coast in December.

Derek Anderson, Kellen Winslow, Joe Jurevicius, Braylon Edwards

You all made just enough plays in the passing game to keep Buffalo from stacking the line like Cleveland did to the Bills. I give you credit for Jamal's monster day as well.

Browns offensive line & Lawrence Vickers

How can you compliment the Browns offensive skill players without mentioning these guys? You can't. They played smashmouth football all day and paved the way for a Cleveland W.

Phil Dawson, Dave Zastudil

Dawson's amazing field goals and Zastidul's precise punts provided the points and field position for the Browns to get the victory today.

Now for some negatives.....

Romeo, Romeo, why for art thou use the prevent defense so much, oh Romeo?

Have you seen the prevent defense make enough games TOO close this year Romeo or do you insist it might work one of these millenia? I swear to God on many occasions I was having visions of "The Drive" floating in my head. Ironically Buffalo QB Trent Edwards is from Standford. Too eerie........

Don't get fooled by trick plays

Buffalo is pinned in their own territory with a stiff wind and you elect to send out the regular punt return unit? How far did you think Moorman could have punted the ball anyway? What kind of return did you think Cribbs could get? How Cleveland wasn't stacking the line on the fake punt that got Buffalo a first down, I'll never know.

It's coaching strategies like the two above that make me worried about the future. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited that the Browns control their destiny in the playoff race, its just that questionable in-game coaching decisions could be the achilles heel of this successful season.

Too bad KC didn't man up against the Titans otherwise the playoffs would have been in the bag. I would LOVE to see a monumental Pittsburgh collapse and have the Browns win the division and the Steelers miss the playoffs altogether.

A dream I know but that would be the present I'd want Santa to put under MY tree.

I'm betting you're asking Saint Nick for the exact same thing.

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