Fan View: Don't Back In

Jeff Biletnikoff pleads with the Browns to "take care of business" on Sunday afternoon

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When you hit the playoffs you should be peaking. Backing in on the last day of the season isn't my idea of successful football.

That's why the Browns MUST take care of business in Cincinnati tomorrow.
No matter what it's been a GREAT ride.  I never thought they'd win 5 games at the beginning of the season much less be in position to clinch a playoff berth in the 2nd to last week.
Still, they're in position and now they have to finish what they started.
The shame is that in 3 out of their 5 losses, they only needed to buckle down a little harder and they could be 11-3, maybe even 12-2.  The team really only has been out of two games (New England and the first Pittsburgh game).
Ok, they could be 5-9 too with some bad breaks here and there.
It all comes down to Cincinnati tomorrow. 
Cleveland, do what you're supposed to do.  Beat an inferior team on the road and wrap up the postseason.
The last thing I want to see is them having to depend on "scenarios" going into the last week.  "If team x does this, team y does that and the moon appears for 3.5 minutes while team w ties, then the Browns are in."
They control their destiny. 
Beat a division rival on the road.  Send them to their 10th loss of the season and 2nd to your team and it doesn't matter what happens anywhere else. 

You're in AND you keep the pressure on the Steelers to win the last game to clinch the division.

I didn't expect a playoff run this season but now that it's here I want it this weekend.

C'mon Cleveland, get me an early XMAS present by assuring us of football in January as of 4PM Sunday.


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