OBR News-o-Rama: 12/17

Let the love for the Cleveland Browns flow across all of the internets...

Have you thawed out yet? If so, hand out some Gameballs and Goats and check out these photos of yesterday's blizzard bowl. If not, well... edge a little closer to the heater and try hopping up and down for a bit or something.

There's a lot of love out there for the Browns this morning, and here are some links to start your surfing day.


Yesterday's game at Cleveland Browns Stadium was an instant classic for fans who love Ohio football. It was a throwback game, free of sterile domed stadiums and pass-happy offenses fabricated by TV-focused rule changes. Mother Nature operated a time machine, and re-created a type of football that fits nicely into the Cleveland Browns sixty-year history.

I loved every minute of the Browns 8-0 win over the Buffalo Bills. As a result, I can't even realistically muster the needed cynicism and post-ironic humor needed for blogging, despite trying to type this at 6AM. Usually being bleary-eyed helps me be cranky and irritable enough to blog, but a game like yesterday's victory takes the snark right out of a guy.

That seems to have been the case for other Cleveland sportswriters as well, as most compete to see who can hyperventilate about Romeo Crennel's squad most effectively. There's a lot of that sort of thing amidst the various recaps of the game.

After more than a decade of futility, we'll take it. Here are some highlights from the newswire:

Cold weather is apparently a testosterone-enhancer. (News-Herald)

Browns placekicker Phil Dawson does alright in cold weather for a guy from Texas (Chronicle-Telegram)

Andra Davis hasn't had his best year, but he may have had his best game (ABJ)

The Bills may have wanted to escort their offensive coordinator off to coach college football before he called that screen pass on fourth down. (Canton Rep)

I listened to radio post-game shows stuck in traffic after the game. Not one mention of the offensive line. (Morning-Journal)

Maybe this positive clipping will help him forget the seven-yarder when he fell on his butt (Columbus Dispatch)

The word "plow" made its way into a lot of game recap headlines today (Tribune-Chronicle)



Fans + Internet = Surfing Fun for Everyone!

Browns Ice the Bills - MVN

QB Score: Week 15 - The Disappointment Zone

Best. Game. Ever. - Dwayne Rudd's Helmet

A Snow Game to Remember - Bitter Fans

No Playoffs, But a Win Nonetheless - The Don and Tony Show

Let it snow let it snow let it snow - Red Right 88



Putting up with other stuff that interests me

If the Browns 8-0 Snow Bowl win isn't enough to brighten up your Monday morning, consider this. And then consider this. And, of course, this. Christmas came early yesterday.

The Dark Knight trailer is finally available in something other than Camphoneovision. This looks kind of cool, but I thought that Batman Begins was fairly weak. Maybe I was just not in the right mood when I watched it, but I thought the dialogue was awful and just didn't get into it.

Your Sports News is Bought and Sold, Part 298: Something you won't find belabored on Cleveland Indians-owned Sportstime Ohio: There sure were a lot of Tribe players listed on that-there Mitchell Report.

I guess when all the entertainment writers relentlessly mock you for being a talentless dolt, switch to football writers and watch the Associated Press breathlessly write about your every pointless action. Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo are Reason #3802 to hate the Cowboys. Then again, LOL.

After reading this analysis of Google vs. Microsoft, I suspect that Gates and company should stop trying to make Office available via a browser, and focus on giving the world an internet-enabled version of Notepad instead. I still use Word constantly because that's what the OBR's writers use, but haven't opened Powerpoint in years. I like that.




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