OBR News-o-Rama: 12/18

Over one hundred stories slammed onto the OBR Newswire in the last day. Here's the pick of the litter as well as TV programs and blogs of note!

Where the heck do we even start? John Taylor emailed me yesterday to let me know that he had slammed up over 100 articles onto the OBR Newswire in less than 24 hours after the conclusion of the game. Wow.


How do you go from being The Team that Time Forgot to this in 24 hours? It's all about winning.

And if you win in the midst of Mother Nature unloading a haymaker on the local populace, then the verbiage flows like a river would if it wasn't freaking frozen like everything else around here.

By now you're asking yourself "Alright, webdork, If there a billion stories linked on the newswire... are any actually worth reading?"

That, my friends, is a good question. I have to admit that I haven't been able to wade through all of the sudden explosion of love for the Browns.

I think that this article from the Dayton Daily News rocks, but that's just because it mentions us. And, of course, there's not much funnier than Edgerrin James calling the Falcons and telling them to hire Mo Carthon as their new head coach. It reminds of how Browns fans would pimp Carthon when he got head coaching interviews so we could get rid of him as offensive coordinator. Good luck on that one, Edge.

If you want more recaps player-specific pieces on things like Jamal Lewis' great game, feel free to surf through the wire to pull them out of the huge pile that has accumulated. Fortunately, we tag all the stories so you can use that as a way to burrow in on any topics you want to read about.

If you're anything like me - and God help you if you are - you're already starting to look ahead to the Bengals game. Here are some links on that topic:

Even the Bengals Official Site admits they've tanked this year (Bengals.com)

The downfall of the Bungles started in Week Two. You're welcome. (Associated Press)

Browns are on the road and favored, again. Who'da thunk? (Cleveland Leader)

Some site named after colors yammering on about the Bengals defense falling apart again (The OBR)



There are three things worth watching on the tube today, when it comes to the Browns. The NFL Network is re-running the Browns-Bills game at 10:30PM EST in their abbreviated format, so anyone who has emerged from Greed-Off 2007 with that channel can live it up.

ESPN has the NFL Pro Bowl Selection Show at 4:30PM, which might actually have some Browns mentioned for once. And from 7:30 - 9PM, ESPN2 is showing the 1987 Browns-Jets game as part of the "NFL's Greatest Games" series.

At 10PM, FSN Ohio is running "Josh's Cribbs", if you're looking to blow a half-hour before the Bills replay comes on the NFL Network.


Things have really been heading up in The Muni Lot over the last 24 hours (six new blogs, woohoo!), and we've got another blogger about to re-join us who will really crank out some good stuff, so keep an eye on that joint. Here's the latest from the Muni and other Browns bloggers around the web. Great to see a new entry from Mike from Rochester!

It's mostly all-Browns today as fan bloggers around the web offer their takes on the instant classic down by the lake on Sunday:

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