OBR News-o-Rama: 12/19

John Taylor: blogging. World: doomed. And other tales of the apocalypse.

Alright, so it's an evening edition rather than a morning edition. Frankly, the News-o-Rama was scared to be next to a John Taylor post in the Muni Lot, so I had to wait for a tdc video to show up and build a buffer zone. Taylor's posts tend to throw elbows.


After drowning fans in words following the team's 8-0 victory over Buffalo, the newswire took a breather today, with only a couple dozen stories appearing on the Known Universe's only 24-hour Browns newswire.

The team practiced today, which means there was time with head coach Romeo Crennel as well as some time to talk to players in the locker room. Fred Greetham reported on the day's events earlier today, as did the team's Official Site. Here's some more of the good stuff to be found linked today:

Last recorded Browns Pro Bowler Jamir Miller quietly puts away the bottle of champagne, sniffs sadly to himself, and gets a sympathetic call from the 1972 Miami Dolphins. (News-Herald)

The Pittsburgh Steelers are beaten up and reeling. Rams = slumpbusters (Pitt Tribune-Review)

Just beat the Bengals and everything's cool. (ABJ)

This week's first "Bungle" reference. Steve Doerschuck, your Rantatorium invite in the mail (Canton Rep)

Are the Steelers coming apart? (Actual article title) (St Louis Post-Dispatch)


Linemen Not Alternates to Browns - Fred Greetham

Browns 8, Bills 0: Joe's Game Review - Joe Brownlee

Scout.com NFL Power Rankings - Tom Marino

Browns-Bills: Report Card - Scout.com

Bogus Deal; Thomas Not Named Pro Bowl Starter - Lane Adkins

Best Available Free Agents: Defense - Adam Caplan

Cribbs, Edwards named to Pro Bowl - Site Staff

Passan: Sunday's Unsung Hero - Rich Passan


The blogosphere got a bit more intense yesterday as the OBR's John Taylor began ravishing the Muni Lot. Hide the women and children. Lots of great stuff out there on the Muni Lot and elsewhere today:

tdc video: Let it Snow - Nonee

This 'N That - 12/19/07 - John Taylor

Snub Alert! Where are the rest of the Browns? - Kid Cleveland

This 'N That - 12/18/07 - John Taylor

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Pro Bowl results - Mark Leonard

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Offended by silliness - Dwayne Rudd's Helmet

A Long Time Coming... - Bitterfans

Crock & Roll Hall of Fame - Don and Tony Show (Cleveland)

Cavs scramble for 2OT win - Halftime Adjustments (Cavs)

Michigan spreads it out - J-Beanie (NCAA)

ESPN Continues To Suck The Boston Teet - Cleveland Sports Animal (Media)



TUNA MELT: Awwwww.... someone wants attention! Look, he's going to Atlanta. No, he's not! Now he's going to Miami!! Maybe. Just lookit his sad little eyes. That's so cute. As long as it's far away.

MUST BE RATINGS WEEK: The very narrow line between the attention-whoring Dallas Cowboys football franchise and bad television soap opera just got a little thinner, thanks to Terrell Owens. Of course, the mainstream sports media will dive on that like it's raw meat. Really, it's just matter of time before ABC and NFL conspire on a cross-over episode of Desperate Housewives where Eva Longoria and Marcia Cross fight over Wade Phillips while Tony Romo gives Teri Hatcher a foot massage.

LEGISLATIVE SLAP-A-THON: Not too long ago, NFL Commish Roger Goodell sounded like he was begging for Washington to intervene in Greed-Off 2007, the epic battle of fan-screwing being waged by the NFL's in-house tame TV network and cable monopolies. Well, he may get that, just not the way he intended. Check this out: "Now that the NFL is adopting strategies to limit distribution of game programming to their own networks. Congress may need to reexamine the need and desirability of their continued exemption from the Nation's antitrust laws". Whoa.

EMAIL FUTILITY COUNT: Now 196 emails behind. I will catch up! (Eventually) (Perhaps)

LIES, DAMNED LIES, AND FREE AGENT LISTINGS: A couple of "free agent lists" have popped up on the web, and they're filled to the brim with inaccuracies. Scout team experts who have looked at them tell us that there are a ton of errors. There are simple reasons for that. This time of year, it's impossible to get a truly accurate free agent list because a number of players will become free agents (or not) based on incentives they achieve each year, and because some contract adjustments may have been made and not publicized. The official lists usually don't appear until around the time of the Senior Bowl. We're working on our listings but keep sweating about that whole "accuracy" thing.

THIS IS NOT A JOKE: There's actually a teaser for the joke-in-the-industry mega-delayed sequel to Duke Nukem. Man, I loved that game. Apparently, there's finally going to be a sequel called Duke Nukem Forever. Life is complete.


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