Fan View: Brain Division

Jeff Biletnikoff's brain argues about whether to watch the Titans-Colts game Sunday night...

It's a battle of the hemispheres inside my brain!  My left (logical) side has been in a tug of war with my right (emotional) side since the Browns blew their best playoff chance in a decade last Sunday. 
At issue is whether or not to tune to the Titans-Colts game tomorrow night.
Left:  Well, no sense in watching the game.  If you're a playoff-caliber team you simply don't go on the road and get beat by a team with 5 wins.
Right:  Yeah, but they really played the Patriots pretty close this year, don't you think?  They could do damage in the playoffs if they got in.  I really want to see Browns football in January.
Left:  All week with the Patroits game.  It's one of 5 LOSSES for them.  No more.  No less.  Teams are starting to get a read on Derek Anderson and he was really exploited last Sunday against a poor defense.
Right:  Also, did you read the article this week on THEOBR about the Browns defense?  They're playing better.  Man, a halfway decent defensive performance to go along with THAT OFFENSE.  ROOF, ROOF, ROOF!!!  We could go DEEP into the playoffs.  I hope Bob Sanders sacks Vince Young 100 times tomorrow night.
Left:  This is a classic case of too little, too late.  Where was that defense throughout the whole Raiders game?  They're gunning for a top 5 pick again and the Browns fell apart against them.  How about last Sunday's game against the Bengals when they knew they were going to run and still couldn't stop their BACKUP?  I certainly hope from your Bob Sanders comment that you're not forcing ME to watch that Titans-Colts game.  By the way, Sanders, along with many Indianapolis starters won't be playing the entire game.
Right:  Hey Einstein, you called for 4 wins preseason didn't you?  I remember you telling me the team would be lucky to get 2 games after the week 1 Pittsburgh game.  How'd that work out for you?  Yeah, you see all the angles but you don't have the stones to play one.  All I know is I told you to believe and you never did.  You still don't.  I want to see Browns football in January!  How can we not watch a game that impacts that?
Left:  No need to be insulting.  The season has been a surprise I admit.  However, the Titans starters will beat the Colts backups and the Browns will be staying home in January.  And by the way, if you don't make the playoffs it doesn't matter if you have 2 wins or 10 wins.  You're in front of the TV like everyone else.  I am pleased that they seem to be closer than I anticipated but a non-playoff season is a non-playoff season.
Right:  Oh yeah, RIGHT.  10 wins is the same as 2?  Even if they don't make the postseason, I like the team's chances going forward a lot better.  Phil Savage has proven he can bring talent in and the Browns are another productive offseason away from being a force in the AFC.  You couldn't make that statement if they only had 2 wins.  And I thought I was the emotional one.....geez.
Left:  I am going to watch just to prove you wrong.  The team let a golden opportunity slip through their fingers last Sunday and they have no one to blame but themselves that they have to rely on (Colts backup QB) Jim Sorgi to carry them to the playoffs.
Right:  I don't care.  I want to see Browns football in January.
Left:  Ok, on that we agree.

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