Week 7 Gameballs and Goats

With Tim Couch getting enough gameballs and goats to cancel each other out, it was Andre Davis who got the love and the defense which got the... less than... love last week. Here are the Week 7 gameballs and goats, along with the year-to-date totals!

Here are the results for Week 7 of the season, as well as the Year-to-Date scores and comments sent via email to gameballs@brownstng.com between the end of the game and 6PM Monday.

Week 7 Results

Gameball Voting
1. Andre Davis
2. Mark Word
3. Tim Couch
4. Quincy Morgan
5. Special Teams
6. Jamel White
7. Phil Dawson

Goat Voting
1. Defensive Secondary
2. Courtney Brown
3. William Green
4. Tim Couch
5. Booing Fans / Spectators
6. Offensive Line
7. Foge Fazio

Year-To-Date Leaders

Team MVP: Gameball Voting

1. Phil Dawson (Last Week - 1)
2. Dennis Northcutt (2)
3. Jamel White (4)
4. Kelly Holcomb (3)
5. Mark Word (5)
6. Andre Davis (10)
7. Andra Davis (6)

David Modell Uselessness Award (Team Goat)

1. Butch Davis (1)
2. Offensive Line (3)
3. William Green (4)
4. Bruce Arians (3)
5. CBS Fans (8)
6. Coaching Staff (5)
7. Courtney Brown (18)

Method: Gameball or goat points are awarded to the first through seventh place finishers in each category. (Seven points to the top gameball vote-getter, six to second place, etc). Goat points are subtracted from gameball points to calculate a total.

Weekly Results: Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5  Week 6

Your Comments in Week 7

Additional comments can be found in the Watercooler.


Special Teams - Very simply, they won the game.  The crowd was going to turn on them and boo them out of the stadium when Andre Davis returned that kickoff for a TD.  Also, good coverage and great tackling by Akins and Jameson. - RC

Chris Akins - What a hit, one of the best this year - Ryan V

Fazio and the D for showing up today and *gasp*blitzing for once! William Green doesn't get a gameball, but he does't get a goat for once because he didn't get stuffed as much. - John T.

Tyrone Rogers and Mark Word - pressure in the backfield, Rogers' finger tackle of Carr, great play, finally a pass rush! - David Z.

Brant Boyer - Great plays to set up a couple of scores. - David H.


Quincy Morgan-Guy kept his head up and produced at the level he was capable. - Chad G.

All Non-Starter DEs on the DL - Word and Rogers were freaking great! To his credit, Courtney had two backside pursuit tackles of Wells that were highlight type hustle plays, and Lang looked real good, but the backups were fantastic. - Chuck S.

Brant Boyer : caused a fumble that led to the first score, had 10 tackles, played very well - yogi8

QB TIM COUCH- 21 Comp. - 31 Att., 67.7%, 148 Yds., 1 TD, 0 INT. This is exactly the type of performance the Couch needed to have today in order to give momentum to the Browns offense. Those might not be good enough #'s to win player-of-the-week, but will most certainly help a team that has struggled so much in the running game. - ClevDawg

William Green: Hopefully he like his first taste of the endzone. His yds/carry still low, but is starting to show signs of breaking through. - Eric S.

Quincy Morgan - I give you a goat when you suck, gotta give you a gameball when you sack up! - Upperdawg

Gamballs- My gameballs go to Mark Word for continuing to play like Courtney Brown is supposed to, and all of the special teams players this week, both the return teams for blocking for Andre Davis, and the coverage team, striking fear into Jermaine Lewis and tackling him for minimal gains. -Jt-

Running Backs -Showed good determination in hitting the show called holes and White on his cut back showed great speed!!! - VadawgLB

Tim Couch--After having as bad of a first half as he did, and after being booed again...he came out in the second half with some great passes, including the TD pass to Morgan that was right on target. - JMatt

Browns Pass Rush - Welcome to the 2002 season!  No more excuses now, boys...we know you're alive and we expect you to show up more.  Since our shift to a run-stopping scheme has failed miserably, we might as well at least return to something that DID work for us last year.  (note to the front office - if McKenzie is healthy you better get him). - Phil S.


Offensive Line - These guys still can't block anyone.  When will whoever drafts for Cleveland draft an O-lineman in the 1st round....please?  And boy the Browns couldn't cut Wolly fast enough and just go with Fowler. - RC

Safeties-Corners -- Could have easily given up two more touchdowns from Carr to Bradford, plus bit on the half back toss (Missing 3 of 4 starters and corners are young....) - Ryan V

Orange uniforms -- Whose idea was this? ESPN says they wore them to honor the 1950 championship team. My Sporting News Browns history shows the 1950 team wearing a darker uniform than the Eagles' green in a black-and-white photo, along with the traditional white that year. Today, they looked like the Cleveland Broncos. Bleh. - Matt W.

These horns are awarded to whoever put this sorry collection of an offensive line together. These cast-offs can't run block, and can't pass block. Not much left to be said. Couch has been knocked down so many times he is headed for early retirement with T. Aikmen, S.Young like symptoms. It truly amazes me that we started our comeback with a hopefully franchise qb and did nothing, and I mean nothing at all to protect him. - Larry

Tucker. Everytime there's a penalty on our offense it seems to be this guy. It's either a penalty or some defensive player blowing past him. He's snuck under my goat radar on recent games because there have been so many other deserving people. Got ya this time, (insert word that rhymes with Tucker). You happy now? - John T.

Defensive backfield - hint: as long as you're going to keep totally blowing your coverages, please keep in mind that its easier to hit the guy when he's in FRONT of you. - David Z.

Booing fans--Really guys, not even Bernie was perfect. Cut Tim some slack or stay home. You are giving us a bad name. - JMatt

Little - I hope the sun was in your eyes because you got fried on the first TD. - Upperdawg

Mark Word, he provided a solid pass rush and he now deserves more time in Courtney Browns Spot - Gene G.

Anthony Henry - Where, oh where has our stud rookie corner gone? Oh where, oh where could he be? - David H.


Tim Couch Ver. 0.30 (minutes) - Missed three wide open throws, two of which could have blown the game wide open. In the second half he wasn't a star, but doesn't deserve goat status. - Chuck S.

Foge Fazio: we had 9 sacks that would have been 19 if he had called MORE blitzes! Even with 8 in the secondary, Carr's receivers got W-I-D-E open. - Yogi8

Browns Fans @ CBS - they boo at the end of every messed up play and only seem to get pumped for thier team after a scoring drive. Maybe we really didn't deserve to get our franchise back. - ClevDawg

Steelers: They're up again in two weeks. GO BROWNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Eric S

Orange Jerseys, Who cares what they looked like, we all know they were only developed to make more money. And they will. - David H.

My goathorn goes to the Cleveland secondary, a depleted unit which is no longer our strongpoint and is becoming a weakness. -Jt-

Foge Fazio - Needs to let the players loose to keep that pressure consistent and figure out a way to stop the run better. - VaDawgLB

Gus Johnson (CBS play-by-play): You express outrage on a taunting penalty on Aaron Glenn (which btw didn't make any different with the qb roughing penalty on the same play) when he stood there for 20 seconds with his arms outstretched?  Maybe he was pleading a no-interference case...or maybe he was saying "What's up?" to the crowd and the players.  Yeah, the penalty crackdowns suck, but Cleveland's been victimized by something stupid like a helmet removal, and THAT cost us a game.  Glenn's was declined.  Get over it, Gus. - Phil S.

Butch for not playing the best players. He goes with the big contracts - Jay

Middle Three of OLine-Will you guys block somebody, PLEASE. - Gene G.


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