Game Has Meaning for Browns

From Berea, Fred Greetham reports on how the Browns are preparing to take on the 49ers. How is the team dealing with having to play a game that has virtually no impact on their destiny?

Berea—There has been a lot of talk that Sunday's season finale with the 49ers has little meaning for the Browns. As pertaining to the playoffs, that might be true, but there are other matters at stake.

"Mostly, for our fans to have a chance to have a historic home record of 7-1," Romeo Crennel said. "By winning, that gives us a chance to have double-digit wins (with 10).

"Finishing the regular season on a winning note would be important," Crennel said. "Also, it might be the last chance we get to play. Even though, some people don't think it's important, just call (NFL Commissioner Roger) Goodell and tell him to cancel the game, if it's not important."

The players agree.

"It would be a franchise record if we can get the win," Shaun Smith said.

"We really want to win this game for our fans," Hank Fraley said.

The Browns have won six games at home in eleven different seasons, but have never won seven. The last time they won six in Cleveland was in 1994, when they won six in a row at home. A win against the 49ers would not only give the Browns a 7-1 record in Cleveland, but it would be seven wins in a row.

"It's been exciting to play at home," Derek Anderson said. "We're looking forward to it."

What if the Browns win, but still don't make the playoffs. Would the season have accomplished anything?

"What we've been able to accomplish has been a positive for the community," Crennel said.

"If we win, we're 10-6," Braylon Edwards said. "By winning our last game, we can definitely look back on our progress in 2007 and see what we've done."

Anderson wants to erase some of the memories from last week's loss to the Bengals and a win over the 49ers would help.

"We want to end on a good note," Anderson said. "We've done some solid things that we can build on."

The players admitted it will be strange to leave the locker room on Sunday not knowing if their season is over—win or lose.

"It's out of our hands," Fraley said. "You just hope we can come in here on Monday and start preparing for San Diego or Pittsburgh."


Will Brady Play?: Crennel was asked if rookie QB Brady Quinn might see his first action in the season finale. Crennel side-stepped the question.

"I'm going to see what gives us the best chance to win," he said. "Quinn has been one play away all year and we'll approach it the same way."

Crennel said Quinn has progressed well.

"He's had an excellent attitude and has played well in practice."

Quinn was diplomatic in his response to the questions.

"It's going well," he said. "Every game I want to get in. But, if I don't play, I don't think it will be the last game of my career."

When asked if he'd be ready if he didn't play against the 49ers and his first action was in the playoffs , if Anderson was hurt.

"Yes, I'd be ready," Quinn said.

Romeo and Parcells: An internet rumor said that Bill Parcells' top choice to coach the Dolphins is Romeo Crennel.

"Rumors are rumors," Crennel said. "I haven't heard anything about that. I have a contract with the Browns and over my tenure I've always honored my contracts."

Roster Moves: The Browns signed two defensive linemen to replace DL Ethan Kelley and DB Mike Adams, who were placed on injured reserve on Monday.

Melila Purcell and Bobby Hamilton were added to the 53-man roster. Purcell was drafted in the sixth-round this year out of Hawaii. He has been on the practice squad all season.

Hamilton, 36, is a 12-year free agent, who was most recently with the Jets in training camp. He played for Crennel with the Patriots' on the 2001 and 2003 Super Bowl teams.

"Bobby has played for me before and was in our system," he said. "He wants to win and for us, he fits into our situation."

Hamilton has been available all season, but Crennel said the situation presented itself now.

"He's fit before now, but our situation hasn't been where we needed to add him until now."

Hamilton said he owes a lot to Crennel.

"He showed me how to prepare to play the game," he said. "He's done a lot for me."

DL Zach West, who was recently with New England, was added to the practice squad. He was undrafted and signed with the Patriots, where he spent two weeks on their practice squad.  

"He's a big body at 6-5, 324 pounds."

Normal Routine: Crennel said he won't do anything different from his usual game routine after the Browns play the 49ers. He was asked if the team would watch the Colts-Titans game as a team.

"I usually try to entertain my wife because I've been gone all week and that's her time."

Crennel offered his opinion as to what he thought was the best situation for the Colts.

"I think it's best for Peyton play the whole game," he said with a smile.

Injury Update: Crennel said six players would miss practice on Wednesday: WR Joe Jurevicius (knee), LB Antwan Peek (ankle), DL Orpheus Roye (foot), DL Robaire Smith (neck), DL Shaun Smith (bicep) and DL Chase Pittman for personal reasons.

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